BlackBerry Z10 Review

BlackBerry Z10 Review

BlackBerry’s comeback in the smartphone market will be determined by the success of the BlackBerry Z10 and the new BB 10 OS. Check out our full review of the BlackBerry Z10 after the break.

RIM’s (Research in Motion) overhaul is a trifecta of a brand new OS, a new hardware and design signature capped with a re-branding from being called RIM to just BlackBerry.

It’s a big, bold move that got a lot of attention and indeed they’re getting some traction. It’s not a huge one but certainly something that’s in the positive direction.

Design and Construction.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the first flagship handset running the new BB 10 OS and, as such, represents the shift in BlackBerry’s approach in the smartphone market. The Z10 is a good start with its large, 4.2-inch full touch screen display. The handset is actually relatively large for a 4.2-incher, with the polycarbonate chassis.

We were able to use and test both the black and the white variants as well as the LTE model and the non-LTE (3G) model so we have a pretty good experience between the two.

The black model has a matte and rubbery back panel while the white model has a more polished dimpled finish (perhaps to keep the dirt away). We liked the look and feel of the white model better as it highlights the refined finish of the device and the contrast between the rim and the dark display.

The power button is situated at the top side of the unit along with the 3.5mm headphone jack and the noise-canceling mic. The right side are the controls to the volume controls that flank the voice action button (an attempt to copy the long-forgotten Siri).

The left side is where the micro-USB port is placed for charging and the micro-HDMI port for external display output. The speaker grills are found at the bottom end. At 9mm on the side, it doesn’t feel too thin nor too thick at all, plus the weight is just a little on the heavy end.

At the back is the large BlackBerry logo (in glossy silver) as well as the camera and LED flash, all tucked in the top left corner. The battery cover has a polished polycarbonate material with some dimpled texture for better grip.

The front panel is almost entirely covered with glass with a small strip of plastic coating on the top and bottom corner. There are no physical buttons here whatsoever so it’s actually a bit of a challenge to figure it out if you’re a first-time user.


The Z10 only has a 4.2-inch display which is slightly larger than the iPhone 5 but generally much smaller than many high-end to mid-range smartphones in the market. The chassis looks big though and the glass panel may seem expansive but that’s because of the wide bezel of the screen. The thick slab of glass is also fitted into a thin, black metallic frame.

With a resolution of 768×1280 pixels, the screen has a much better resolution than the iPhone 5 at 355ppi. And true enough, the quality of the display is evident when watching HD movies. Viewing angles are good, color saturation is rich but even and has ample brightness to give good contrast and outdoor visibility.

The screen has an unusual aspect ratio of 15:9 so you will notice a thin, black border on the sides when playing videos in landscape position.

We’re not particularly sure what type of glass or LCD was used by BlackBerry on the Z10 but it seems solid and durable. What we didn’t like about it was that the screen gets smudged with oil pretty easily and an absolute fingerprint magnet.

OS, UI, Apps.

If there’s anything that poses a big challenge to new users of the BlackBerry Z10, it is going to be the BB 10 OS. People who used to own the BlackBerry Playbook might be already somewhat familiar with it but the ones who have been using BB 6 or BB 7 OS are in it for a bit of a surprise.

The BlackBerry 10 OS is purely gesture based — flick/swipe to the right side of the screen will scroll you across the app lists; swipe/flick from the left side of the screen will bring you to the BlackBerry Hub; swipe up from the bottom of screen will show you the open panels/windows (running apps); swipe down will bring you to shortcuts for settings.

The call button, search and camera shortcut will appear at the bottom while you’re in the app list or the panel window. They disappear once you get to the Hub, where all messaging and social media accounts converge to give you a centralized view of all messages you receive.

Once you get familiarized with these gesture commands, you’d be up and running in no time. However, if you’re already too comfortable with iOS or Android, you will definitely need some time to get the hang of it.

Access to over 100,000 apps can be done via the BlackBerry AppWorld. What’s really nice and unique with their marketplace is that they allow users several ways to pay for the apps and once of the most convenient method was thru Paypal.

