New iPod Nano, Touch & 120GB Classic Prices

New iPod Nano, Touch & 120GB Classic Prices

Though local availability of the new line of iPod Nano, iPod Touch and the 120GB Classic is still sparse, their prices have been made available on most Apple reseller stores. Just got the adjusted pricing of the new models.

iPod Shuffle
1 GB – Php2,490
2 GB – Php3,490


iPod Nano
8 GB – Php7,500
16 GB – Php9,990

iPod Touch
8 GB – Php11,990
16 GB – Php15,500
32 GB – Php19,990

iPod Classic
120 GB – Php12,300

Got hold of the new iPod Nano and the curvy edges doesn’t seem to appeal much to my design senses. I think Apple designers are running out of creative ideas. The 4G Nano is almost similar to the 2nd gen Nano so for me, this is like a design downgrade instead of an upgrade.

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50 Responses

  1. i like the orange ipod nano 4th gen but I will buy the Ipod touch instead

  2. feefayfoo says:

    hi, what local stores are offering this new line of ipod? i’m really interested in getting the new ipod touch!

  3. feefayfoo says:

    what local stores are already offering this new models? just checked some of the resellers but they still dont have it. i’m really interested in getting an ipod touch

  4. Niel says:

    Same here, i am hoping that the availibity will come this late september. I am so in excited to get my new Ipod touch.

  5. i believe i saw these available at the Apple store in Greenbelt.

  6. Raych says:

    @feefayfoo iStudio offers the iPod Touch 8GB for 11990 but they don’t have stocks yet. Not sure when they will arrive. Had one reserved.

  7. feefayfoo says:

    @Raych thanks for the info. maybe i’ll do the same thing

  8. Gerald says:

    I went to the Mac Store at Greenbelt 3 and the attendant there said that the Classic costs 14,999. Did they rollback their prices or something?

  9. tonti says:

    hi yuga! can you do a nano 8gb and zune 8gb comparison? :)

  10. yuga says:

    @Gerald – some stores are selling it higher than normal which is weird since the discrepancies are quite significant.

    @tonti – yes, will do one soon.

  11. vance says:

    @abe well, actually the design is clever, the 3rd gen was not really well fitted with the original nano line up design, it was fat. so they decided to go back to where it was before. and people like it. But aside from the design the features is the interesting part; as steve jibs says, its like the ipod touch with out the touch features hehe. can’twait for your review.

  12. yuga says:

    @vance – and they found that out the hard way. actually, it was clever. The 4th gen design is just the 2nd gen design with curves. If I were to choose between the 2nd gen and 4th gen designs, I’d go for the 2nd gen. The 4th gen is wickedly thinner though.

  13. vance says:

    @abe for me, I won’t own one, hehe I’m into bigger capacity the better. the 120Gb is a good release from them why? MS just released Zune 120Gb that will replace the 80Gb at 250USD. with almost the same pricing from apple, competition will really heat up. and Apple hasn’t stop there, I think from here on, the prices for iPod will be lower than before.. just want to share.

  14. makulet says:

    Yuga, would you mind…where can i buy the new Ipod touch here in Manila?

  15. vance says:

    @makulet any electric store. one would be iStudio, Powermac?!?

  16. makulet says:

    thanks vance!:)

  17. makulet says:

    i, i remember there’s one Istudio at Gateway Mall. that’s kinda near in my place. anyway, thanks a lot for making me remember. ;]

  18. NIEL says:

    I checked with istudio, nextweek pa daw available. wahhhh i can’t wait to get my mew 2G ipod touch

  19. kris says:

    is istudio selling 2nd gen ipod touch, 16G? =)

  20. NIEL says:


    Yes, they would sell only the 16G ipod touch.

  21. NIEL says:

    Guys the 2G ipod touch is now available @ istudio for 15,500. They offer 6 months zero interest installment plan

  22. Anton says:

    is the 15,500 the 16GB?

  23. Joey says:

    spent the whole day in greenhills and glorietta 3+4 looking through every store yesterday (Sunday) for touch 2g. either completely sold out or “not yet available” EVERYWHERE. I begged, bribed, and bullied to no avail. This thing is out of stock for real (until “wednesday..hopefully”). Here are the quotes (lowest-highest) I received:

    8gb: 13800-16500
    16gb: 16100-18900
    32gb: only bothered with one shop who said they had it but didn’t come through – 22800

    note that all of these prices were for cash payment. MAHAL!! I got so desperate after 4 hours that 15000 seemed like a good deal for the 8gb! try again next week :(

    side note: every store in glorietta claimed that they aren’t out yet, i.e. they either haven’t heard of 2g touch or haven’t had any yet..

    extra side note: I got a 8gb nano 4g black for 7500 (yuga’s estimated price) from ambassador in v-mall, the only shop with black in stock under 8000. a lot of shops wanted 8500-9000 for new nanos.

