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Funny and amazing stuff about tech in the Philippines

From being the text messaging capital of the world to becoming one of the top IT outsourcing hubs in the planet, the Philippines has certainly achieved a lot especially when it comes to anything that involves tech. For that we’re going to list some of the funny and amazing stuff about the technology industry in the Philippines.

It’s one of the leading BPO hubs in the world

{image source}

The BPO industry is definitely flourishing in the Philippines. It’s the world’s leading call center destination and will account for around 10% of the country’s GDP according to the Information Technology and Business Processing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). The industry is also expected to hit $25 billion in revenues in 2016. Manila also placed second in Tholon’s Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations for 2014.

{ref: 1, 2}

We have amazing LTE speeds and coverage


Sometimes. Although our favorite telcos are busy rolling out LTE services and packages across the country, there areas that are still out of reach. The same thing can be said to 3G. In addition, the internet speeds do not always apply as advertised, unless you’re situated in an area approved by a Feng Shui expert to bring good luck and great LTE reception. In fact, OpenSignal even ranked the Philippines as one of the slowest in 4G speeds. To combat slow mobile internet, telcos have sought to ban unauthorized selling of repeaters and signal boosters, cracked down on hacked modems, and imposed….

FUP and Data caps


There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard about it, much worse, experienced it. If you want the juicy details you can read all about it here, here, and here. Although FUPs and data caps are not exclusive to the Philippines, we Filipinos love our unli-data as much as we love our unli-rice that the implementation was almost tantamount to a kick in the balls.

Locally branded smartphones and tablets

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0

One of the things that we Filipinos can be thankful for are the smartphones and tablets being offered by our local brands. Most of their products are “rebranded” or “rebadged” ones coming from India, Thailand, or China, but because of this…

Smartphones and tablets can be bought for cheap


And when I say cheap, I mean dirt cheap. You can actually buy an entry-level 7-inch slate for under Php2,000 and a 4-inch entry-level smartphone for under Php3,000. And no, this is not a sponsored post.

Smartphones can also be bought for the price of a kidney


While I’m not entirely sure about the current kidney prices in the black market, we’re certain that there are smartphones that can be bought for a staggering Php70K in the local grey market. It’s not the Vertu though (that would cost you two pairs of kidneys and a testicle) but one of the first batches of the champagne gold iPhone 5S.

MVP is the highest earning IT executive in the Philippines


PLDT Chairman, Manny V. Pangilinan, topped our list of last year’s 12 Top-Earning IT/Tech Executives in the Philippines. At that time he has an annual taxable income of Php81.23 million. For a fleeting moment we wished that he’s our ninong.

Active online stores


The Philippines has a lot of online stores in addition to the already big and popular ones like Sulit, Lazada, and Zalora. They’re also found on social media particularly Facebook and Instagram. Online stores are also one of the most popular channels for Filipinos who want to purchase gadgets below a brand’s asking price. Online sales generate big revenues in the country that it has already attracted the attention of the BIR.

{ref: 1, 2}

CDR King is the largest privately owned tech retail store.

cdr king

CDR King there’s a reason why it has the word “King” on it’s name, and that is because it’s the largest privately owned tech retail store in the country with over 200 branches nationwide. From being a one stop shop of blank CDs and DVDs, they have expanded their product offerings to include a wide range of other gadgets and accessories. Heck, they even have their own electric scooter, smartphone, and 3D printer.

Filipinos like to watch porn on their mobile phones.

pornhub insights

Yep. According to Pornhub, the Philippines ranked 26th in worldwide traffic to the popular porn site but ranked a solid 15th when it comes to mobile traffic.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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69 Responses

  1. Name: says:

    We have amazing LTE speeds and coverage


  2. abuzalzal says:

    ”most of their products are just “rebranded” or “rebadged” ones coming from India, Thailand, or China”


    Pagkaalam ko ag re-rebrand lang ang India at Thailand, they are totally incapable of producing their own phones from scratch.