However, despite the fact that the number of apps in BB AppWorld has already surpassed the 6-digit mark, we were still left looking for the usual apps we normally get from the iTunes Store or Google Play. The essential ones are actually there (Instagram is missing if you search for it but you can actually get it by side-loading the app from your PC).

One of the nicest features that we think BlackBerry has put a lot of focus on was the virtual keyboard. BlackBerry has been known to design the best physical keyboard so it’s surprising that they’re able to meet expectations when it comes to the virtual keyboard.

Even the text and word prediction is pretty smart. While typing the letters or words, the keyboard offers suggestions right on top of the next probable letter you will tap. To auto-complete, just swipe the words. It’s actually intuitive and easy to use.


Multimedia and Camera.

We never really regard the BB as a multimedia device but the Z10 showed good promise in that department. The device handles media files just fine — 1080p videos plays smoothly, HD games load well and movie playback is exceptionally long in terms of battery life. We were disappointed with the volume of the speakers though.

The 8MP camera has exceptional optics and performs well even on low-light conditions. Focusing is fast and exposure is very even, images are clean and crisp, well saturated and colors are vivid.

Here are sample photos taken with the Z10:

[fancygallery id=”4″]

Video recording quality is also equally good at full HD 1080p. Quality is obviously miles away from any previous BlackBerry handset we’ve ever tested. Here are some sample clips we took:

Coming from a lot of previous BlackBerry handsets that didn’t give much attention to the camera, we’re pretty impressed with the performance of the 8MP shooter on the Z10.

Performance and Benchmarks.

The device, with its pretty decent hardware specification, pretty much handles all the OS and app requirements that we managed to run it with. The UI is pretty smooth, apps load fairly quick, and multi-tasking is very optimized (only the last 8 apps remain accessible in the panels window, probably to keep the memory/RAM free for newer tasks).

We couldn’t get any other benchmark tool to test the device with so we settled with GeekBench. The Z10 scored 1,463 but since this is the first BB 10 handset we’ve tested, we can’t really compare it with anything else.

The result was taken from the non-LTE version running TI OMAP so we’ll have to test the Snapdragon version to be able to compare the relative performance between the two.

Call Quality, Connectivity and Battery Life.

Call quality is decent with the BB Z10. There are some noticeable distortions in the voice once in a while but for the most part, the audio quality is decent to good. Text messages are pretty fast, both with sending and receiving.

What could be the biggest difference between BB 10 OS and the previous BB OSes is the absence of push email. Emails are now pulled every 15 minutes or so, just like what you would have them in Android and iOS.

BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) is also gone and all you need is basic data service. This is certainly good news to a lot of people who subscribe to BIS and Data separately. However, those who relied heavily on BIS and push email will sorely miss these features.

Battery life of the BlackBerry Z10 is actually good but it still depends on your usage behavior. We fired up a number of 45-minute TV series and the device lasted for about 9.5 hours continuous playback with 50% screen brightness and 50% volume (WiFi is on but no other apps running at the background).

At that rate, it’s actually already in the range of the battery life of tablets which is pretty impressive (we were actually surprised ourselves).

However, with other tasks like web surfing and playing games, it’s much more battery-hungry. With regular but moderate use, we are able to last more than a day from a single full charge. For heavy internet users, expect the device not to last the entire day. Good thing it has a removable battery at the back.

We liked the fact that there’s NFC and LTE on the Z10. However, take note that there’s a 3G-only version so stay away from that. With the LTE version, we managed to get as high as 28Mbps downlink speeds with Globe LTE.


With the introduction of the Z10, we believe BlackBerry has finally embraced the smartphone market. It’s got a modern design, a competitive hardware configuration, and a unique operating system that has lots of potential.

We think the BlackBerry Z10 is a move in the right direction. It may look like it still needs some catching up to do in terms of the app ecosystem compared to iOS or the hardware muscle that a lot of Android handsets are bulking up with but it’s a gap that we think is already narrowing, unlike a year or two ago. For most BlackBerry users, the Z10 is a smartphone they can finally be really proud of.