  24. NIEL says:

    Hi Guys,

    Yes, the 16G is only 15,500. I got my 2G ipod touch at istudio last SAT. ASTIG mga tsong. I post this through our WIFI s bahay. 026343103 ito number nila. They are located @ shangralia Shaw branch. If i were u guys, pa reserve kau kc konti na lang stock nila> kc yun ang ginawa ko to make sure may makukuha ako.

  25. kenna says:

    Depressing. I bought my iPod Touch 32gb, 1st gen for 20, 500…

  26. Joey says:

    update: MoA has 1 shop with the touch in stock. 16gb cash price 18995. I told them wow you’re the only people with that in stock. NO WONDER. I mean, even the biggest rip off people give a discount for cash. not this store (whose name I forget – it’s on the 2nd floor near the theater).

    Greenhills is totally tapped out also. haven’t received any shipments anywhere. Ended up buying a pristine 1st gen 8gb for 9000 flat. That’s the fixed price at all the traders’ places. 12500 new 8gb, 15000 new 16gb..both first gen.

    oh well this will be a nice test unit for applications (paid $10 US for the 2.1 software update) until I trade it for the 2nd gen, if it’s EVER in stock

  27. kaya says:

    i fell in love instantly with 2nd gen touch. i can’t wait to get my hands on it kaya lang walang stocks pa kahit dito sa iloilo ubos na ka agad. the 32gb is sold here for 22,350. huhu the store manager doesn’t know when their next stocks would arrive. :(

  28. jHiNg says:

    Hi to all

    I OFW here in Kuwait and I’m been a user of iPod touch for couple of months now..

    It’s so cool and I really enjoy using it.. I can browse over the net, I can send emails and most of all I can edit, upload photos (from the iPod) for my friendster account.

    Thanks God I have it, and thanks also for someone who gave it to me as a birthday present…

  29. pj says:

    ipod touch 8gb for 12k (slightly touched XD)- with leather case worth 1k (already included in the 12k). reply here with your email address if you want it. Why not try surfing the net with an Ipod? You can surf the net and send emails anywhere )as long qas there’s a wifi connection).

  30. ziyi says:

    hey guys, i am planning to buy ipod touch for my bday :) where can i buy a real one?i mean, there are so many fakes everywhere….and how much would it cost now? i hope you can enlighten me with this.thank you so much:)

  31. weelie says:

    does digital walker offer 12 mos. apple store warranty for the ipods they sell? sorry for the stupid question..i bought an ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen for 17k and it offers 12 mos. apple store warranty..i don’t know if i got a bad deal or something after learning that i could have bought one for only 15k…i’m feeling really lousy right now

  32. ZJ says:

    @ abe, quick reply pls.

    I checked out Apple Philippines and saw the Prices, It’s 9k+
    Is that because of the shipping?!

    So here then I checked your site, are these prices FIXED?!

    Need your answer. Thanks!

  33. enzo says:

    at ATC near national book store…there’s a store called “game cube” they sell ipod nano 4th gen 8gb for 7k(yellow,lime green and black)…16gb for 9k…(blue, red, pink, gray and black)..they also have ipod touch but idk the prices…

  34. willco says:

    where did you get those prices? in greenhills or in malls?

  35. marge says:

    hi! where can i find the ipod classic 120gb na nagsesell ng 12,300? coz 15k padin sya sa apple store :O greenhills? which store? and where is it located?

  36. Chase says:

    haayyy.. im planning to buy an ipod touch 2g but im not sure about the prices…
    can anyone post the price of ipod touch 2g 8gb???? the exact price and the store???

  37. rap says:

    san makakabili ng 120gb ipod classic na 12k sumting? kc mga iba 15K plus parin?

  38. rap says:

    tsaka lahat ba ng mga nabibili sa sm na 80gb ipod classic na 13k e original na apple mga un?

  39. jela says:

    hi everyone. seems like a lot of people are itching to get their hands on the 2g ipod touch. does anyone have an update regarding the price of the ipod touch 32gb? i wish you could compare the price in greenhills with the price in high-end malls.

  40. superdaius says:

    can u tell where to buy the 1st gen i-pod touch? i like that better than the 2nd gen.

  41. superdaius says:

    where to buy in manila area

  42. ivs says:

    how much does ipod nano 3rdgen 4gb cost nowadays? ty

  43. EriC says:

    how much does ipod nano 3rdgen 4gb cost nowadays? ty

    can u plsss..inform me over hir…[email protected] tnxx

  44. .. ` Panu foe ean mku2ha ?

  45. Samantha says:

    HI! do u know the latest price of ipod touch? as of this year (2010) tnx!:)

  46. Len says:

    Hi, Im selling my ipod nano 5thGen 8GB blue in color for 5K with Original Belkin Black Leather case. Only 7-month old. No scratches and in perfect good condition. USB is still brand new and with box. Earphones slightly used though. Email or SMS me if interested – 09276559325.

  47. ville says:

    hi i want to trade in my ipod classic 160 gb to an ipod nano 16 gb with watch band,,, iloilo place… txt me if your interested…09053827837…tnx

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