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Côte&Ciel Rucksack Laptop Backpack

Every once in a while, we get some pretty interesting accessories for gadgets that we review. This time, a rucksack/laptop bag was sent to us by Paris-based Côte&Ciel.

The local distributor of Côte&Ciel sent us this bag to check out and since I was using it during our taping for @teamtechsquad, I got the help of my two co-hosts — @winslowco and @paultan15.

To better explain about the rucksack laptop bag, we shot a quick 5-minute video below:

Note: We’ve been guessing on the video what the color of the bag and finally figured out it was actually toffy brown. It’s also pronounced as “cotetci-el“.


There are two sizes, Medium or Large, according to their website but the one we have here is probably the medium sized rucksack. The material used in this bag is cargo canvass.

The back-side of the bag which houses the compartment for the laptop also have several pockets and sleeves inside it, probably to separate additional devices like a tablet. There seems to be not enough space for the charger we we guess it should be stored in the main compartment at the front.

This Isar Rucksack from Côte&Ciel sells for about Php8,600. You can check them out on their Facebook page here. They are sold via ava.ph but will also be available in Fully Booked and Rustans by May.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. cersei says:

    8,500 pesos for a bag! no thanks hahah :P

  2. jade says:

    pa raffle mo na yan abe. ganda ng bag. :D

  3. JC says:

    kelan kaya magkakaroon neto ng imitation? hehehe

  4. French Dude says:

    Côte&Ciel is pronounced as kot eh siyel. (Literally means coast and sky)

  5. Haha says:

    Sana po si Freking na lang po ginawa niyong mowdel. Para sobrang nakakatawa po :))))

  6. camshow says:

    mahal pag si winslow gumamit

  7. COD4Life says:

    You really need to review the 5.11 Rush Series Bags.

    Especially the Rush 12/24 Ver.

    They are well designed and Rugged.

    Absolutely no space wasted, Very very durable.

    And They look beast with the Special Forces look.

    That and I would rather take a Rush 24 Backpack at P7500 over any other bag for General Purpose.

  8. Hello says:

    sana magkaroon ng imitation hahaha :) ang cute ni koya hahaha

  9. dodong says:

    damn i got to have that bag.

  10. direk opang says:

    parang taga bukid lang

  11. goodha says:

    At that price point, I am sure, hindi sa likod ko iyan kundi sa harap palagi lalo na pag nasa metro ka. Kung sa province lang, puede pa sa likod.

  12. anoni says:

    Hi, napansin ko lang na parang iba ung itsura nya dun sa site ng cote & ciel, like ung back nya prang net but on the official website parang canvas din, then ung adjustment for the strap looks like plastic but mostly its metal on the website.

  13. ronald says:

    got mine in brown from ava

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