    Walang pinagkaiba ang Micromax at Cherry Mobile

  3. Justin says:

    The only thing funny about tech in the Philippines are the price of gadgets.

    • Critic says:

      What’s funny with the price?

    • rape says:

      @ critic – whats funny is you don’t get it

    • Abudakdak says:

      @rape ayusin mo muna grammar mo bago ka magyabang! What’s funny with the price nga ba? As far as I know the re-branded phones pricing level caters to all markets from entry level to high end level. It’s a wide range.

    • Abudakdak pa! says:

      Lol, this thread just got funnier. If rape would reply with the same thing he said, it would still make sense. And still funny. So eager to bash other people kasi. Feeling grammar nazi, mali din naman sayo. xD

      Abudakdak pa!

  4. JD says:

    What’s funny and amazing, there’s not one mention about the semiconductor industry – our nation’s top exporter for many decades now.

    Semiconductors (and electronic components) are the lifeblood of all gadgets, machines, utilities, etc.

    • hack__you says:

      you mean Intel and Texas Instrument? Their semiconductor business are no longer here for at least 5 years now. =(

    • JD says:

      TI is still going strong (they’ve actually grown, with a new plant in Clark), ….. so are ANALOG, ONSEMI, ATMEL, AMKOR, NXP, IMI, PHOENIX, etc.

      Even with INTEL’s departure some years back, the semiconductor industry is still the top exporter …. has been the case for decades now.

      Before, tech was all about design, assembly and testing of IC’s …… nowadays, tech means the next big app or social media tool.

  5. rape says:

    @ critic – whats funny is you don’t get it

  6. Critic says:

    @rape,, now this is funny -> “whats”. Learn how to use apostrophe s first before bragging boy!

    • trolalu says:

      OA nemen neto. Were on da nternet not n English clasz! And wat da pak r u…a DICKshionairre?

    • Abudakdak says:

      @trolalu – Ganyan sagutin ang mga taong pilisopo paranga ikaw

    • trolalu says:

      Ganyan sagutin ang mga taong feeling perpekto parang ikaw! At isa pa, anong “paranga”? Magbasa ka ng librong o diksyonaryong Filipino! Walang word na Paranga! Haha.

      Tama talaga ang kasabihang “Basurang tinapon mo ay babalik sayo” Haha.. Ganti-ganti din pag may time. :)

    • trolalu says:

      Madagdag ko lang @Abudakdak, sabi ni Critic ‘Learn how to use apostrophe s first before bragging’ daw, ayan, matuto ka din maglagay ng tuldok o punctuation pagkatapos ng sentence ha since nasa school naman na tayo. Haha.

      Bago kasi mamuna dumi ng iba, manalamin muna.

    • turmok says:

      ohhhh..so this is a eglish class???haha..fegget!!!sa school ka magpunta at magturo! OA mo

  7. Weh? says:

    Ano ang mas nakakatawa? Ang pilipino kapag hindi manalo sa argument or wala na masabi, nagiging grammar nazi.

    “Use proper english first” blah blah blah.

    Keyboard warriors…

    • Critic says:

      There was no argument in the first place. There was a question that received an indirect response that was not addressing the original question but is directed to the person asking. I merely responded in the indirect answer so what’s your problem?

    • Weh? says:

      Butthurt much?

      Kelangang maging perpekto lahat ng Pilipino sa english tulad ng gusto mo? even US citizens can’t even use their language that well tapos gusto mo lahat ng Pilipino maayos magenglish?

      hirap kasi sa mga taong tulad nyo eh masyado kayo magaling na gusto nyo lahat ng tao eh pasok sa standards nyo.

      Baka nga sariling wika mo di mo kaya gamitin kaya wag na masyado magmayabang ayt?

      Apply cold water to burned area

    • Critic says:

      Sobrang off-topic ka na. Maghanap ka nalang ng kausap mo. I never said what you were accusing to me.

