Spigen's strap will make sure you have your AirPods together

Spigen’s strap will make sure you have your AirPods together

From the Apple’s unveiling of its new iPhone, we saw the birth of AirPods which basically cuts the wire of the EarPods. That missing wire is a concern for most as they have increased the chance of misplacing both pieces of the device. Fear no more.



Spigen has introduced a product that’s not revolutionary but rather necessary for the AirPods. It’s the AirPods Strap. What does it do? It keeps both the left and right earpiece together. The inspiration of the device is very similar to the likes of active Bluetooth headsets in the market. It’s just merely a plastic strip designed to hold the AirPods on both ends.

The strap is listed on Amazon in the US for $9.99 or about Php500. It’s a price to pay to keep the $160 wireless headset from missing. Expect to see very similar designs in the coming weeks too as the AirPods gets released in late October.

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5 Responses

  1. anokamo says:

    Just shows how retarded Apple’s decision to cut the audio cords is.

    • BeCareful says:

      Be cautious when you use that word. Many children are suffering from such disorder and using such word to demean someone is so heartless.

  2. XTR says:

    Cool! Now we can have bluetooth headsets with wire between the buds. Wait, don’t we have that already? But at least, this will make your airpods less ugly.

  3. ross says:

    parang sira ulo lang hehehe meaning mas maganda talaga bluetooth headset na mayroon wire kahit papaano, hehehe lintik sa presyo kasi

  4. el gato says:

    buy/use headphone…instead of an ‘expensive’ ear piece connector…
    if there was still a 3.5mm audio jack, then a wired ear piece will not get lost…

    ano kayang mangyari kung may ‘smart ear pods’ ? :)
    ( meron na kasing hearing loss aid, lalagyan lang ng smart chipset/other electronic parts = smart ear pods ? )

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