Apple opens Online Store in the Philippines

Apple opens Online Store in the Philippines

Just got a call from the PR Manager of Apple Asia informing me about the official launch of the Apple Online Store in the Philippines. This confirms the story I wrote earlier about the Apple Store.


Apple is also giving away an exclusive T-Shirt to all purchases from now until November 28, 2008. You can also get free engraving on all iPod products as well as order the limited edition Product Red iPod Nano.

All orders are shipped from the regional hub in Asia which includes free shipping on 1-2 business days. This launch is in time for the holiday season.

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14 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    are prices cheaper than power mac centers?

  2. BrianB says:

    T-shirt is nice. Abe, there’s an ad inquiry.

  3. windork says:

    Mas mura sa Microwarehouse…

  4. Jedd says:

    I would expect to find really cheap prices online because it’s direct from the company. Hope that’s the case. Also, that’s a pretty fug shirt. It’s not even an Apple shirt.

  5. raymac says:

    I just hoped that the online store price is the same as in the US….no hefty taxes imposed in our hard earned gadgets…
    btw, microwarehouse website needs some updating…
    planning to buy a macbook soon…

  6. shawny says:

    great info, now i can easily go shop if ever im going to buy apple – i will also put this info on my site

  7. GensanBoy says:

    My credit card is now in a place where its very very hard for me to get it . . I placed it there myself . . . . otherwise. you know what I mean. . . :)

  8. nowhereman says:

    hayyy.. disappointed ako sa pricing. ang mahal. the white macbook costs 55k

  9. Snow says:

    Wow, this is nice! I’ll try to check this out soon. :)

  10. Ryan says:

    How do they deliver purchased items? Fedex? DHL? God forbid they use the local postal service!

  11. Vienna de austria says:

    Please send me the telephone number of apple store philippines. I cant call the toll free number

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