      Also, kung ipagpipilitan mong magtagalog, can you use the proper Filipino language please.

      Kelangan? You mean Kailangan?
      Ayt? You mean alright? English yan dude.
      Magenglish? You mean mag-Ingles.

    • Abudakdak says:

      Pagbuhulin ko kaya kayong 2?

      @Critic, tagalugin mo kasi para maintindihan ka ni weh?
      @Weh?, malayo pa ang linggo ng wika wag kang masyadong affected dyan!

    • meow2 says:

      tech topic naging payabangan ang labanan,amen.

    • trolalu says:

      Yong iba kasi jan parang first time nakapag internet kung makareact sa simpleng apostrophe. Kala mo naman mga perpekto, kung makaasta parang never pa natatypo, nagshort cut, naauto correct at nakaligtaang maglagay ng punctuation mark.

  8. KrisSTD says:

    This’ is’ funny’ .’

    • medyo nega lang says:

      wala akong makitang funny sa article. :( ‘fun’ and ‘amazing’ or ‘interesting’ pwede na siguro. Pero yung ibang mga comment dito funny. gawa ka pa ng maraming article na ganito para lumago ang drama sa internet. :)

  9. funny says:

    it is more worth reading and entertaining here in the comments section than the topic itself

  10. netgearboy says:

    ang problema kasi ng iba dyan mga “American wannabes” perfectionist akal nila perpekto na purket english lang ng english di nga perpekto mga kano sa pag eenglish at yung iba pang mga naitonalidad OA masyado hindi nasusukat ang katalinuhan sa typo FYI

  11. Easy E says:

    Fun – Mura ang tech sa pinas (generally).
    Funny – Mga tao dito sa yuga na perpekto (basahin: alam ang lahat) sa (1)English at sa (2)smart phones
    Amazing – mga pilipino parang pinanganak na techie. Techie tayo ano man ang ating social status. <3

  12. wew says:

    magcocomment ako dito para magnonotif sa email acct ko kung may magcocomment ng panibago haha gusto ko pang basahin ung future comments….may nagaaway dahil sa apostrophe,meron naman dahil sa tuldok,meron naman sa spelling,meron naman grammar…sa tingin ko ito ung funny sa pilipinas.hahaha P.S. TECH SITE po ito,pag may nagkamali hayaan nyu na nagmumuka kayong bata papatulan nyu pa ung isip bata na tumira sa inyu.tss. -__-

  13. Luis says:

    Magkano kaya binabayad ng Globe and Smart and punyetang website na ito?

  14. Hen-Sheen says:

    @Easy E
    True but don’t forget about the Consoles and Handhelds. If the PSVita would be used as a Smartphone here, then I be in total awe! Sony would abandon the Bravia & Vaio products shortly. 2180p, Ultra HD? I think I’ve mentioned the “Ultra” joke somewhere in the forums…..

  15. Sam says:

    Hindi naman kailangan maging “perpektong” tao ka para maitama mo yung mali ng ibang tao. Yung mga teachers natin at magulang di naman sila perpekto pero pinapagalitan nila tayo pagnagkakamali tayo. Yun lang, mali lang yung pagdefend sa word na perpekto ng ibang tao dito sa article na to.

    Dami ng new articles. Now move on to the newer articles! I like the Bezel article!

  16. wew says:

    ooops hypocrite haha kung makapagsalita parang kala mo d payabang.hahaha ok lng sana e kaso pinatulan pa ung isip bata.sa susunod wag na patulan magmumuka din kayung isipbata.

    • trolalu says:

      Opppss.di mo nakuha Punto ko, basahin mo uli comments ko ha, di ba halatang “gumaganti” lang ako at binabalik ko lang basura nila? Hypocrite na kung hypocrite pero mas hypocrite ka, akalain mong nagsubscribe ka pa sa via email for new comments, sino ngayon isip bata? Haha. O wait, may sama ka parin ba ng loob mr. Proud to be Pinoy? Haha..

