BlackBerry App World now in the Philippines

BlackBerry App World now in the Philippines

The long wait is over. Research In Motion (RIM) today announced that BlackBerry App World is now available to all BlackBerry smartphone customers in the Philippines.

Customers can now download BlackBerry App World by going to or using their handsets.


Popular BlackBerry App World applications available in the Philippines include BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Flickr, Bloomberg Mobile, Flixster, Chum Radio, Kaglom, Three Squared Demo, WorldMate Live: Travel Like a Pro, and

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43 Responses

  1. This is a great news for mga kababayans natin dito na BB users

  2. Khennjo says:

    Thanks for sharing! This is really cool.

    damo gid nga salamat from a fellow ilonggo. :)

  3. Maye says:

    Finally! Its about time they included us in their list. ;)

  4. Ash says:

    available na nga kaso free apps lng :( it won’t even show the list of paid apps.

  5. erix says:

    Ano po pala kaibahan ng blackberry application sa ibang smartphone?

  6. Khennjo says:

    Blackberry applications works differently compared smartphones simply because its made for a different operating system. Even though the blackberry platform uses some form of Java, the code is quite different. Most other smartphones like Nokia and Sony-Ericsson uses symbian OS and patronizes java as well but the codes are different.

  7. Great news para sa mga BB users.

  8. ryan ang says:

    it’s a great step to acceptance of the Philippines as a viable market for apps. Maybe finally the Android Market will open up in the Philippines.

  9. Bob Reyes says:

    Finally! Mabuhay BlackBerry App World!

  10. deuts says:

    Mabuhay ang Windows Mobile! hehe

  11. Kim R. E. says:

    the app store for the iPhone is still the best…i’ll love my iPhone 3GS forever lol

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App for the iPhone

  12. never had the chance to use a Blackberry, haha anyone here can share their experiences with it, whether work or leisure related?
    As for now, mejo satisfied pa ako sa E63 hehe :D

  13. Finally, BB pip is recognizing Ph as a viable market!

    let’s wait for palm and apple!!!

    or are they already here!!!!

  14. Marcus says:

    Ok now that App World’s available, I’m a bit confused. I’ve been wanting to have BB 9700 (way cheaper kasi dito sa Middle East compared sa Pinas – HOWEVER, after seeing several comments on this site bout BIS plan with Globe and Smart, parang I’m “hesitantly wanting” to have one. Kasi sabi sa thread:

    1. matagal mag subscribe and even renew ng BIS plan.

    2. you have to at least maintain 1 peso load, and that’s it. Otherwise it will be gone in no time due to some unknown hourly data charges. So paano kung may tatawagan or tetext ka? Dun ka lang pwedeng mag load ng extra?

    3. (sorry if this might sound dumb for a newbie) without BIS plan, by all means, is it not possible to use apps like Facebook and YM through regular data charging?

    4. and finally, both Globe and Smart’s reps have successfully made your day making you feel hopeless to setup BIS on your BB.

    Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said recently I WANTED to have one pero parang andaming complaints sa thread coming from BB users. I don’t want go buy BB and subscribe to BIS plan here just to find out na mahirap pala siyang i-setup/register sa Pinas doing all handheld / service books wiping, provisioning and stuffs that I’ve never heard. I hope someone will hear me out. Sa mag reply, thanks you pow and bless you! hehe…

    YM/FB “, [email protected], saka na yung PIN pag convinced nakong mag BB hehe..

  15. Adrian says:

    I still prefer iphone. Apple AppStore is still the best.

  16. Kenn says:

    IPhone are toys, they’re pretty much useless in the real world. Blackberry performs when needed.

    @Marcus – It’s relatively easy to get. You can have either prepaid or postpaid.
    I’m using the prepaid service of Globe and it’s been good so far. I only activate the service when I need it as I have internet both at home and in the office. Globe’s 50pesos plan is good for 1 day.
    The service does not count your KB usage. Even though you have 1 peso or no load, as long as the service is still active, you can browse, send emails, do IMs, etc. It won’t hamper your connection.
    In setting it up, there’s not much you need to configure from your unit. After you subscribe and your service signal turns to GPRS or EDGe, then you’re good to go.
    Hope this helps.

  17. KIM says:

    What’s great about the iPhone is that it HAS ALMOST AN APP FOR EVERYTHING! Not just toys or games lol It has its own cons but How did it become useless in the real world(Counter Attack on Previous Comment)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  18. Ryan Ang says:

    Block! counterattack! 10 hit combo! lol

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and my opinion is that the iPhone is an iPod touch that you can make calls with. If I want iPod apps, iPod touch is much cheaper (and more practical) to get; much thinner too. I will just do my cow-milking, beer-chugging or trash-can-paper-throwing with an iPod than waste my phone’s battery life with such trivial apps.

  19. Kenn says:


    Okay, I may have been blunt to put down the iPhone. Nothing personal against it really as I used to have an iPhone and I still got iPod touch but each one is indeed entitled to their own opinion.
    My “real” world can be differently with your world. But since I’ve used both platforms, after I’ve used Blackberry, I won’t be turning back to the iphone. I honestly still love my iPod touch only for my music. It’s not that BBs are incapable to handle multimedia but I have much better use of the BB besides the music stuff.

