Personalities to Follow on TikTok

Personalities to Follow on TikTok

We’re pretty sure that you’re already familiar with Tiktok — an app that lets you upload 15-60 seconds clips of cringe-worthy lip-syncing, acting, and awkward dance routines. But what if you’re too shy to upload your own video and just want to spectate? Don’t worry, that’s fine as well. And if you’re in that situation, let us recommend some personalities that you might want to follow on this social platform.


  1. ZHC (@zhcyt) — 4.9M followers
    ZHC is an acronym for Zach Hsieh Comic Art. He is a famous YouTuber who loves to give away customized iPhones, shoes, and anything else using inks, paints, and pens. He uses TikTok to share his artworks and occasional dance moves.
  2. Ben Johnson (@Sneaker Mechanic) — 566.8k followers
    Ben Johnson takes the popular term sneakerhead to an entirely different level. The artist customizes shoes to incredible heights, and if you’re one of his 500,000+ followers, you can also go to his Instagram account to bid on one.
  3. Nortorok (@nortorok) — 274.7k followers
    A dancer and animator, he uses TikTok to showcase his works. He makes dance videos where his animated cartoon characters synchronously dance with him.


  1. QPark (@qpark) — 8.7M followers
    QPark is a Korean-American comedian YouTube star, and he’s now on TikTok! He gained popularity by posting videos that invoke humor by exaggerating real-life situations and by dancing and singing awkwardly in public spaces.
  2. K Brosas (@kbrosas) — 522.5k followers
    No dull videos for this one, just entertaining. Her style of comedy on TikTok is more on the annoyingly fun side but will still give you tons of laughs.
  3. Ashley Rivera (@petrashley) — 64.5k followers
    One of the most famous sexy comedians in the Philippines, Ashley Rivera, also known as Petra Mahalimuyak, is also on TikTok. If you like her style of comedy and want to see her have a go on popular TikTok videos, make sure to follow her.


TikTok is also a platform for showcasing your dance abilities. But if you can’t dance and just want to watch people who are good at it, here are some we can recommend:

  1. Michael Le (@justmaiko) — 13.7M followers
  2. Ondreaz Lopez & Tony Lopez (@ondreazlopez_ & @tonylopez__) — 10M followers
  3. Rockwell PH (@rockwellph) — 74k followers


If you’re looking for some fitspiration, you might want to check these people out. They share 15 to 60 seconds of clips of workout routines that might help you to get fit, which is handy during lockdown.


  1. Cassey (@blogilates) — 910.2k followers
  2. LesTissy (@lestissy) — 112.1k followers


Everyone loves food! People are into short and straight-to-the-point cooking instructions nowadays, and if you’re tired of watching typical TikTok videos, here are some food channels that you can follow:

  1. Salt to taste (@salt_to_taste) — 1M followers
  2. FoodNnja (@foodnnja) — 559.7k followers
  3. Food with Michel (@foodwithmichel) — 91.5k followers


Here are some well-known Instagram Photographers that you can follow on TikTok. Most of their content goes behind the scenes of their production, as well as tips and tricks on how to improve your photography skills.

  1. Alex Stemplewski (@alex.stemp) — 6.3M followers
  2. DenisThePhotoholic (@denisthephotoholic_) — 468.9k followers
  3. Brandon Woelfel (@brandon_woelfel) — 405.7k followers


Fernweh – an ache for distant places, and the craving to travel. I think a lot of people are having this kind of feeling now. But since you’ can’t go out, you can just follow these profiles and watch their videos from the safety and comforts of your couch or bed. This can also give you an idea of where to travel next when the whole thing blows over. #TravelGoals

  1. Mikki Tenazas (@mgtenazas) — 1.1M followers
  2. Jacob Riglin (@jacob) –465.6k followers
  3. Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) — 173.8k followers

So that’s it! Those are people who we find interesting and fun to follow. But if you want tech-related TikTok videos, you can also follow us at @yugatech. See you guys there.

If you have other recommendations on who to follow on TikTok, let us know in the comments below.

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