Apps to Download for Cyclists

Biking is a popular fitness activity. It has served as numerous people’s mode of exercise and transport. Aside from its health benefits, good thing there’s also a bicycle to ride on despite the big change in transportation during this pandemic. Other than gearing up yourself and your bicycle, there are also some apps you may download to boost your cycling experience! Check them out.


Strava is Swedish for “strive,” which is an app designed by athletes for athletes. It is an internet service for tracking human exercise that sports social network features. This app connects millions of runners and cyclists globally. This app is also mostly used for cycling and running using GPS data. It also includes records of overall duration, calories burned, elevation, and a whole lot more. 

Download: Android | iOS

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is a fitness training app. This app lets users track and map their workouts by getting audio feedback on every GPS-tracked ride. They may also view the route they took on the map. Users may also choose from more than 600 different sports to keep a full log of their activities. Besides, the Routes feature helps them find nearby places to ride, save their favorite paths, add new ones, and share them with others. More than these, users may also gain in-depth insights on every workout, with detailed stats including pace, distance, duration, calorie burn, elevation, and the like.

Download: Android | iOS


Komoot is a route planning and navigation app. It helps users piece together disparate roads, trails, and everything in between to connect multiple points in their cycling trip in an efficient way. Komoot also combines various activities, such as hiking, running, trail running, mountaineering, and road and mountain biking, into a single app.

Download: Android | iOS

Kudo Coach

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Kudo Coach is an app that builds users’ personalized cycling training plans. This also features training advice and guidance backed with elite coaching experience. Kudo Coach gives simple to follow daily and weekly goals for cyclists. Not just that, but it also suggests workouts from a library of more than 1,000 structured indoor and outdoor workouts, based on the users’ training plan, recent ride data, and details of their upcoming events. This may also be connected to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, power meter, speed/cadence device, and smart trainer.

Download: Android | iOS


Cyclemeter is an advanced application for cyclists, mountain bikers, and runners designed for mobile. The Cyclemeter app, as a GPS Cycling Computer, offers a deep set of features that work best when on the road. The app offers maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans, and other features relevant to cyclists.

Download: Android | iOS


Bikemap is a crowdsourced cycling map & navigation app. Through this, cyclists may share their remarkable routes with other cyclists globally. Cyclists may plan and track their ride, navigate with turn-by-turn voice instructions, and report obstacles, hazards, and more in the app.

Download: Android | iOS

Moovr PH

In case you don’t have your bike with you, there’s Moovr PH! Moovr is the Philippines’ first app-enabled bike and e-scooter sharing service. Moovr PH is currently operating in BGC, Taguig. The service provides a network of bikes and e-scooters that people may borrow from hubs using an app. This gives easy mobility for Filipinos wanting to beat the city traffic. Through the Moovr PH app, users may find the nearest bikes and e-scooter hubs, scan the QR code on our ride locks for cashless transactions, locate the nearest ride station, and check their ride history.

Download: Android | iOS

There you have it! We hope that you’ll get to choose which of these apps will be your companion during your cycling trips. However, we hope that no matter where your bike leads you, you’ll get to enjoy and stay safe!

Do you have a preferred app that helps you on your rides? Please share them with us by leaving a comment down below!

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