5 Questions We Dared to Ask about the Alcatel Flash2

5 Questions We Dared to Ask about the Alcatel Flash2

During the local launch of the Alcatel Flash2, we sat down with Michael Chen (Product and Marketing Director of Alcatel OneTouch APAC) to ask more specific and detailed questions about the handset.

Here’s the summary of our interview.

1) Is the Flash2 an upgrade to the Flash Plus?

Technically, “No“. The Flash2 is a new generation device and belongs to the 5-incher group of smartphones. Many users still want a smaller 5-incher handset so Alcatel is giving them one. That goes without saying that there is a huge possibility of a 5.5-inch Flash2 Plus in the coming months.

2) Will the Flash2 not cannibalize the Flash Plus since they are priced close to each other?

Not necessarily. Each one caters to a different set of users which have specific display size preferences. Besides, the Flash Plus will be phased out as this is the normal product cycle of devices. Lazada has already made 11 online sales of the Flash Plus since May 2015 with a total of over 10,000 units sold combined. Alcatel is hoping to exceed that performance for the Flash2.


Alcatel made sure to include Android 5.1 Lollipop with the Flash2 along with a decent octa-core chip from Mediatek to provide better user experience. (On that note, the Android 5.1 update for the Flash Plus is still unsure as there are still a lot of bugs to be fixed with the older Mediatek chip. Essentially, the ball is in Mediatek’s court.)

3) What’s that circular green marker around the camera lens?

The green ring is a promise, a label that signifies best in class in terms of photography. This is the reason why Alcatel used Samsung ISOCELL sensors for the Flash2. Performance and image quality will be at par with the Galaxy S and Note series. Not all Alcatel handsets will have the green ring but the ones that will have them will surely be a certified camera phone, just like the way photographers would regard the red ring in Canon’s L lenses.

4) Why can’t we remove the battery of the Flash2 despite the removable back cover?

Alcatel uses a lithium polymer battery for the Flash2 which is soft and less rigid. In order to protect it, the battery is soldered into the internal metal frame. It is a limitation that has to be addressed. Besides, with the more power-efficient chip, expect the Flash2 will last longer with the 3,000mAh battery.

5) Will there be any more variants of the Flash2?

Alcatel is looking at producing different types of back covers and will probably sell them separately so that Flashers (term used to refer to Alcatel Flash users) will have the option to buy and use different back covers for their unit (subtle reference to the OnePlus 2).

There was a slight hint about a possible 5.5-inch Flash2 Plus but, of course, Alcatel would not categorically admit it this early.

For more stories about the Alcatel Flash2, go check our hands-on first impressions here.

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9 Responses

  1. C’mon Alcatel, bring out a Flash Tab too. And make it Gold.

  2. its mediatek based. Is the GPS any good? Rule of thumb is for mediatek GPS takes 5-30 minutes to get a lock and the GPs antenna is much weaker

    • i have the flash plus which uses mediatek and GPS performance is great. no complaints at all considering that i’m very picky about this feature. easily on par with my motorola phones. but not as good as my Tab2 P3110 (which gets a lock even inside by bathroom LOL)

  3. Simon Que says:

    Will this be available in physical stores in ph?

  4. Ernel says:

    panu po mkikita ung mobile dat sa flash 2? para mamit ung internet mobile?

  5. carlos says:

    will it have the marshmallow upgrade?

  6. r.a. says:

    Would like to confirm if ung Flip cover nya gumagana na parang sview? Nabasa ko kasi ordinary lng daw ung cover kahit may maliit sya na window.

  7. Help :( says:

    This or CM One G1? :((((

  8. dri012 says:

    as of december 15, wala pa ring update tungkol sa flash 2 plus…. ano bibili naba ko ng f2 or waiting mode nanaman for next yr?

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