Proof of Apple's Marketing-Hype Machinery

Proof of Apple’s Marketing-Hype Machinery

When Apple announced the iPhone, Steve claims they will take on at least 1% of the mobile phone market. The massive hype and marketing campaign Apple created has showed how it can sell whatever product it develops.

During the official launch of the Apple iPhone in the US last June, people were scrambling to get their own unit. Poeple trooped to Apple & AT&T stores nationwide and long lines filled the side streets. Times eventually named the iPhone as the “Invention of the Year“.

So, it looks like the buzz around the device ain’t just a hype but a real revolution in the mobile space. That remains to be seen once Apple releases the iPhone in Canada, Germany, France and UK. If and when the same raves and long lines appear in that part of the western hemisphere, then we can truly see the awesome attraction over the iPhone.

However, reports of the launch of iPhone in UK under O2 was even barely optimistic. Just look at these shops just before the doors were opened.

iPhone UK Launch
Photo credits to


Look, ma! No lines!

The less than lukewarm reception could be attributed to one of several factors:

  • People in UK are used to their widespread 3G networks. Why would they downgrade their connections to Edge?
  • The iPhone hype fizzled in the last 4 months its been out in the public.
  • Englishmen don’t have the habit of switching service providers just because of a phone, unlike the Americans. *jk*
  • It’s more expensive in the UK. With the weakening dollar, they must have already ordered their units from Apple US.

Add to that the fact that some many other competing phones have been released since then — the Nokia N95 8GB, the LG Prada, the BlackJack, the new Blackberry Curve, etc. I guess they’d rather keep their existing phones and just get an iPod Touch.

IMO, all that marketing budget was well spent for Apple. Too bad it did not last very long and now the hype may have fizzled.

What do you think? Has the iPhone hype truly fizzled? How about when it officially reaches the Philippines? Will Filipinos pay the full amount of the phone and pay a 2-year lock-in contract (Normally, phones here are subsidized on postpaid accounts. Not with the iPhone.) just to get their piece of the Apple pie?

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16 Responses

  1. Mon Solo says:

    I personally think the iPhone, in its present version, won’t fly here in Philippines.

    First, the on-screen keyboard sucks. I already have an iPod touch and a tactile keyboard still beats Apple’s “virtual” keyboard.

    Second, price-point is quite high, given the lack of features versus the other phones.

  2. Mon Solo says:

    Plus one more….

    I don’t think that Apple fanboyism has spread to the Philippines. So Jobs’ distortion field has no effect on us!

  3. McBilly says:

    Haha. Yeah. Also there are already a lot of iPhones scattered around in the country. So if ever Apple does make an official launching here, it’s not going to be something new. :)

  4. boddah says:

    “Look, ma! no lines!” – lol

    I also think an official launch if they will ever have it here in the Philippines won’t just click to Filipinos the same way it did in the US. There are iPhones already sold in most cellphone tiangges.. and some are even open line.

  5. jomark says:

    I have already seen an iphone displayed in one of our malls here and so I guess the iphone marketing hype is not really that effective here.

  6. Mikko says:

    iPhone doesn’t have 3G capabilities? What a big turn-off.

    EDGE technology is a lot slower than 3G. iPhone sucks!

  7. punbros says:

    People here in UK are used to with getting a free handset for the contracts. As for the iPhone O2 contract, you need to pay £269 for the phone plus you need to take minimum 18months contract which starts at £35 to £55. The talk time ain’t that much as well, though it comes with unlimited data usage. [url=”www.“]O2 page[/url]

  8. BrianB says:

    Three years ago, with the way people are so in love with their cellphones, iPhone definitely would be a big hit.

    It’s the economy, stupid!

  9. Berlin says:

    Long lines in Cologne, Germany actually.

    In the U.S, iPhone’s pre-launch reviews were only published in known Apple friendly publications, where they have connections like the (one-sided) NY times.

    Sites like weren’t given an iPhone to review prior to launch, so to protect the hype.

    Having said that, mac fans basically purchased a product they knew nothing about, just based on hype.

    Either they’re dumb consumers or that they have a lot of faith in Jobs.

    (roll out the prayer rugs!)

  10. Wow! this is a nice site, I will visit here more often para naman inform na rin ako sa mga latest tech and gadgets.
    kepp it up!

  11. ordnacin says:

    Got a chance to tinker with two of my friends iPhones last week and I gotta say it is indeed overhyped. Interface is awesome but the phone features, definitely lacking – texting is a pain too. And what kind of a smartphone doesn’t have cut and paste ???

  12. normanski says:

    I always prefered those cheap china made gadgets with mind blowing prices. I dont care if they are flimsy and broke easily, you can buy 2 or more if you like hehe. I went across this china touchscreen cellphone in greenhills and i would say its more price:feature friendly. oh well cheapo me hehe

  13. otoy reyes says:

    n95 is still the king hehehe

  14. Apple User says:

    Usually when i got a new phone (any brand) it only last with me for a month or two (especially that N95), after that I usually sold it. But when I got this iPhone three months ago it feel like my crave will not last for it.

    I’d say Hurray for iPhone!

    hurray for apple!

    Apple User
    “Windows sucks!”

  15. Gino says:

    When Steve Jobs show the iPhone it where a hype.
    I bought a 8gb iphone 4 weeks ago, and I where surprised over the product.
    Its lean and clean.
    My other GSM`s a N95 and a Qtek 9000 is much better in many ways, but it`s not make me dislike my iPhone.
    As a day 2 day phone its a bit big, but it feels solid.
    Im just worried about the cost for change battery or fix it for any damage in the future since no vendors in the Philippines and EU except for Germany and UK at the moment.
    If iphone have had MMS,GPS and super 3G it would been my favorite among the cellphone I`v owned since 1990.

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