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Air Fryers you can buy online under PHP 3,000

This holiday season also got us to take the chance to invest in things such as appliances at home. An Air Fryer definitely takes the spotlight nowadays, as it is one of the things people surely love to get now. With its healthier cooking benefits and without the need for oil at all, it seems to be worth-grabbing! Are you one of those who love to get one? If yes, you might want to continue reading as we are bringing you the list of Air Fryers you can buy online under PHP 3,000!

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer

The Mi Smart Air Fryer has a capacity of up to 2.6L and high-speed circulation technology that ensures equal distribution of heat and cooks meat in its natural oil. It comes with up to 200-degrees Celsius of temperature, touch controls with the one-key operation, various cooking modes according to the user’s needs, LED display, multi-layered and non-stick pan, and temperature protection for keeping the exterior of the air fryer safe to touch.

PHP 2,795 | Shop it here.

Home Zania Air Fryer

The Home Zania Air Fryer is a multi-functional oil-free air fryer that features a non-stick pan liner with 4.5L capacity. It comes with a time adjustment button for timing and setting different baking times. This has a spiral-shaped heating tube with 1200W high-power rapid heating and 360-degrees high-speed hot air circulation for oil-free cooking. This air fryer also boasts an elegant look with its handle.

PHP 1,699 | Shop it here.

Deerma Nathome Air Fryer

This Deerma Nathome Air Fryer is a 4L-capacity oil-free electric fryer. It features a non-stick pan that is easy to clean and has a drawer structure easy to take out. It supports up to 200-degrees Celcius of temperature and has a timing system.

PHP 2,599 | Shop it here.



KAISA VILLA Air Fryer has a large capacity of 5.5L. With this, you may put the whole chicken in it! It features a revolutionary superheated fast air technology that can cook food without the need for oil. It comes with eight one-touch preset buttons and has a 30-minute timer with an auto-off function with a ready signal. Moreover, it is equipped with built-in cold-touch housing and a handle.

PHP 1,614.05 | Shop it here.

Smart Air Fryer

Another air fryer with a 5.5L large capacity is this smart air fryer. It features a smart LCD panel with one-button touch, 90 to 200-degrees Celcius free temperature control, and up to 30 minutes free timing. It also features 360-degrees high-speed circulation heating, vortex heat flow, and non-stick coating.

PHP 2,529.35 | Shop it here.

Camel CAF-241 Air Fryer

This Camel CAF-241 Air Fryer has a 2.4L capacity. This features two knobs for adjustable temperature and a 30-minute timer. This is also quick and easy to use, which is also ideal for cooking healthier fried foods.

PHP 2,455 | Shop it here.

Xiaomi Lexiu Onemoon Air Fryer

This other air fryer from Xiaomi has a capacity of 2L. The Xiaomi Lexiu Onemoon Air Fryer features a simple one-button knob that makes it easy to use. It comes equipped with a high-speed air circulation technology used to replace hot oil with air and fry with the food itself’s oil. It supports hot air high-speed circulation heating that makes food 360-degrees evenly heated. There are indicator lights and the cooking time of five common functions, such as French fries, chicken wings, kebabs, sweet potatoes, and prawns printed at the top. This air fryer is also easy to clean with its non-stick liner.

PHP 2,999 | Shop it here.

There you have it! Those are some of the highly-rated Air Fryers under PHP 3K that you may purchase online! We hope that these would help you choose which suits your budget and is perfect to be added to your kitchen essentials. However, there are more out there that might cost more, though that depends on your liking! Oops, don’t forget to check the reviews first and think about it thrice, so that you won’t regret any checkout!

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