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15-inch MacBooks with M2, M2 Pro chip options reportedly coming in 2023

A new 15-inch MacBook model will possibly launch around the second quarter of 2023 or later based on the intelligence gathered by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Macbook M2

Based on Kuo’s tweet, the new 15-inch MacBook could possibly have an M2 and M2 Pro option. The analyst even predicted earlier that the incoming 15-inch MacBook may not be branded as a MacBook Air, but Kuo didn’t provide any supporting details regarding it.

In terms of configurations, the notebook with an M2 chip will have Apple’s new dual-port 35W power adapter while the M2 Pro chip will be partnered with a 67W adapter stated by Kuo, as reported by macrumors. Both of the power adapter options are already launching next month for the latest MacBook Air that houses the newest M2 chip.

These predictions will or may not happen, but the predictions of Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on future Apple products are accurate enough, making him one of the most reliable sources of Apple rumors. To get to know about the analyst, click here.

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