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Seven Must-Have SmartPhone Accesories

If you love your smartphone, why not purchase some accessories to complement it? We take a look at some of the must-have smartphone peripherals you should buy for your devices.


We won’t be talking about any fancy bling here, because those kinds of customization are always up to you to decide upon. We’d love to recommend a ton of specific items, but not everyone is using the same gadget so we’ll stick with general ones to make this list a bit shorter. List is not in any particular order.

Smartphone Case


Everyone loves a smartphone case. Those flip covers, hard shells, bumper cases and jelly protectors not only provide added protection against bumps and drops but also add personality to our rather plain-looking, same-faced smartphones. Besides the generic-designed ones, there are shops that offer customizing your phone cases for an additional fee.

Here’s a tip: While it may be expensive to buy a hard shell or a premium flip cover for your gadget, it provides maximum protection. Be vigilant where to get a genuine one, and stick to those you trust. As for cheap jelly cases priced as low as Php20, you may get yours from merchants on lower-end malls, as they offer them at a cheaper rate than those in huge shopping centers.

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Unless you’ve got a smartphone with a massive battery capacity to boot, you can never deny that powerbanks have been a staple for the internet-savvy who often drain their smartphone juice fast because of mobile data. Selling for as low as Php645 for a 10600mAh pack (Xiaomi), who couldn’t resist having one?

Here’s a tip: Our powerbanks need care as much as smartphones need them. If you’re not going to use one for a long time, store it half to full charged at a cool, dry place, and remember to discharge-recharge every month to maintain and lengthen its lifespan.

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Screen Guard/Tempered Glass


As you may recall, we discussed before that most of us have this tendency to purchase screen guards for our devices even when they are scratch-resistant. Screen guards provide added protection for your display against smudges and scratches.

Here’s a tip: How often should you replace your film screen guards? While we recommend not to fix anything that ain’t broken, you should replace your screen protector once you’ve noticed that it had discolored — you’ll notice that when the hues on your device are slightly off than the norm. You may want to replace it too when it suffered from a lot of scratches. You wouldn’t want to swipe on a rather rough surface, do you?

OTG Flash Drive


Aside from the usual microSD card that most smartphones have, a rising feature devices have nowadays is USB-On The Go (OTG), enabling you to use your Android device as a USB host and connect, for example, a USB stick directly to the smartphone. The same goes for instances when you need additional space, and an OTG flash drive helps alleviate that dilemma.

Here’s a tip: Do you want to know if your smartphone supports OTG? Here‘s a simple app you can download to check it. Besides a flash drive, you can use other peripherals on your device such as a USB game controller to handle your games beyond the touch display.

Camera Peripherals


If you love taking shots from your smartphones, why not invest in mobile photography equipment? Monopods, lenses, mounts, bluetooth shutter devices and external flashes, such as the Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash, are getting fame for being mobile photo-friendly accessories.

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Audio Peripherals


For the music junkies, you can’t miss out spending on a quality audio accessory. Headphones, in-ears, Bluetooth speakers and wireless headsets, and mobile docks are just some of those that you can purchase. Good ones start at Php400 (Genius).

Here’s a tip: To distinguish the left side of in-ears without microphones easily from the right, here’s what I usually do when I use them: I tie a knot on the right side’s cable. That way, I wouldn’t have a long time figuring out which side is which.

MicroSD Card


Rounding up out list is everyone’s essential for images, music, movies, and apps. A microSD card has become a staple for every Juan, and they sure do help in providing additional storage for all our media files.

Here’s a tip: Besides microSD card classes like what we have discussed before, how do you differentiate microSD, microSD-HC and microSD-XC cards? These are just labels for identifying capacities they can bear. microSD-High Capacity (HC) cards can store between 4 to 32GB, while microSD-eXtended Capacity (XC) cards can hold larger amounts of files ranging from 32GB up to 2TB.

That rounds up our list of must-have smartphone accessories. Do you have any other accessory in mind that’s not on this list? Tell us at the comments section below.

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16 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Power banks!

  2. lol says:

    I usually only shell out money for audio accessories. I was also able to order a xiaomi powerbank earlier hehehe

  3. ewanlangha says:

    di ba importante din ang belt pouch
    ako dati kahit na ka protective casing na i still use a pouch kung binubulsa ko cp ko.
    I don’t want lints to find their way inside through earphone jacks and charging ports

  4. test says:

    a sturdy charging cable

  5. Justin says:

    An OTG Flash Drive is not a “must-have”.

  6. mirror says:

    Screen protector and back cover lang sakin ok na. nakabili ako ng xiami na powerbank from ensogo, parang sira man. di makafull charge ng s2 ko kahit naka full charge ang powerbank na 10000mah

  7. Rili says:

    Nice-to-have ata ang ibig sabihin ng author hindi must-have.
    I think less than 0.0001% ng mga smartphone users ang meron nyang 7 na yan. Baka yung author wala rin lahat nyan eh (baka lang naman).

  8. Rili says:

    Nice-to-have ata ang ibig sabihin ng author hindi must-have.
    I think less than 0.0001% ng mga smartphone users ang meron nyang 7 na yan. Baka yung author wala rin lahat nyan eh (baka lang naman)..


  9. aha says:

    bakit naging must have yang mga yan?
    para kasi sa akin pag sinabing “must have”, kailangan mo talaga. as in di mo magagamit phone mo kung wala mga yan.

    parang needs & wants ba. haha!

  10. chase delgado says:

    Meron p bng tao na hindi alam to?
    Anong silbi ng article na to?
    Isip-isip din ng matinong topic. :3

  11. Chris says:

    Hi! What’s the brand (and name) of the case in the photo used for smartphone cases?

  12. Liessa says:

    Nice article. Heres one of the best power bank I’ve used so far https://www.goods.ph/xiaomi-power-bank-v2-10000mah-quick-charge-2-0-55915.html. Super reliable.

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