Apple iOS 8 now official: everything you need to know

Launching in WWDC, Apple has finally unveiled the next version of their mobile operating system – iOS 8.

iOS 8

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Following last year’s major redesign, iOS 8 comes as both an update and a polishing to Apple’s OS. It changes some of the design elements of the previous version and adds in more software tweaks, features and apps to take it all a step forward. Without further ado, below is a list of some of the new things found in iOS 8:

  • Interactive notifications
  • No touch & improved Siri (just say Hey, Siri; recognizes songs)
  • Widgets in Notification Center
  • New QuickType Keyboard (predictive)
  • New messaging features (group, tap-to-talk, self-destruct)
  • Third-party extension support (such as keyboards)
  • Works with OS X Yosemite features; iCloud Drive, Handoff
  • HealthKit for centralized personal fitness and health data
  • HomeKit for home automation
  • Quick access to important contacts
  • Family sharing
  • Optimizations and more dev support (gaming, Touch ID, performance, search and a lot more)

iOS 8 beta will be available for developers today and will be available for public sometime September onwards. It will be compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2
  • iPad with Retina Display
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini with Retina Display
  • iPod Touch 5th-gen

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Update: Added compatible devices

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29 Responses

  1. Avatar for Bobby Bobby says:

    How to get iOS 8 now via http://welltwobuttonsactually.com/post/87768780951/literallysame-how-to-get-ios-8-right-now-you

  2. Avatar for Denephew Denephew says:


    Same here. Google doesn’t give a rats ass about your useless existence.


  3. Avatar for aha aha says:

    need to know talaga ha? as in a must??? LOL!

  4. Avatar for Brugaha Brugaha says:

    Who cares about android? Apple users don’t care about android users. Apple is apple. Enough said.

  5. Avatar for James Stark James Stark says:

    Windows will sue Apple for using the number 8.

  6. Avatar for Earl Earl says:

    Welcome to 2011 iSheep

  7. Avatar for Earl Earl says:

    Not sure if it’s WWDC or Google I/O 2011…

  8. Avatar for Arnold Cerdena Arnold Cerdena says:

    I think it’s getting closer on Android.

    • Avatar for Well Well says:

      iOS is way more advanced than Android.

    • Avatar for Marck Marck says:

      @Well How is apple more advanced than android when those features were already developed by android first. No touch siri? widgets? LOL those are features already present on previous android devices. Seems like apple got nothing more new to innovate ever since Steve Jobs died.

    • Avatar for fine fine says:

      @Marck, it is far advanced that iOS’s probably to get hacked or get infected with a virus is 1/10 (1 iOS and 10 android phones). LOL

    • Avatar for bern bern says:

      @Well, how could you say so? running Android OS in high end phone works smoothly with no lag at all. feature-wise it is definitely android because it is open and expandable by third parties. You can even plugin USB thumb drive to android to transfer large files. iOS filesystem is close that you can not even browse through its folders.

    • Avatar for Denephew Denephew says:

      @Arnold Cerdena

      Apparently your comments awakened the rabid apple fanboy’s defence mechanisms.Mga fanboys..


  9. Avatar for 8 8 says:

    Blackberry’s quickreply and Onedrive’s features are now available.

    • Avatar for 9 9 says:


    • Avatar for 8 8 says:

      Ibig sabihin walang bago. Wag lng sana silang magclaim ng “world’s first” lagi kasi minomodify lng nila ang features na present na sa ibang OS.

    • Avatar for Chuck Chuck says:

      Well, if you watched the keynote, they never said that any of the new features is the “world’s first”. So I don’t know what your problem is

    • Avatar for Denephew Denephew says:


      There is no problem here bitter ocampo lng si sir. Nearing obsoletion na ang blackberry nya tsk tsk.


  10. Avatar for rob rob says:

    hi teng, thanks, i actually looked at the website. I actually have a third gen ipad(ipad 3) and cross checked it again with apple’s naming convention, the ipad with retina display they mentioned is actually the 4th gen which makes ipad 3rg gen not eligible for the update? seems odd since the ipad 2 can handle the update and not the 3, i know its a discontinued and the ipad 2 is still supported but i guess thats how apple force you to buy a new one :-) anyway i could be wrong, do you think the “ipad with retina display” is for both the ipad 3rd and 4th gen?

    • Avatar for teng teng says:

      I believe iPad with Retina Display covers both 3rd and 4th gen.

      They usually drop the support for a product after 3 major software updates

    • Avatar for quasar17 quasar17 says:

      All ipads starting from ipad 2 will get the ios 8 update… source: gsmarena

    • Avatar for Denephew Denephew says:


      Pag hindi mo na ginagamit ang utak mo ibenta mo na! Supported nga ang ipad2 bakit mo naman naisip ang ipad 3 hindi???


  11. Avatar for rob rob says:

    can you catch if they will announce today which devices they will support? or will they drop support for iphone 4/4s? ipad 2/3?


    • Avatar for Bob Freking Bob Freking says:

      We’re constantly updating the article. Will update with all the info we can get. Stay tuned! :)

      Update: There was no mention of supported devices.

      Update 2: Sorry about that! I completely missed it. Updated the article with the list of compatible devices for iOS 8.

    • Avatar for teng teng says:

      Actually bob the supported device are listed on apple’s website.

      Rob iphone 4s and ipad 2/3 can still use ios 8

    • Avatar for theo theo says:

      With IOS8, they will drop support for Iphone 4.

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