The BlackBerry Z10 has a suggested retail price of Php29,990. It’s available for free on Smart All-In Plan 1800 and Sun Plan 1799 (3G version only) as well a Globe Plan 1799 (LTE version exclusive to Globe).

BlackBerry Z10 LTE specs:
4.2-inch display @ 1280×768 pixels, 356ppi
Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual-core Krait
Adreno 225 Graphics
2GB of RAM
16GB of internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD card
8MP rear camera
2MP front-facing
micro HDMI
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0
LTE 100Mbps
GPS w/ aGPS support
Li-Ion 1,800 mAh battery
BlackBerry 10 OS
137.5 grams (weight)
130 x 65.6 x 9mm (dimensions)

BlackBerry Z10 3G specs:
4.2-inch display @ 1280×768 pixels, 356ppi
Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 1.5GHz dual-core
PowerVR SGX544 GPU
2GB of RAM
16GB of internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD card
8MP rear camera
2MP front-facing
micro HDMI
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0
3G/HSPA+ 21Mbps
GPS w/ aGPS support
Li-Ion 1,800 mAh battery
BlackBerry 10 OS

What we liked about it:
* Nice design and solid build quality
* LTE support (Globe only though)
* Great virtual keyboard
* Impressive camera
* Google performance
* No need for BIS

What we did not like:
* UI has steep learning curve
* Missing apps in BB World
* No push email
* A bit pricey

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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95 Responses

  1. Darren philip says:

    The bbm saves this phone somehow. :)
    It’s nice but i think it’s overrated?

  2. marvin says:

    Ang mahal naman for a phone using last year’s tech. There’s nothing special in this phone. Panu sila magcocompete w/ iOS and Android kung kasing magkahalaga lang sila. If I’m the consumer, anu ba pipiliin ko, yung phone na Quadcore/octacore w/ 1080p screen, a huge display, 1000000+ apps. Or yung phone na dual core lang 720p screen and an unproven ecosystem.

    The phone’s price should be 20k.

    • garz says:

      It may be sporting “last year’s tech” but it still depends on the OS. If the new OS utilizes the given specs very well, like iOS, then it wouldn’t be a problem. Having multiple cores doesn’t necessarily translate to faster and seamless performance. If this were an Android device, then this is surely overpriced. Things are different with every OS. You should know that by now.

    • marvin says:

      But this is not an iphone.
      And I’m talking about the usual consumers who doesn’t know anything about mobile Operating systems. And most consumers are like that. In their mind quadcores will always be better than dual cores.

      And what about the screen, battery capacity, the camera? Those are all limited by hardware.

    • Skidoh says:

      1080p doesn’t make much of a difference for a 40inch tv, why would it make too much difference for a 4-5in phone? You would really need very sharp eyes to discern the difference between 1080p and 720p that much. It’s all marketing ploys for phones. All 1080p does is consume more battery life and that’s the reason why those kinds of phone need high capacity battery. Even pixel density is good up to a certain point only and beyond that it’s barely noticeable with the naked eye. Just my two cents.

    • marvin says:

      1080p does make a difference. Not much but it does. Specially on HDTVs.

    • WP says:

      wala pong platform na may 1000000+ apps ^_^

    • Optimus G says:

      ANG MAHAL SA 29K AH!

      very bad battery life,
      bad camera,
      super bad display!
      BORING UI….
      bad design…

    • zarneguy says:

      Marvin…. The number of “Cores” is meaningless when you compare speed performance of one platform OS to a different platform’s OS. It’s like comparing the speed of 4 Cyl. turbo charged car to a 6 cyl. engine car without the turbo.
      Check the Spec. sheet comparison of BB Z10 and Iphone5. Although Iphone5 has only 1.3 Ghz, it is almost as fast as the BB, with 1.5 Ghz speed. BB is only faster in web browsing because of its 2 GB of RAM, compared to the Iphone5’s 1GB.

  3. KarenBernarte says:

    I want to have one so baaaaadd. :\

  4. ernest says:

    Mediocre specs, mediocre screen, mediocre OS, few apps, mediocre camera performance, mediocre battery life, mediocre build material… with a premium price? Lol!!!

