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YugaTech’s Top 10 Articles in 2021

Many things happened in 2021, especially in the tech world. We had plenty of product launches, movement in the telco sphere, as well as the rise of NFT games. But what are those stories that really caught the eyes of our readers? Here are our top 10 most-read articles in 2021.

Note: Stories listed are arranged by page views from lowest to highest.

10) CryptoBlades and the SKILL token: Should you spend and play?

2021 is also the year for blockchain NFT games, and one of the most popular releases was CryptoBlades. It is a web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on the Binance Smart Chain and developed by Riveted Game. Players have to mint NFT characters and have them participate in battles and raids to earn SKILL tokens, which can be exchanged into fiat money.

9) Plant vs Undead and PVU token: Should you spend and play?

Another popular NFT game out there is Plant vs Undead or also known as PVU. It was initially a farming and tower defense game where players have to mint NFT plants so they can battle the undead. The game is still under development to inject new game mechanics and to fix the economy.

8) DITO reveals unli data, SMS, calls promo for PHP 199

Telco-related news is one of the most-read stories at YugaTech, especially now that DITO Telecommunity has already started operating in the country. One of their most popular news is when they announced its unlimited data, SMS, and calls for PHP 199 promo.

7) Smartphones Price List 2021 Philippines

With tons of smartphones released in the Philippines yearly, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. That’s why we created a price list for smartphones released in 2021 so that readers can browse through the models available to help them pick the right device according to their budget. You can be sure that we’ll make one for 2022.

6) DITO SIM card price and list of compatible devices

I guess we can say that DITO is the most popular telco for 2021, which is understandable considering that we’ve been clamoring for a third player. In March, DITO announced that it has started rolling out its Welcome Offer promo in Metro Cebu and Metro Davao with the SIM card priced at PHP 40 and comes with 1GB of data valid for 7 days.

5) Smartphones under PHP 10K Philippines (H1-2021)

When picking a new smartphone, the device that could give the most bang for the buck is the winner. The first half of 2021, has already brought plenty of models priced under PHP 10K, which is great for buyers with a tight budget. Based on our compilation for this period, Nokia, Xiaomi, Samsung, and realme have the most offerings.

4) My DeFi Pet and DPET Token: Should you spend and play?

Another blockchain NFT game that became popular in 2021 is My DeFi Pet. My DeFi Pet gives off a Farmville vibe as it greets players with an overview of their pets in their “farm”—frolicking around in their spaces. Players will need monsters to start off, which can be had by purchasing monster eggs with DPET tokens.

3) What is Axie Infinity and Should You Play?

Probably the most popular blockchain NFT game out there is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is like Pokemon mixed with Hearthstone—the adorable monsters from Pokemon and the turn-based card game from Hearthstone. Meaning, players use cards to “command” what action their Axie will be doing for that turn. Players then earn SLP which they can convert to fiat money.

2) Smart MAGIC DATA, up to 24GB non-expiring data

Smart made the headlines with its MAGIC DATA promo which allows users to subscribe for either 2GB, 6GB, or 24GB of non-expiring data for all sites. The MAGIC DATA 99 gives 2GB for PHP 99, the MAGIC DATA 199 gives 5GB for PHP 199, and the MAGIC DATA 399 gives 24GB of data for PHP 399. Non-expiring data is a big deal as it allows subscribers to purchase data and not worry about expiration.

1) DITO SIM: Setup, APN Settings, Internet Speed Test, Promo

When DITO became available in more areas, one of the things that early subscribers need to do is set up their SIM cards. Unlike Globe and Smart SIMs, DITO SIMs require some manual configuration to make it work like setting up its APN settings and activating VoLTE. Then there’s navigating the app so you can top-up and purchase promos. Because of that, we wrote a guide to help those who are not familiar with setting up their devices for the new DITO SIM cards, which is now one of the most-read stories at YugaTech for 2021.

And that’s it! 2022 will surely bring more tech stories worth writing and we’ll be there to cover them. Enjoy the New Year celebration, everyone!

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