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Preparing the Huawei Nova 5T for Mobile Gaming


So, you finally got yourself a Huawei Nova 5T. Congratulations! Given its Kirin 980 chipset, Mali-G76 MP10 GPU, and 8GB of RAM, we’re sure that one of the things you’ll use it on is gaming. But before you do some heavy gaming, here are some tips that you can use to prepare your Nova 5T for that task.

Nova 5T Gaming Feature 1 • Preparing The Huawei Nova 5T For Mobile Gaming

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Charge your device

Nova 5T Gaming Feature 5 • Preparing The Huawei Nova 5T For Mobile Gaming

Yes, the Nova 5T can handle gaming, but one of the things that you don’t want happening during a game is getting a notification that you’re low on battery. Yes, you could plug in the charger while gaming, but sometimes it’s distracting as it also affects how you hold the device. So, before you start, charge the Nova 5T’s 3,750mAh battery to make sure you can focus on your game. The 22.5 W Huawei SuperCharge can charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Clear background-running apps

Nova 5T Gaming Feature 3 • Preparing The Huawei Nova 5T For Mobile Gaming

One of the things we like about the Nova 5T is that it has an ample 8GB of RAM to make sure that it can handle the system processes even apps you’ve left running in the background. But since you want the best performance possible and you want your device resources to prioritize your game, then it wouldn’t hurt to kill the apps running in the background to free up memory. To do this, tap on the ‘Recent apps’ button then tap on the trash bin icon. Now, your device is optimized to run your game.

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Check your connectivity

Nova 5T Gaming Feature 2 • Preparing The Huawei Nova 5T For Mobile Gaming

Realme Philippines

Popular games like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang require a fast and stable internet. And although the Nova 5T has dual-band WiFi and dual-SIM with 4G LTE, the quality of the internet may vary from time to time. So, it’s best to check your internet connection with a speed test app or observe the ping levels inside the game, to give you an idea if it’s stable enough. Also, make sure to deactivate unnecessary connections like Bluetooth or hotspots that might interfere with your gaming performance.

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Activate Performance Mode

Nova 5T Gaming Feature 4 • Preparing The Huawei Nova 5T For Mobile Gaming

Performance is important when it comes to gaming, so if you want to unlock the Nova 5T’s full potential, then you need to activate Performance Mode, which is inside Settings under Battery. This will allow the device to take full advantage of the Kirin 980 CPU and Mali-G76 GPU. To give you a quick background, the Kirin 980 is a flagship-grade chipset built using the 7nm process technology. It delivers a 20% improved SoC performance and 40% improved SoC power efficiency, compared to the 10nm process. And with the help of GPU Turbo 3.0, it also reduces power consumption by 10% while ensuring the best performance in gaming. Below are some of the games that support GPU Turbo 3.0:

• Dragon Nest M
• NBA2K19
• Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
• Plants vs Zombies Heroes
• Battle Bay
• FIFA Mobile
• Crazy Taxi
• PES2019
• Subway Surfers
• Fortnite
• Free Fire
• Real Racing 3
• Dragon Ball Legends
• Brawl Stars
• PUBG Mobile

Using Performance Mode draws a lot of power from the battery, so make sure to charge your phone as mentioned earlier, then turn it off after gaming. If you want to see the impact of Performance Mode in terms of numbers, check out the table below:

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PC Mark (Work 2.0)78108998
3D Mark SSE2,144 (OpenGL ES 3.1)4,275 (OpenGL ES 3.1)
2,243 (Vulkan)4,363 (Vulkan)
Geekbench3,293 (Single-Core)3,356 (Single-Core)
9,511 (Multi-Core)9,972 (Multi-Core)
5,772 (RenderScript)8,696 (RenderScript)
AndroBench787.74 MB/s (Read)787.74 MB/s (Read)
572.33 MB/s (Write)572.33 MB/s (Write)

Adjust your game’s graphics settings

Nova 5T Gaming Feature 6 • Preparing The Huawei Nova 5T For Mobile Gaming

You can further enhance your gaming experience by checking and tweaking the graphics settings of your game. Although the Nova 5T can handle the highest graphics settings possible, it may not always be the best setup for everyone. We suggest tinkering with the settings according to your preference or what you think can provide you the smoothest frame rates.

And that sums it up. If you have tips on how to prepare your smartphone for gaming, share it with us in the comments below.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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