    • berting says:

      is that a premium price for you ernest? what’s your budget? 7k for a CM Flame? You obviously have not tried a blackberry yet so you will never understand how it functions differently from an android and an iPhone.

    • ernest says:

      Nope. Already have a great phone with me. The Galaxy Note 2. Yes 30k is considered premium because that is the standard price for high-end flagship phones from other manufacturers. And those other phones happens to have almost 2x better hardware than the Z10. And I don’t have to be a BB10 user to know the ups and downs of the OS. Parang doctor lang yan, hindi mo kailangang magkaroon ng sakit para magamot ang mga sakit. Kailangan mo lang aralin :).

    • berting says:

      lol, you just contradicted yourself. 30k IS the standard price for high-end flagship phones from other manufacturers so BB positioned theirs at the same spectrum for marketing reasons: the Z10 IS a high-end flagship phone.

      sweetheart, try a blackberry. you will never know what it does and what it can do until you take your head out of your ass. it’s not a hat, stop wearing it.

      oh, btw, i ditched my note 2 and my iP5 for the z10. I’ve been a BB user before and i left them after being disappointed with the 9900 but the z10 is just enough to bring me back.

      haters gon’ hate. especially samsung fanboys like you.

    • berting says:

      I had our help translate your last statement “Parang doctor lang yan, hindi mo kailangang magkaroon ng sakit para magamot ang mga sakit. Kailangan mo lang aralin :).”

      I was shocked. I would never go to a doctor who hasn’t had the EXPERIENCE in treating my illness. Would you go to one, if let’s say, you had cancer? I don’t think so. You won’t go to a regular physician, you’d go straight to an oncologist, a cancer specialist.

    • ernest says:

      Yun na nga eh. 30k pero anung specs nya? Yung specs is below what the usual high-end phone ngayung 2013.
      The usual consumer would be “bat ganun magkasing price lang eh mas maganda ang specs nitong isa- quadcore na, 5 inch pa screen tapos 1080p daw. Samsung Galaxy pa to kaya uso madaming games”….

      And bata, I wouldn’t trade my Note 2 for a mediocre phone like the Z10. Apps pa lang luge na ako. As a practicing Civil Engineer, I need the S-Pen of my Note 2. Also the big screen w/c makes multitasking a breeze (multiwindow=true multitasking). Only the Note 3 can surpass the note 2.

    • Wtf says:

      Wtf Ernest, or should i say Marvin? Ang pathetic mo, nagiba kapa ng pangalan, para saan? Para kunwari maraming haters? Waw! Just Wow!

      Typical Android fantard na puro specs ang sinasatsat, najujustify ba ang performance? Eh ang “8core” or “4core” na pinagmamayabang mo eh kayang kaya tapatan ng “2core” ng iOS,BB, at ng Windows.

      Sambahin mo lang ang Android mo, wag mong pakialaman ang gusto ng ibang tao, dahil hindi lahat ng tao jologs katulad mo :)

    • Wtf says:

      Mali pala ako sa pagsabing kayang kayang tapatan, i should say “Nalalagpasan pa nga ang performance kahit 2core lang compare sa Android devices” :)

      Ps. Nexus 4 and Note 2 user here “before”, baka sabihin mo sa CM flare ko lang kinumpara hahahahahahah!

    • Skidoh says:

      Sorry ernest but I would have to agree with wtf. Quadcore is nice to have with those extra cores (btw octacore is a dual quadcore) but based on my research and readings from tech blogs and chipset/gpu reviews, there’s hardly any app that fully utilizes/overloads a dual core so saying that it is mediocre is somehow baseless. It’s all about OS and hardware optimization and build.

      Btw, I have an iOS (iPad2), Android (Nexus7), and Blackberry (Bold 9790 which is really not in league with the current smartphones these days but does a good job for me as a communication/smartphone device). All are good in their own terms and have caveats of their own.

    • ernest says:

      Okay. Ang dali daling sabihin na note 2/ iphone user ka before. Kahit hindi naman. Hahaha!

