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BlackBerry 10 phones vs. the world, a brief comparison

All of our waiting has come to an end. The BlackBerry 10 phones are out, namely the Z10 & the Q10. It is without doubt the best of BlackBerry’s crop, but how does it fare against its competitors?


A lot of specs aren’t given as of now, and that includes the display technology, the processor used and so forth. However, phones like the iPhone are proof that you don’t need extremely beefy specs to run a phone smoothly – all you need is the optimization of the hardware and the software. In fact, it seems like the new BlackBerry phones are all about this.


As you can see above, it does not hold neither the worst nor the best specs. It’s exactly right in between.

The next BlackBerry devices won’t feature 1080p screens and 8-core CPUs, but we’re really impressed with what we have seen. They even feature some stuff that some high-end phones don’t have such as a micro-HDMI port, NFC, expandable storage and all the other small stuff.

BlackBerry 10 doesn’t run on the best specs, but it is more than decent by today’s standards. What is the use of a 1080p phone 8-core phone if it runs on something like the Symbian s60? After all, it’s all about hardware and software working together these days.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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52 Responses

  1. Chicken says:

    Yet another article by Bob that’s short of decent.

    No labels? What’s the average ready supposed to take from yes/no on the seventh column?

    Sure, every techie will more or less know what those the details mean but not every reader will.

    • Hahaha says:


      Ayan din una kong napansin, yes/no?! What the frek is this? Hahahaha!

      Well presented pa ang article right?! Makabago, ofcorse the author is a dork!
      Dork’s pov :)))

    • Hahaha says:


    • Bob Freking says:

      Didn’t notice that I cut off the labels (thought it would be too small to see if I lessened the font size). Thanks for pointing that out!

    • Carlo Ledesma says:

      Bob, this is a very informative article. Keep up the good work!

      Pinoys here aren’t behaving constructively. Another manifestation of crab mentality. Useless people tend to nitpick on nonsense details. My advice to them- read books, not tech blogs.

  2. GeN_GiM says:

    I actually like the new BBR’s new specs but I never really had taken a liking to any of the RIM/BBR’s products even before; it doesn’t really fit my lifestyle I guess.

    To BBR fans, this might be the one/s they are waiting for. Goodluck BBR.

    • Huh? says:

      can you kindly explain what BBR means? Hahahahahaha! New brand? What? Lol.

      Fantard lol hahaha

    • GeN_GiM says:

      @Huh? WTF, you don’t know what BBR means? It stands for Black Beh Ree. LOL!!!

    • GeN_GiM says:

      I was actually referring to BlackBerry/RIM = BBR, haha
      But I guess it doesn’t matter now because they have changed their monicker to plain BlackBerry.

      Anyway, didn’t care much about this brand though LOL

  3. jcjj says:

    @chicken your right what is the label on that 7th column, is it great/lame/upgradeable/disposable or what?

    please be more attentive on the details…

  4. Hahaha says:

    “After all, what is the use of a 1080p phone 8-core phone if it runs on something like the Symbian s60? After all, it’s all about hardware and software working together these days.”

    OMG. AFTER ALL, IT IS VERY REDUNDANT. After all, this is nonsense. After all, pagnagpatuloy ka pa ikaw magpapabagsak sa yugatech. After all, you DORK! :)))

  5. ANON says:

    “After all, it’s all about hardware and software working together these days.””

    It’s all about the specs. Ever seen someone who buys a new phone then goes like “Hey guys! I bought this phone. Its hardware sucks and the OS is outdated but they work together in perfect equilibrium so I think it’s the best” ?

    • Bob Freking says:

      I agree on the boasting thing, but nobody boasts about a dual-core iPhone, because mid-range Androids have dual-core as well.

      On another perspective, TouchWiz works well with Exynos because they’re both made for each other, the same with AX chips & iOS. :)

    • Tanga lang? says:

      Really? It’s all about the specs? how come mas marami pa ding bumibili ng iphone instead of other android phones which has “BETTER” hardware specs?

      You know why? It’s because of the OS. iPhone and iPad which runs on iOS outperforms any android Phone or tablet which has “BETTER” hardware specs.

