OPPO Enco Air W32 Hands-On

In this current era of virtual meetings, binge-watching favorite shows, and doing frequent calls for work or simply just to catch up, having a good set of TWS is now more of a necessity than a want. There’s now a lot of brands offering affordable wireless earphones that still have very good quality and a few quirky features. One of which is the new OPPO Enco Air W32.

Last year, OPPO introduced the Enco Air W31 to the market, boasting a pretty affordable price tag, minimalist design, and good sound quality. And this time, the Enco Air W32 retains its affordability and good sound quality, but with a refreshed design and an IPX4 rating. To know more about the OPPO Enco Air W32, continue reading.

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Right off the bat, its refreshed design honestly looks modern and minimal. It’s a completely new look compared to the first OPPO Enco W31, and we have it in the Misty White color, which has some pearl-like accent to it when moved towards different angles. You can also opt for the Misty Black or Misty Blue variants if you prefer.

The clear and frosted top lid is truly a nice touch—we like it even if it is made out of a plastic material. The build is familiar to most TWS today as it’s lightweight, opens up like a clamshell, and has an LED indicator upfront. And of course, the whole OPPO Enoc Air is IPX4 water-resistant, so some rain or accidental splashes should be fine.

Located at the back is an OPPO branding, while at the bottom is a USB Type-C port for charging.

Checking out the buds themselves, the Enco Air W32 has a similar white polycarbonate material as its casing that has a pretty strong magnet to stick to its case.

Its design is arguably identical to Apple’s AirPods—not that it’s a bad thing, but rather a plus since they’ll fit for most ears without falling off. As someone who prefers in-ear earbuds, these actually don’t fall off easily, even when I’m doing yoga.

Each ear stem has a left and right indicator, dual microphones, and a touch control area. The specific controls are as follows: double-tap to skip songs or answer/end phone calls, triple-tap to activate the Breeno voice assistant, long-press the left bud to lower the volume, and long-press on the right to increase volume. When pairing to other devices, you can tap and hold both earpieces to enter auto-paring while wearing the earphones. Having no single tap control is pretty clever to avoid annoying accidental touches.

To pair it the first time, simply open up the case, and it will automatically go into pairing mode. After that, go into your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings, and it will immediately detect the OPPO Enco Air. Tap it, and you’re good to go. The OPPO Enco Air W32 comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 with up to 10m of range for a seamless and uninterrupted connection.

Just like previous OPPO wireless earphones, you can customize the controls with the HeyMelody app that’s currently available for Android devices. The app also gives access to firmware updates and specific battery status for each earbud and the case.

One feature of the OPPO Enco Air W32 is its microphone quality. Thanks to its 12mm crystal clear voice drivers paired with AI-Powered Noise cancellation, it’s expected to produce a clear and crisp voice register.

Quality-wise, with a 12mm titanium-composite driver, we get clear and averagely good sound quality. There’s a noticeable amount of bass present with balanced highs and mids, well, at least most of the time since there are times when the high frequency is more favorable than lows, or vice versa. But overall, the sound quality is satisfactory for its class.

When it comes to its battery life, the case has 440mAh while each bud has 25mAh. On paper, we should have at least a total of 24 hours of playback, which seems to be accurate in our testing. Also, one feature that we like here is that charging each bud for 10 minutes can last up to 8 hours of playback, which can really be convenient.

The OPPO Enco Air W32 has an SRP of PHP 2,999, making it quite a fair deal for what it offers. Do we recommend it? Well, if you intend to use it for casual calls, virtual meetings, or video/music streaming, then the Enco Air W32 won’t disappoint. However, if you are a critical listener, then you should check something else as the sound quality is not its best asset.

With inputs from Arel Ebana

OPPO Enco Air (W32) specs:
12mm dynamic driver
Bluetooth 5.2
IPX4 dust and water resistance
Intelligent Call Noise Reduction
25mAh battery (each earbud)
440mAh battery (charging case)
Size (Earbud): 35.8 x 18.9 x 17.7mm
Size (Charging Case): 60.0 x 53.2 x 23.5mm
Misty White, Misty Black, Misty Blue

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