Wearable Air Purifiers You Can Buy Online

Wearable Air Purifiers You Can Buy Online

We all want to breathe in clean air. However, we’re still exposed to risks like pollution and viruses like COVID-19. Good thing, there are portable and wearable air purifiers that we can carry along with us to reduce the airborne viruses, germs, and pollutants surrounding us. These can also help clean the air in our personal space and even in crowded areas. Hence, a gadget that could do the air-cleaning for us could be a must-have! Here are some of the wearable air purifiers that you grab online!

FUYOGI Wearable Air Purifier Necklace

This FUYOGI Wearable Air Purifier is a portable mini air purifier that comes with a durable lanyard. Sporting a donut-shaped design, this necklace can release up to 6 million negative ions to resolve the air quality problems, like eliminating second-hand smoke and purifying the surrounding air. Also, it has up to 3 square meters of effective purification function. It is equipped with a 200mAh battery that supports USB charging.

PHP 399 | Shop here.


The Aviche M1 is a personal rechargeable and portable air purifier. It is a negative ion generator that purifies the air by eliminating germs, dust, viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, odors, and more. This radiates a 3-foot orbit of safer air in any direction, creating a sphere of protection against harmful pollutants. Moreover, the Aviche M1 emits millions of negative ions into the air forcing dangerous pollutants, allergens, pet dander, or odors out of your sphere of clean, breathable air. Battery-wise, this portable personal purifier operates for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

PHP 1,299 | Shop here.

Boardwalk Air Prism Ionizer

The Boardwalk Air Prism Ionizer emits 260 million negative ions with 1-meter radius coverage. It has two ion ports for optimized ion release. Additionally, it comes with a conductive lanyard, allowing the negative ions to flow around the neck. It is geared with a 500mAh battery that supports charging via USB Type-C.

PHP 1,699 | Shop here.

Anion Air Purifier Necklace

This Anion Air Purifier Necklace features a pulse tip technology used to release a large amount of oxygen anion. The device’s latest double carbon brush double negative ion generator design uses over 8 million negative ions to remove harmful substances such as floating dust, smoke, formaldehyde, and PM2.5 in the air. Plus, it releases a large amount of oxygen anion that kills harmful bacteria, mold, and virus, decompose smoke, odor and formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases. Also, it is easy to operate with one button for turning on and off of the device.


Black – PHP 599 | White – 529 | Shop here.

Boardwalk Square Purifier

The Boardwalk Square Purifier is a square-shaped portable purifier that emits 5 million negative ions. It is a stylish protective shield against viruses and bacteria. This square purifier sports a long battery life, in which 1 hour of charging is equivalent to 10 hours of purifying function. What’s good about this is that it has a light indicator: Blue for working,  Red for charging, Green for full-charged, and blinking Red for low battery.

PHP 799 | Shop here.


The CleanAir+ releases 5 million negative ions to clean and purify the air. Playing a protective shield’s role, this device has proven to have numerous health benefits for asthma, allergic rhinitis, and the like. Moreover, it helps eliminate airborne particles such as dust, smoke, PM2.5, bacteria, and viruses. This could last up to 10 hours of usage.

PHP 1,399 | Shop here.

Cherry Ion

The Cherry Ion is another small personal air purifier that you can wear around your neck to protect you from harmful airborne pollutants. A mechanism that continuously emits 50 million negatively-charged ions per cm3/second reduces airborne pollutants like bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke, molds, and dust mites. This personal rechargeable air purifier runs for 10 to 12 hours on a full charge. It measures 68 x 38 x 16mm and weighs in at 45 g. To learn more about Cherry Ion, visit the Cherry website.

PHP 2,999 | Shop here.

There you have it! Those are some of the wearable air purifiers that you may grab online. We hope that you’ll be able to decide which among these would be perfect for you, considering their features and design. Do note though that these serve as additional protection, so don’t forget to wear a mask and face shield when going out.

Have we missed anything in our list? Please share it with us by leaving a comment down below!

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