    • Sam says:

      @trolalu, bakit affected ka masyado? Paulit ulit na yung sinasabi mo nakakaumay na. THERE IS LIFE AFTER THE COMMENT SECTION. Masyado mo naman dinamdam yung pagpuna nila sayo. Chill lang.

    • trolalu says:

      @Sam bakit ba affected ka sakin masyado? Chill ka lang din jan. At kung ayaw mo mabasa comments ko at di ka affected “kuno” edi wag mong iopen ang article na to. Ganon kasimple. the moment na nagreact ka at nagreply, edi affected ka. Chill ka lang din ha.. Haha.

    • wew says:

      hahaha d mo nakuha punto ko sabe mo ksse walang pagyayabang pero ung pagganti mo e may halong ganun. tska bat naman naging isip bata ako sa pagsusubscribe haha d ko maisip kung panu…ang punto ko sana d mo n pinatulan ok n ung una mong reply e kaso nung pinatulan mo uli na ung tungkol sa erong spelling e d n maganda nagmuka ka ng isip bata.hahaha pede namang palampasin r.tska d masama loob ko sa tinutukoy mong argument…pareho naten opinyon un walang mali sa opinyon.nasa sa tao n kung anu paniniwala nya.

    • trolalu says:

      At madagdag ko lang, si sam at wew iisa lang. Kung gagamit ka ng robot wag masyado pahalata. Haha. At saka move on ka don sa “proud to be pinoy” ha, matagal na yon. Haha

    • trolalu says:

      Kung di ko pinatulan edi boring sana tong article na to na funny sa title pero di naman funny, at least ang comment section kahit papano may buhay! At isa pa, wag ipokrito ha, pinost mo pa kanina “magcocomment ako dito para magnonotif sa email acct ko kung may magcocomment ng panibago haha gusto ko pang basahin ung future comments….” edi interested ka. Hay naku, dami mong satsat, kesyo ganito ganyan, napaka-inconsistent mga sinasabi mo. Pabago bago, kung sa korte pa, talo ka na! Haha.

    • wew says:

      hahha d ako un autonotif kase kaya nirerefresh ko lng kayq nakakapagreply agad…hahaha basahin mo ung comment ko uli nakaimply fun n nakamove on nako dun…d ako troll tulad ng iniisip mo hahahah

    • wew says:

      hahahaha d ko naman tinatanggi na sinabe ko u ah…wala akong nakikita sa sinabe ko n un para masabeng isip bata ako.gets?

    • trolalu says:

      wew says:
      March 12, 2014 at 12:08 am

      ooops hypocrite haha kung makapagsalita parang kala mo d payabang.hahaha ok lng sana e kaso pinatulan pa ung isip bata.sa susunod wag na patulan magmumuka din kayung isipbata.

      Pinatulan mo sa tingin mong isip bata edi isip bata ka na din :) Pero kung ganon o sya, matutulog na ko. Matulog ka na din. Goodnight :) Peace na tayo, mabait ako ngayon. :)

    • wew says:

      just to be more detailed…d ko tinutukoy ung mismmong tao.representation lng.tinutukoy ko ung statement. kung ung tinutukoy mo n pinatulan ko eh ikaw, sa thread naman n to eh may sense ung pinaguusapan.kaya d ka isip bata dito.

  17. Tangina says:

    Yung iba kasi sadyang gago lang sumagot kaya nagiging katarantaduhan tong comment section. Matino yung tanong gagaguhin niyo, tapos kapag ginago kayo maninisi kayo na pineperpekto kayo. Ano bang kawalangyaan gusto niyo? Kung trip niyo mantarantado ng mga magtatanong ng matino tangina wag dito. Kabastos bastos na tong site na to dahil sa mga gagong katulad niyo. Mamamatay nalang kayo gagaguhin niyo pa yung iba. Tama na. Tangina.

