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iPill: the iPod Mic

Not sure if I’ve seen this before but Ozaki is shipping a ton of these iPills to the Philippines this August.

The iPill is a microphone accessory for the iPod Nano (4th Gen) and the iPod Touch (2nd Gen). It has a capsule-like shape, with one half is the protective cover and the other half is the 3.5mm jack.

ipill ozaki

Ozaki promises better audio recording quality but that remains to be seen. They don’t have SRP yet (will update when these arrives in August).

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20 Responses

  1. iPod Touch says:

    Nice. Looks like prone to getting lost though. Such a tiny microphone. We can use this to call using Fring on the iPod Touch. =)

  2. bob says:

    nice design but be careful, children or even you might mistake it for your daily vitamins or medication

  3. william says:

    nice design

  4. cool. hope they make a USB drive version too.

  5. Darren says:

    wow, damn cute those pills

  6. carlo says:

    why you need a mic for an Ipod Nano?? hmmmm

  7. yuga says:

    @carlo – for voice recording or podcasting.

  8. wow… things are getting smaller……

  9. John says:

    wow. very unique design. how about the voice recording quality? anyone have tested it?

  10. just wondering… is there any warranty if iPill was accidentally swallowed?

  11. Nice! it really looks, cool? hehe..

  12. Atlanta SEO says:

    Cool, but can’t wait for the bible-throwing parent associations here to get a hold of that, sounds like a field day for an anti-drug campaign…
    personally if I were a kid in High School or college, I’m sure that would be sweet! I don’t know how it would look sticking out of my iPhone during a business meeting, lol!

  13. Pink says:

    Cool! wala ba pink Yugger? haha!

  14. surforeo says:

    that is cute.. :-)

  15. airevolt says:

    I want one of those, please updat on availability and where to buy, thanks

  16. Krungers108 says:

    guys ihave a copy of that ipill, heheh quite decent. search for it over google.
    yes, im bad:)

  17. Anj Segovia says:

    You can course your inquiries on availability of this product thru MSI-ECS, the exclusive disty of Ozaki. Numbers to call, 688-3180 / 688-3181.

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