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Philippine Bank Charges Compared

As banks adopt the digital age, they’ve become more useful and convenient. Being able to transfer funds, check your balance and sometimes even deposit a check all through your phone is hassle-free and saves a lot of time. However, banks do charge a small fee when using their services. To demystify what’s written on the fine print, we’ve compiled the transaction fees that these banks charge their clients for using their most popular services: balance inquiry, withdrawing funds, bank transfers, as well as their withdraw limit.

Author’s Note: These fees apply to these bank’s basic, savings, and debit accounts. Other accounts may have different transaction rates. Also, since most banks’ services are free when using their own ATMs, the fees we compared are when you’re using competing banks’ ATMs.

Here’s a table of ATM fees of 9 of the most popular banks in the Philippines:

BankBalance InquiryATM WithdrawalTransfer FeeWithdrawal Limit
PHP 1.50 (Expressnet, Megalink & BancNet Member ATM)
PHP 15 (Expressnet, Megalink & BancNet Member ATM)
FREE (Via QR Code)
PHP 10 (Intrabank)
PHP 50 (Interbank)
PHP 20,000 to PHP 60,000 (can be set via BPI online or mobile)
PHP 2.00 (Expressnet Megalink or BancNet Member ATM)
PHP 11 (Expressnet Megalink or BancNet Member ATM)
FREE (Intrabank)
PHP 50 (Interbank)
PHP 50,000/day
PSBankFree (PSBand & Metrobank ATM)
PHP 1.00 (BancNet & ExpressNet Member ATM)
Free (PSBank)
PHP 7.50 (Metrobank)
PHP 10 (BancNet & ExpressNet Member ATM)
PHP 25 (Via ATM)
PHP 15 (Via InstaPay)
PHP 50 (Via PESONet)
PHP 30,000/day
PHP 10,000/request
MetrobankFREE (Metrobank & PSBank)
PHP 2.00 (Other ATM)
FREE (Metrobank ATM)
PHP 7.50 (PSBank ATM)
PHP 11.00 (Other ATM)
FREE (Intrabank)
PHP 25.00 (Interbank)
PHP 30,000/day
PHP 10,000/request
Security BankPHP 1 (Interbank)
PHP 60 (Cirrus/Maestro)
PHP 10 (Interbank)
PHP 300 (Cirrus/Maestro)
PHP 25 (one to four Interbank transfers)
PHP 80 (five or more Interbank transfers)
PHP 50,000/day
PHP 10,000/transaction
PHP 2.00 (Other ATM)
PHP 11.00 (Other ATM)
PHP 25.00 (Other BankNet Member Banks)
PHP 50,000/day
PHP 10,000/transaction
Land BankPHP 1.00 (LandBank ATM)
PHP 10PHP 10 (Intrabank)
PHP 25 (Other banks)
PHP 50,000/day
China BankFREE (China Bank ATM)
PHP 1.00 (BancNet Member ATM)
FREE (China Bank ATM)
PHP 15 (BancNet Member ATM)
PHP 25 (Interbank via ATM)PHP 20,000
PHP 2.00 (BancNet Member ATM)
PHP 50 (Mastercard Member ATM)
PHP 14 (BancNet Member ATM)
PHP 150 (Mastercard Member ATM)
FREE (RCBC to RCBC account)PHP 50,000 / day
PHP 20,000 / transaction
UnionBankFREE (UnionBank)
PHP 10 (Other ATM)
FREE (UnionBank)
PHP 12 (Other ATM)
FREE (Intrabank & PesoNet)
PHP 10 (InstaPay via UBP app)
PHP 20,000/day

Most banks in our list offer free or discounted services when using their ATMs for your transactions. Most fees typically come from transacting with a competing bank’s ATM. Inquiring the remaining Balance of your account costs PHP 1.00 per transaction at PSBank, Security Bank, Land Bank, and China Bank, while BPI charges PHP 1.50. BDO, Metrobank, PNB, and RCBC charge PHP 2.00 per transaction. Lastly, Unionbank charges the most at PHP 10 when checking your balance from a different ATM.

