6 Apps For Android That Can Help You Save Mobile Data

Keeping tabs on our mobile data usage is almost always one of the things we overlooked into. With the ever handy-dandy Opera Max gone, this can be quite a problem. But worry not. We’ve listed apps that can help you save mobile data so that you can maximize browsing the internet on your mobile devices (or rather, so you won’t be taken aback to see your next monthly phone bill). Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

1.) Triangle

Developed by Google, Triangle helps you better manage your mobile data usage and block unwanted background data. You’d also be able to keep track of your current data usage, set 10 or 30 minutes at a time to allow specific apps to use data, and check your prepaid data balance (Globe and Smart prepaid users only). Not only that, if you’re a Globe or Smart prepaid user, you’d be able to earn 100’s of extra MBs with data rewards from apps such as Mobile Legends and Waze and more. You can also receive a 100MB welcome gift after completing registration.

2.) Globe Switch

As what the name suggests, Switch is Globe’s exclusive store that brings you mobile internet access to the most popular apps at the most affordable prices available. The app helps you track your mobile data, and WiFi usage, and block unwanted apps under its control tab. You’d also be able to see where your data usage goes so you never have to worry about over charges.

3.) DataEye

DataEye lets you manage your mobile data traffic, and see where most of your data go into. This way you have more control on what certain apps you want to block or run. Apart from that, it also helps extend your mobile’s battery life by killing off unwanted apps. You can also use DataEye to manage your data even while roaming.

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4.) My Data Manager

With over 11.5 million users worldwide, My Data Manager sure does make a name for itself. The app helps you monitor your data usage on mobile, WiFi, and roaming. You’d also be able to see where most of your data go and which certain app uses the most data. Plus, it has a text and calls tracking to monitor how many call minutes or text messages you have left.

5.) Facebook Lite

Yes, I know. Facebook Lite is not a standalone app that helps you monitor your data usage and whatnot. But let’s admit it, most of our time is spent on scrolling through Facebook’s news feed to see the latest news, and gossips (but usually, in my case, just to see the latest meme). That’s why Facebook Lite exists ‘cos the main Facebook app can be quite heavy-data consuming. It’s got a simplified look (minus the fancy icons) but you’ll still get the full FB benefit.

6.) Messenger Lite

Of course, what’s Facebook without his other half? Messenger Lite, just like Facebook Lite, uses less data so you won’t have to worry if you have meager data left on your phone. The app works just as fine even when you’re in an area with slow or unstable internet connection. You might be thinking, “Since this a Lite version, I may not be able to use the call feature,” but good news. You absolutely can!

And that sums it up. Have you tried any of these apps yet? If yes, how was it? Also, if we missed anything, don’t forget to comment it down below. Let’s keep this list growing, so more people can enjoy surfing the net whenever they want!


Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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