    • wew says:

      ok n ok n sana ung sinabe mo e…kaso daming mura haha try mo walang mura mas maganda basahin lalo nat maganda ung pinaparating mo.

  18. trolalu says:

    wew, kung ganon o sya, matutulog na ko. Matulog ka na din. Goodnight :) Peace na tayo, mabait ako ngayon. :)

  19. Nicole says:

    I jumped in to this article with 50+ comments only to know that there’s no sense at all with whatever they were fighting about.


  20. Walangmagawasabuhay says:

    It’s doesn’t even’s matter’s how’s you’re way’s of expressing’s your’s comment’s with’s tho’se punctuation’s. Bla’s … bla’s .. bla’s.. with’s all’s the’se punctuation’s .!?;:'”` (even’s include’s ASCII’s) trying’s hard’s netizen’s !!!

    • wew says:

      un ung mga taong gustong gumanti sa iba dahil nalamangan dati.haha

    • trolalu says:

      @wew ooppps. kahit itanggi mo, alam kong ako tinutukoy mo. Nalamangan? Haha. Patawa ka! di na nga kita pinatulan don eh dami mo kasing satsat. Pagkahaba haba ng comments mo wala namang saysay. Haha. As always napakaincosistent. At saka buti pala napansin mo, paulit ulit sinasabi ko, ganyan talaga ako, pangtest ko lang consistency ng kadebate ko. :)

    • wew says:

      ok, just to be clear, hindi ikaw yan.ni hindi nga sarili ko ang tinutukoy ko jan n “nanlamang” eh. ang tinutukoy ko jan ung nagcmulang pakialaman ung grammar pati ung apostrophe. d ko alm kung bat naisip mo n ikaw, baka guilty k nga. tinutukoy ko kase jan ung mga taong nagmamagaling sa mundo proo ambabaw naman ng pinaglalaban. baka ganyan k nga kaya naisip mong ikaw yan.uulitin ko, BAKA lng naman. huli ko na siguro tong comment na to, wala narin kaseng patutunguhang may kabuluhan itong usapan n to nagiging walang kwenta n rin dahil sa mga bagay na d naman totoo. *d ako nagpost para magyabang o mangoffend…gusto ko lng iclear lahat.*

  21. Criticized says:

    If someone doesn’t want to listen to you, leave them be. If you tell them your point, and they don’t want to listen, keep quiet and let it go! I admit there are some who need a little convincing to get your point, but there are those who are simply fools, who take pride in arguing; believing they are always right. Don’t waste your time with those.

  22. Criticized says:

    If you argue with a fool, you’ll become a fool just like them, and you’ll make a fool of yourself!

  23. rape says:

    Wow, all of these because of my statement?


    Guys, there’s more to life than wasting your time commenting on sections like this. Pero okay nadin kasi mas entertaining pa yung mga trollwars kesa sa mismong article. Keep it up. Haha!

  24. cranium says:

    Eto po mga kaibigan ang tinatawag na walaaang ka kwenta kwentang mga commentators. wala pong koneksyon sa article ang pinag aawayan at magtuturuan kung sino ang isip bata. funny and amazing stuff indeed. :)

  25. wewtrolalu says:

    Sarap niyong pagbuhulin lahat hahaha

  26. wew says:

    sori po sa mga naiinis,pinapangako ko naman na last comment ko na un.inexplain ko lng side ko.sa tingin ko wala namang mali dun.

  27. greenhills lover says:

    one more thing, kung gusto mong maka-mura, pumunta ka sa greenhills tiangge, from nakaw to tekwat to second hand to laptop na may virus o iphone na jailbroken… hehe

  28. Diane Rice says:

    The only thing funny about tech in the Philippines are the price of gadgets.

  29. StriderVM says:

    Am I supposed to be happy or sad that I don’t know who “Tommy Sanders” is?

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  31. Liessa says:

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