If you’re looking to get an ATM mainly as a way to store and withdraw cash, then PSBank, Security Bank, and Land Bank are your best options as they only charge PHP 10 when using other bank’s ATMs. BDO and PNB are the second least expensive at PHP 11, followed by UnionBank who charges PHP 12, then RCBC who charges PHP 14, then BPI and China Bank, who charge the most at PHP 15 per withdrawal.

For interbank fund transfers, UnionBank offers the lowest rate at PHP 10 (when using InstaPay, followed by PSBank who offers fund transfers at PHP 15 (when using InstaPay), followed by Metrobank, Security Bank, PNB, Land Bank, and China Bank, who all charge PHP 25 per transaction. Both BPI and BDO are the most expensive, and they charge PHP 50 for Interbank transfers.

If you withdraw large sums of cash at a time, then BPI is your best bet since it allows you to set your withdrawal limit to PHP 60,000.  RCBC, Security Bank, PNB, and Land Bank, on the other hand, all offer a PHP 50,000 daily limit to withdrawals, but you can withdraw the most per transaction (PHP 20,000) with RCBC. PSBank and Metrobank both allow you to withdraw PHP 30,000 a day, and lastly, China Bank, UnionBank, and BPI (if you’re a personal client) only allow its clients to withdraw up to PHP 20,000 per day.

While you should take note of transaction costs as they add up over time, it’s not the be-all-end-all of banking. Make sure you choose a bank that has all the services you’d use, with a branch and ATMs located near you.

And there you have it! A table of transaction fees that banks charge their clients. We hope this article helps you in choosing which bank to use in the future.

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jack Jack says:

    BPI also allows 20k in 1 transaction.

  2. Avatar for Jerome Jerome says:

    At yung bpi swapang din. Nag-withdraw ako sa atm ng pnb, aba kinaltasan pa ako ng another 15 maliban pa doon sa 15 kada withdrawal ko.

    3x ako nag-withdraw kaya 3*15 = 45. Plus yung another 15. Kaya 60 nabawas sa akin.

    Nag-search ako sa internet at may isang blogger na nagsabing ibabalik daw ng bpi yung extra 15 na yun as per her experience. Pero never ng ibinalik ng bpi yung sa akin.

    Kaya unti-unti ko ng nililipat sa ibang bangko pera ko sa bpi thru Gcash para libre.

  3. Avatar for Jerome Jerome says:

    It means ba na yung landbank, may charge pa din na 10 kahit sa atm nila mag-withdraw?

    Oh I checked their website at mukhang ganon na nga!

    Grabeng swapang ha. Sobrang kapiranggot na nga lang ng interest nila (0.10%, just like PNB) compared sa 0.25% ng ibang bangko (robinsons, metrobank, bpi), talagang may bayad pa kahit sa atm nila mag-withdraw?

    Time to close my account na sa landbank. Lipat ko na lang sa pnb. Silang 2 lang kasi ang bigger banks sa province namin.

    • Avatar for Toyang Toyang says:

      Sayang dami ng ATM, dun kana sa bank na maraming ATM na walang fee para less chance makaltasan

  4. Avatar for Alvin Alvin says:

    Chinabank only charges 10 pesos via mobile banking for interbank transfer and free for intrabank. Also you can withdraw cash free with Chinabank Savings ATM.

  5. Avatar for Google User Google User says:

    Why can’t you approve the comment/correction for this article? At least you correct the article with reference from BSP. If you won’t correct the contents, this can be considered as fake news.

  6. Avatar for Google User Google User says:

    For interbank fund transfers, PSBank offers the lowest rate at PHP 15 (when using InstaPay),…
    > This is wrong. EastWest is cheaper for only PHP 5. Refer to http://www.bsp.gov.ph/payments/Fees.pdf.

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