    • bopols! buti na lang, ANON ka.

      ganiyan talaga ang style ng apple. pati yung OS X 10.4, yung kasabayan ng WinXP, kayang tumakbo sa 233 MHz processor at 128Mb RAM (subok ko ito). style nila yan para maximum ang kita (kasi negosyo sila, hindi charity). so oo, kung ayaw mong payamanin ang apple, e di wag tangkilikin.

      tsaka… iba ang processors ng mga phones. Apple-designed yung sa iPhone, Qualcomm or Samsung yung iba, etc.

  6. wagas! says:

    kung makapanlait mga to WAGAS! e bakit pa kayo nagbabasa neto?

    fire away folks!

    cheers! :-)

  7. Bob F-ing says:

    Yugatech, do Bob a favor and change how posts are presented. Sa homepage pa lang ilagay nyo na kung sino ang writer ng post. Or at least in the post it self after the title ilagay na agad yung by line. Para yung mga hater at critics ni Bob malaman na na si Bob ang writer ng post/news item para i-skip na lang nila. Yung mga haters/critics kase dito, pagkabasa nila ng “short of decent” posts ni Bob, sa dulo na lang malalaman na si Bob ang may gawa. So after spending minutes of their lives that they will never be able to back from reading the “short of decent” posts, these critics/haters only have venting on Bob as their option.

    • HahahaRetard says:

      right on the spot dude!!!

    • so true! says:

      funny how it seems. siguro style nila ito para pagbigyan si freking. babasahin mo yung article, magtataka ka kung bakit ganon ang pagkakasulat, tapos malalaman mo sa dulo na lang na siya pala kasi ang nagsulat!

  8. Abiel says:

    The question now are the apps…even though they have 70k at launch.. Will they have the apps users needs like instagram, twitter,fb and the like

    But BB 10 is much better than wp8 when it was launch…well in terms of the number of apps available when it was launch.

  9. Bryce says:

    ^Apps ba?

    Watch this video from Anddroid Central about Android apps working on the BB10


  10. yellow diamonds says:

    iPhone 5 has a graphic display resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels and not 640 x 960. Its front camera has 1.2 MP, and not 1.3. Kindly double-check the specs in your article next time. Anyway, thanks for this table!

  11. von says:

    I think what Bob was trying to say is that BB10 and Android OS are very different aside from the obvious but on how they manage and make use of their resources. So even having a 1080p display, an 8core processor etc if they are not optimized and consumes so much power than at the end of the day you can’t really make the most of it which equates to a very poor user experience.

    Not to mention most BB fans have obviously never been a spec-freak so I thin the first wave of the BB10 OS phones are Blackberries gifts to their loyal fans. Now probably the next bacth would start to cater to people outside of the usual BB target market BUT I seriosuly doubt that BB would ever cater to the geekiest of the Android fans who likes to tinker their phones extensively.

  12. von says:

    Lastly I think that BB10 sits between iOS and Android. Its not THAT closed but NOT that open either. Which I think is very ideal to user like me who doesn’t really tinker with their phones like changing ROMS, kernels etc but wants to be able to get the most out of it( bluetooth transfers etc.). Its a breathe of fresh air that WP failed to have been.

  13. lebowski says:

    I think you’re doing a fine job. Don’t let pathetic clowns affect you too much if you want to succeed in whatever you wish to do. There will be pedantic asshats everywhere, and that’s not your fault.

    Thanks for the article, it’s informative. I just wish they added a better battery for the new BB’s.

    I’m also kinda warry of the removable battery of the BB’s. I remember the old battery pull trick with my old units when they hang more often than I would like. Hope this is not the issue anymore; Then again the whole OS was rebuilt so we’ll see.

  14. lolwut says:

    Bob, konting proofreading pa and you will make it. And try to be a little more perky sa mga articles mo, add you own humor to it. Haters gonna hate.

    @topic: I think BB10 is a well thought OS that can battle with iOS and Android head to head. This is their first attempt at a full touch OS and it’s promising. About it being open source on the other hand may not be entirely “open” as we all know BB has reputation for being secure for productivity and office use. If this OS was launched a few years earlier, then it may be one on top of the pedestal but then again let’s just see if people will adopt BB’s comeback.

