iPhone 6 reported to have NFC for mobile payment

iPhone 6 reported to have NFC for mobile payment

Apple could finally be giving in and including NFC or Near Field Communication in the upcoming iPhone 6, after previously saying that they weren’t thinking of integrating the tap-to-connect feature on their smartphones. What’s surprising is that this technology will not be simply used for pairing devices, but for payment of purchases.


According to a report, the presence of NFC may be seen when the latest flagship phone from Apple is released (this coming August?). The company is said to have agreed with China UnionPay for a mobile payment service, while also working with the possibility of using it for purchases over at Apple stores.


When this pushes through, the iPhone 6 will be the first iOS device to have such feature. We could be seeing it working side-by-side with the fingerprint scanner as one of its main purpose is to log in to your Apple account before downloading or buying apps.

This sounds like a nifty idea from Apple, but we don’t want to call it that just yet until we’ve tried it for ourselves. What do you think of this new feature when it pushes through?


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14 Responses

  1. ngak says:

    What’s new?

    iOsuck users will surely acclaim this innovation. ahahaha

    • haha says:

      waw.. iOsuck.. galing grabe.. ang witty mo dude..

      bigyan ng jacket!

      pwede ko ba gamitin yang nacoin mong term? grabe sobrang nagalingan ako ehh.. ambangis ehh.. akalain mo napagsama mo yung iOS at suck sa isang word.. waw.. sobrang mature mo magisip siguro noh, nakakainggit..

    • Krypton says:

      @haha, mas mature un comment mo ang dami kong nakuhang aral. Lolz!

    • kewl says:

      patulan ba naman. ngayon sino sa inyo ang immature! haha tongono tongo!

  2. Justin says:

    NFC? Ngayon lang dumating sa iPhone?!?!

    … I think they should rename it from “iPhone 6” to “iPhone sucks”.

  3. haha says:

    isa pa to.. bagong bago mga hirit natin ahh! antataba ng utak ng mga tao ngayon.. rename from iPhone 6 to iPhone Sucks.. grabe..

    dalawang jacket para sayo..

    • Krypton says:

      @haha, bigyan na to ng iPhone 6 ng matigil na. Lolz!

    • kewl says:

      dami mong alam. iphone fanboy! walang pambili ng iphone!!

    • kewl says:

      @haha, haha e ano naman yang hirit mo? bagong bago ah! kahapong lng sumikat! BIGYAN NG JACKET!!! pak u! taba din ng utak mo muka ka na alien.

  4. kewl says:

    eto namang isa todo defend. may iphone ka teh? i bet wala. totoo naman sinasabi nila ah. the sales of apple already proved that. sa tingin mo bakit umuunti iphone users?its bcz iphone sucks & yucks! pang social climber lng yang iphones tulad mo.

  5. zarne says:

    Apple is left behind by other Smartphone makers in the adaption and use of NFC technology. The ‘tap and pay’ mobile payment with NFC enabled phone is gaining wide acceptance in North America and Europe.
    I could go to my favorite coffee restaurant and pay with my NFC enabled phone. Apple is just playing catch up game here.

  6. rockz says:

    With Apple implementing NFC I’m sure majority of the shops local and abroad will gradually accept NFC payments.

    Though its a bit late for them to bring-in NFC but I think in reality NFC payments are >1% being used worldwide.

  7. bern says:

    I do not know what is something with Apple that when they implement something many businesses dispose to adopt so even the technology is already late, though it is only my hunch but I wish to because my phone’s NFC has just been sleeping and wants to NFC payments start to roll in soon.

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