      Sige na nga Blackberry Z10 user po ako ngayun at promise ang pangit ng performance ng phone na to. Battery life is terrible and the build quality is horrendous. Ang liit ng screen pero yung footprint ng buong phone is kasing laki ng mga 5 incher na Android. Apps perform really bad maybe because karamihan are not native to blackberry. Wait… And I can’t find anything special sa phone na to!?! Grabe, bebenta ko na tong phone ko na to. Back to iphone na lang ako! At least dun sulit ang gastos

    • aso says:

      @stfu bro

      para kang gago. napaka kupal mo.

      totoo sabi ng OP mediocre phone lang ang z10. I saw this sa globe hindi pang premium ang price nya. In other words, OVERpriced ang blackberry na to. Isa pa ang panget ng OS nila. hindi intuitive and panget ng icons at dilim ng screen. Plastic pa ang likod. Hindi sya pang masa.

    • aso says:


      stfu bro

      para kang gago. napaka kupal mo.

      totoo sabi ng OP mediocre phone lang ang z10. I saw this sa globe hindi pang premium ang price nya. In other words, OVERpriced ang blackberry na to. Isa pa ang panget ng OS nila. hindi intuitive and panget ng icons at dilim ng screen. Plastic pa ang likod. Hindi sya pang masa.

    • what is BB Z10?
      OMG! this phone has very poor Display ,
      IN REAL LIFE this phone has poor batterylife,
      believe me my closest friend has this phone HE REGRETS !



      sa huli pagsisisi promise……
      GOD BLESS!

    • zarneguy says:

      BB phones are always expensive. Blackberry competes with Apple and Samsung flagship phones so they have to keep their price close to their competitors. As for the Spec. Sheet, read the Spec. Sheet comparison of BB Z10 and the Iphone5.The Z10 , Iphone5, /Samsung’s S phone/ are not for every Juan dela Cruz or John Smith of this world. As the saying goes, You get what you paid for. If you want cheaper phone, buy a low end Android phone.

    • zarneguy says:

      Ernest/ OptimusG……. Since we are talking about a telecommunication devise, I got to tell you that the blackberry Z10 is the best in the market right. Read the customer reviews from people who bought and used this product. Why do you think governments, corporations, professionals, and ordinary people buy blackberry phones. Go figure why the German government recently ordered some several thousand Z10 units. Stick to your Android phones because they are very nice phones and stop spewing nonsense a product that people prefer. Even the President of the USA is known for using blackberry. FYI, read the customer reviews from Amazon…

    • Obed says:

      Multi-window is not true multi-tasking, multi-tasking is where you open a torrent downloader and download, download a file in the browser, open the app store and download a huge app, stream music using Nobex, play movies wirelessly using DLNA sync your media files in your computer wirelessly and play a HD game using HDMI on your large screen TV + peek and flow when you got message without pausing anything in the background. That sir is a true multi-tasking.

  5. garz says:

    WHAT. THE. HELL. Are those people doing with those crosses?

    • yuga says:

      It’s Holy Week here in the Philippines.

    • Marvin says:

      Its a new health program. Carrying weights at fitness first is so 90s. Carying wooden crosses across the day is the way to go.

    • Tita Sutto says:

      @garz, is that all you can say brah?
      Maybe you’re a religion-less individual who has nothing to do but browse the net, eat then sleep?
      Or maybe you’re a Muslim extremist who kills people for no apparent reason, Get a life stupid!

  6. iPhone User says:

    Ewww! Blackberry is soooo like baduy talaga! I cannot make isip, you know, imagine that I will even make haplos to such a very mura-looking phone! I might be dead once my sosy friends ever make kita me holding a smartphone other than oh-soooo-perfect iPhone! It’s sooo great because it’s so very makinis to make touch, you can really make kilatis the premium build of the phone. The iPhone is really the phone for the Class A crowd, and I’m one of them! Only talunan, you know, losers make kilatis specs of a freaking phone. That’s like soooo geeky ha! Ewww!