  15. blaze says:

    if your company is in a slump why would you release a mediocre phone? sorry but in my opinion the new BB os and phone is not enough for todays standards. this would not help much in raising them from the grave.

  16. LanceRaven says:

    “…As you can see above, it does not hold neither the worst nor the best specs. It’s exactly right in between….” he he he! very convenient for you to say this Mr Bob Freak’n… heck it beats Apple’s iOS and you didn’t even mention it, not a single mention in your well written article…. iSheep :-)

    • LanceRaven says:

      … correction, iPhone 5( not iOS) ….. at least i know a mistaken post when i see one :-)

  17. Jepoiski says:

    Guys – you can always point out inaccuracies in articles written for Yugatech in a mannered and informative way. Obviously, the author listens to corrections since he did revise the portions of the write up that needed a touch up. No need for name calling. We read Yugatech because all of us here I assume love technology and the awesomeness that goes with it! :)

  18. Ric says:

    I’m just curious because I don’t know how to differentiate these things. How is 1.5GHz quad-core Krait better than 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos? AFAIK, 1.6GHz quad-core > 1.5GHz quad-core.

    • Ryan says:

      Benchmarking helps to know which is fast and better.

    • boybab says:

      same lang yang with intel vs amd.. kahit gaano kataas ang GHZ at kadami ang cores ng amd piledriver ay no match pa din sya sa intel ivybridge :)

    • Mitee says:

      @boybab mali pagkaka intindi mo dun sa nabasa mo sa piledriver thingy… hindi naman na mas malakas yun intel… its just that ang OS na ginagamitan nun pag run ng test is hindi ma fully utilize yun sobra sobrang cores nung piledriver… but yes in the world of windows mas mabilis nga yun intel vs amd

  19. hanjo says:

    After i read articles here sa yugatech, i never ever post anything to the effect that the writer is not good or anything negative. Why cant people just post something like asking for some more details or clarifications or politely suggest a correction. What some of these people are not thinking of is that there are also other people who read the comments to see if someone can share more about the topic that might be useful to them. Like perhaps they have experienced the product or found a problem. So just imagine our dismay when we have to go through those comments about the writer’s writing. Baka iniisip ng iba dyan nila nagustuhan ang pagkasulat e, di sila nirerespeto ng writer as readers. Nway, i don’ thinik itong comment ko na to is as useful pero nakakaasar din talaga yong ibang tao.

  20. Betsy says:

    Heya Bob, I’ve read that the Z10 will be shipping with a 1.5ghz dual core Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 for the US Version while it’ll be coming with a 1.5ghz dual core TI OMAP 4470 for the international version. :) Got that from ArsTechnica Btw.

  21. Kimoq says:

    Freking idiot! His articles sound like they are written by a 10 year old.

  22. Alexus says:

    Stop you haters! You’re the ones who are acting like kids. Instead of discouraging him, why not give him positive criticisms! How about you write your own articles! I’m a new blogger too and I admit that I don’t make outstanding articles all the time. Go ahead Bob Freking and continue to write. ANd never mind those people who are pushing you down!

  23. JMBalicano says:

    Obvious haters are obvious.

  24. CarlBytes says:

    BB needs good quality apps such as Instagram. Facebook app lacks important features. I will wait for BB slider (ala Torch) and let’s see if they improved their app world. Meanwhile, can someone suggests an Android phone w/ 4 inches screen with a slider keyboard?

    I think most high-end phones’ hardware nowadays are the same. In UI, even iphone 5 has almost the same UI as iphone 1st gen. What platforms differs from each other are their APP OFFERINGS. In 2007, I bought iPhone and then I get bored. Then I shift to Android and get bored also to the UI. I tried BB PlayBook and Windows Phone but they lack apps although their UI is better.

  25. Mitee says:

    @Bob Freking you got the display of the Nokia Lumia 920 wrong i think. I think it has 332 ppi not sure though :D

  26. Christian says:

    Sayang, medyo mababaw yung information dito sa article. sana naka html table nalang yung details para mas clear. :)

  27. freking ina says:

    maganda sana kung may standard benchmark scores.

  28. maganda din pala kung may price (MSRP) comparison.

  29. hhhj says:

    bakit di maview previous comments?

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