  20. KIM says:

    Ryan Ang do you play Tekken lol

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  21. KIM says:

    Point taken, Kenn

    Have a nice day…

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  22. KIM says:

    Ryan Ang,

    The iPhone is not just an iTouch that you can make calls with…its an iTouch with mobile phone capabilites, camera and an internet that is both cpablenof wifi and 3G connections….lol….it is very useful
    For tgose whodon’t want to carry botj their iPod touch and their cellphones single-handedly…lol….take ths point from a 15 year old…lol…have a nice day!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App for the iPhone

  23. Ryan Ang says:

    and by iTouch you mean this? –>

    I’m very sorry KIM and for sir abe.. but I just got aggravated with the all caps ‘has almost an app for everything’


  24. KIM says:

    I just figured it out!
    If you’re on your youth, the iPhone is more fitting (like me) but if you’re already a business-minded/ professional adult,, Blackberry is more suited for you…right? Lol omgwtf

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App for the iPhone

  25. KIM says:

    Ryan Ang,

    Of course what I mean is the iPod Touch (do not take this conversation out of the….and you are too technical though) and it is true that the iPhone HAS AN AN APP FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING! To elaborate, I have a YugaTech App, A Holy Bible App, an eBook Reader App, an awesome Tap Tap Revenge music game app, a YM and facebook and Twitter app etc…and you should go and watch the US Commercials for the iPhone…it blatantly hooks the audience market by saying that the iPhone has an App for Everything!!! Omgwtf..lmfao

    Have a nice day again..

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  26. juan says:

    I want a BB now!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App for iPad

  27. BBtambayan says:

    Definitely good news to all BB users in the Philippines as there are apps which are only available through the app world.

  28. zaxx says:

    iphone is only a toy when you dont know how to maximize its usage or capabilities..

  29. zaxx says:

    iphone is only a toy when you dont know how to maximize its usage or capabilities

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App for Nokia 3210

  30. Miguel says:

    @ Marcus

    On Smart BlackBerry prepaid, no need to change any service books or settings. Just text BB DAY/WEEK/MONTH to 2207 and the BIS service will reconnect. All apps that use BIS service are free, even browsing.

  31. Archie says:

    Well, sa mga nag-dedebate on which is better, coming from someone who is using Windows Mobile (O2 Atom, then Omnia, then Xda Zinc <= di halatang favorite), BlackBerry, and iPhone, let me rank:

    Windows Mobile

    Windows Mobile devices are very flexible, iba-ibang brands pa you can choose, some are better, some are so-so, but WM itself is great. That's why I'm not disposing my dear old Zinc kahit bulky.

    iPhone is the winner in the looks and UI department. The multi-touch is just a winner hands down. And its appstore is by far the best compared to Windows MarketPlace and BB's. Dami lang cons, no need to mention, alam nyo na.

    BlackBerry – maybe dahil I have it nung time na di pa kausuhan nito and even the people at Smart and Globe hang up when you ask them for help as if nakakita ng alien. So I really did not get to enjoy my BlackBerry that much )=
    Wala din pang Plan noon to match the Blackberry's needs, you'll have to endure either short-lived load or ridiculously high bill, depende kung pre- or post-paid. And what it does, the WM can do too.

    I used to recommend WM for prepaid subscribers as it won't be a ripoff dahil you can set it not to automatically fetch data without your permission,
    which is P10 per 30 min for Smart, and P5/15min sa Globe (and another P5 when you get disconnected then reconnected).
    But dahil may unlimited prepaid data na sila, no worries. 1,200 lang yata a month.

  32. For those who are planning to buy blackberry smartphone. Please see this suggested readings. It might change your thinking.
    Blackberry Mobile Phone- The Ultimate Business Tool

  33. christian says:

    mga sir ung po b na blackberry n nabili ko sa saudi posible po gumana sa pinas? konting tulong nmn po mga sir…….

  34. xerz says:

    di parin ba pwedeng mag purchase nang paid apps???

  35. frey03 says:

    i have this bb bold 9700 i cant use my twitter apps fb apps and other social networks that i have here.. it always says could not connect because a data service is not available. please try again later. And so on and so on… Help Please! anyone? I’m a Globe Prepaid user by the way.

  36. Khennjo says:

    @frey03 – You need to subscribe for BB data for your apps (that needs internet connection) to work.

    P50 – one day
    P220 – five days
    P1200 – 30 days.

    keyword is:

    BB ON xx (amount) then send to 8888

  37. Dianne says:

    I’m still having problem with my BB Curve when downloading App World. Do data plan still needed even if your already connected via wi-fi?!

    please help =(


  38. ian says:

    omgmfd ! i could not figure out whatever is wrong with my bb .. i keep on pressing the download button but it says SORRY YOUR DEVICE DOES NOT MEET THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS THAT ARE NEEDED TO SUPPORT BLACKBERRY APP WORLD .. what shall i do with this ?!

  39. janey says:

    iu have bb storm 9550 i can’t change my sms tone? can u help plz… and i change my theme the app i download i can’t use in in other themes?????/

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