Globe signs $750M worth of LTE, fiber deals with Chinese partners

During President Rodrigo Duterte’s state visit to China, Globe Telecom has signed a number of agreements with its Chinese partners amounting to $750 million to further enhance the LTE technologies in the Philippines.


The companies involved are Huawei, Nokia, and Wuhan FiberHome and the agreements cover a period of 5 years as Manila Bulletin reports. These are just some of the numerous deals our President has signed during his trip to China that many have been talking about the past days.

According to Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO, this partnership will meet the demands of the Philippines when it comes to internet connectivity as deployment of a new LTE spectrum is in the pipeline.

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“We are confident that our collaboration with Huawei, Nokia and Wuhan FiberHome will translate into a more robust Globe network that will meet the country’s future digital demands,” Ernest Cu said.

Globe will partner with Huawei for the implementation of the project in Luzon, while those in Visayas and Mindanao will be a collaboration between Globe and Nokia.

Globe, Nokia, and Huawei will also be improving the fixed line network to expand its capacity and have its corporate data network secured and future-proofed. Meanwhile, Huawei and Wuhan FiberHome have both signed a memorandum of confirmation to build a fiber infrastructure supporting Globe’s fixed broadband lines for households.

In turn, Globe Telecom is looking at deploying fiber optics to 20,000 barangays by the year 2020 and about 2 million homes will have ‘ultra-fast’ internet access nationwide.


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7 Responses

  1. Mr Robot says:

    time to get huawei certifications.

  2. Mel says:

    Umm, Nokia is Finnish/European and not Chinese?

  3. pak says:

    there’s no such thing as ultra fast when your line is over subscribed or expensive. these telcos are claiming to have very fast connections for years and yet we are among the slowest in the world.

  4. Huhu says:

    Since when did Nokia become a Chinese company?! And these “signing of agreements” is just bullcr*p PR since these companies have already been supplying the telco equipment requirements of both PLDT and Globe for a while now. And normally, since this is not an aid but a contracted deal by Globe, the damn chinese execs are supposed to come over into our country. Wtf?! Stupid PR for a stupid president

    • Anti Crab says:

      Nokia executives went to China to meet their client. #commonsenselang #commonsensenahulogsatoilet #commonsensewala

    • Huhu says:

      @anti crab

      Then you tell the article writer to fckng correct his title to say “Chinese partners and Nokia”. Or wait?! He must have copied that from the PR release of Malacanan?! Bugo lang?!

  5. NotASheep says:

    FACK! ULTRA FAST CAPPED CONNECTION!! FACK FACK FACK! Heres hoping its unlimited.

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