Child-Friendly Digital Content Platforms

Child-Friendly Digital Content Platforms

Almost half a year since the quarantine started and yet everyone is still highly encouraged to stay at home. Most of the people’s outdoor leisure activities are still either limited or prohibited. This is a big challenge, especially for kids, and some parents have turned to the internet for their educational and entertainment needs. With that said, now is the chance to explore the internet for child-friendly digital content platforms while they stay safe at home. Here are some websites that you and your kids can explore online.

MET Museum

Kids who love art and history definitely need to see this. Through this Metropolitan Museum of Art website, visitors or their so-called MetKids could travel back in time, explore the world and discover the history. Through this, everyone can explore over 5,000 years of art all over the world. It is packed with fun facts, projects, and big ideas which can be fun especially for kids.

NASA Science Space Place

Is going to NASA part of your family’s bucket list? Maybe your kid dreams to be an astronaut, an astronomer, or an aerospace technologist someday or simply curious about the space and the universe? If it’s a yes, then this website could really be noteworthy to explore. It features information, games, crafts, activities, and videos about the earth and space.


You won’t need to go to an exhibit (for now) just to see your favorite characters. Shout out to all the fans of Marvel out there! If your mini-version loves Marvel too, then this website is for the both of you. This showcases games, videos, comics, and profiles of well-known heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Marvel characters. You may also get to discover your child’s creative side by making his/her own posters here.


Reading and listening could be fun activities for kids too. This virtual library can be the children’s area for digital learning through stories and activities in a format compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It also offers early literacy information for parents and caregivers.


A field trip wouldn’t be complete without the idea of going to the zoo! Animal lovers might find this game really interesting as they can get the chance to be recruited as one of the young zoo guardians who have a mission of saving species. In this mobile game, players can build their own zoos, interact with animals via augmented reality, and gain more knowledge about wildlife. This might be the kids’ chance to be young conservation heroes!


Download: iOS, Android


FUNOLOGY offers different ideas about crafts, recipes, science experiments, magic, games, jokes and trivia with provided information and instructions which may give parents ideas on how they will ease out kids’ boredom in this pandemic. Through this, kids can do more fun things together with their parents at home.


For kids who are active and love to play games and watch videos, there’s GoNoodle on the go. Designed solely for kids, it has various games and videos that may suit their interests related to animals, plants, dance, music, sports, and more. Through this technology, kids can get up, move their bodies, and engage their minds exploring different things without the need to get out of their homes.

Download: iOS, Android


If you are worried about your kids watching videos on the internet, KIDOODLE TV could be one of your choices, as it is committed to encouraging safe streaming for kids. It offers safe content, healthy screen time, and has COPPA compliance which protects the privacy of kids. It has over 21,000 episodes of children content your kids can choose from.

Download: iOS, Android

And that sums up our list of child-friendly digital content platforms. Have we missed anything? Share it with us in the comment section below!

This article is written by Gracey Maala

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