Samsung Galaxy S5 prepaid kit price — Php34,990

The Php34,990 price is the prepaid kit price from Globe. It is possible that the suggested retail price by Samsung for the Philippines is different (hopefully lower).

Last year, Globe was selling the prepaid kit of the Galaxy S4 at Php30,990 which was also the SRP by Samsung. If that is the case, then expect retail stores to be selling the Galaxy S5 in the Php35k range.

Globe is also offering the Galaxy S5 on postpaid plans here.

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  1. marvin De Verra

    good! but the updates’s on the phone for me is not reasonable for the price. to high! if the phones update and specs. is quite great and new the phones tag is just.

  2. vincent santiago

    the price is to high. the specs update does not justify it. hoping for more updates and new phone innovation for the next phone. and a sound price too.

  3. wow. kamahal.
    Magkano nalang ba ang S4 ngayun?

  4. Damarkcus

    Under Speced Phone on an overwhelming Price sorry sa Z2 na lang ako

  5. phonebuddy

    At dahil binura ang comment ko, uulitin ko nlng.


  6. phonebuddy

    Ay ganun? Talagang nambubura kayo ng comment? Tsk.. walang freedom of speech. Hindi naman anti-globe ang sinasabi ko dba?

  7. abuzalzal

    Wow bargain na bargain ahahahahahahahaha

    • 8=======D

    • Heckler

      sir baka naman kaya bargain eh kasi yung bezels maganda. Pwede pasukat tapos let us know.

      Thanks idol!

    • abuzalzal

      Hende ke ne prebleme yen Bezelzel, megdele ke ng mesereng tape et edele me se Semseng beth

    • Heckler

      ang tiyaga niyo naman ser. MEasureing tape para sa bezels? baka pati truck at bus kinukuha mo yung bezels?

      Di ba pwedeng ruler nalang o kelangan mo rin yung measuring para sa nanay mo? Tanong lang naman.

      No harm intended. All for the sake of BEZELNESS

  8. Huwaat… this is too expensive. The P34K pricing is justifiable if it came with a 32GB memory. I love Android but the iphone 4S and iphone 5S retailed at P33K. Sorry Samsung, the new HTC One might be the one for me.
    FYI guys, the superlative word “too” is spelled with two letter O’s. So it’s “too high”, NOT “to high”.

  9. sigurado mas mura to kung walang fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, sana mag release sila ng ganung version para makamura naman kahit kunti.

  10. just_curious

    That’s a pretty expensive band-aid.

  11. SamsungIsGoingDown

    Too expensive for such crass & mediocre quality build. I’d rather buy a pre-owned S4 and iPhone 5 for that price tag or buy an Xperia Z2 which I find reasonable for that price tag as the quality is definitely above that cheap looking S5.


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