    • sirena says:

      at dahil naka-iphone ka eh mayaman ka na? anong plan gamit mo? nakaplan ka ba? malamang sa hindi eh naka-prepaid ka lang at yang pinagmamalaki mong iphone eh hindi naman nagko-connect sa LTE.

      kasi hindi ka naka-plan. andaming social climber dito sa pinas, pagandahan ng smart phone, wala namang data. asa sa wifi at sa hotspots ng mga kaibigan.

      puro arte.

    • Scott says:

      Sige na, ikaw na may iPhone…pero ang tanong may load ba yung sim mo? Sigurado wala dahil naubos sa pambili ng iPhone. Kung gusto mo talaga ng phone na pang-mayaman or should we say a phone for Class S people, bumili ka ng luxury phone like Vertu. Kung i-co-compare mo yung presyo ng iPhone sa Vertu, eh alikabok lang ang presyo ng iPhone.

      iPhone is a great smartphone who would like to pretend they’re rich even if they’re not. Kung talagang mayaman ka at nasa Class S ka ng society, bumili ka ng Vertu luxury phone.

      iPhone’s price is crap compared to Vertu luxury smartphones.

    • troll says:

      HAHA! Patulan pa! hehe :P

    • JT says:

      hahaha… this only shows how threatened iPhone users are… duh… yung pasosyal jan lakas maka-bakla hahaha… na-murder pa both English and Filipino language…

      I currently have both iPhone 5 and BB10. Performance wise, i’d go for BB10. Paramihan ng apps? panalo ang iphone. but hey, ang apps nadadagdagan lage yan, ang performance mahirap baguhin unless itweak nila.. hahaha… tapos gagayahin ng iPhone ang BBM and they will call it Appleberry Messenger… pathetic hahaha

    • zarneguy says:

      @Iphone user.. sa tagalog mo na lang ipahayag ang opinyon mo. Mina murder mo naman ang english eh.
      Check this website link comparing BB Z10 to your favorite Iphone5. Blackberry beats Iphone in most categories but don’t cry. It’s just fuc…king phones we are talking about.

  7. Wtf says:

    Troll lang yan. For sure android diehard fan to. It’s her/his way to make papansin, he/she is so G R R R R. Hahahahaha.

  8. Gian Austria says:

    BB is trying to make a name for itself recently. Parang HTC One lang, sobrang nami-misunderstand. You try a BB device first, then tell me how it went.

    Bakit quadcore ang gusto ng karamihan? Unlike iOS, WP or BB, pwedeng paglaruan ang features ng Android kaya nakakabagal yung mga customizations neto. Pero kung tutuusin, hardware lang. If BB used Intel, kahit single core lang to, papalag sa quadcore ng Exynos at Qualcomm (sobrang taas ng benchmarks), tulad ng Motorola Razr i at Fonepad.

  9. abuzalzal says:

    Wala pa nga napapatunayan ang BB sa smartphone market PREMIUM PRICE na kaagad? Buti sana kung medyo on par yung specs sa ibang flagship kaso napaka outdated na…susme…Delusional talaga BB…..NO thank you kahit ibenta sakin to ng 15k kasi taling talo ka sa apps

    • dodong says:

      based solely on your first sentence, you must be an 11-year old iphone user. i usually discern bet android users, esp those who really know their wares, it’s just sad a lot have deteriorated into “we-have-more-cores” idiots nowadays. don’t even get me started about blackberry having anything to prove in the smartphone market. they created the industry more than a decade ago, you piece of carabao shit.

    • joke time says:

      with regards to apps how many do you actually use on a daily basis? 10, 20, 30, 100 apps per day?

    • zarneguy says:

      abuzalzal…. Anong hinihitit mo? Kung ayaw mo at hindi mo kayang bilihin ang Z10, huwag mong bilihin at pintasan. Nakatikim ka tuloy kay Dodong, Bobo ka kasi. Ito ang comparison ng flagship phone ng Apple at Blackbery, basahin mo para matuto ka.

    • zarneguy says:

      Abuzalzal…. read the Spec. comparison for Blackberry Z10 and Iphone 5.. before you make further comment.

  10. Rob says:

    One of the nicest reviews I have read for the Blacberry Z10. Way beyond the Boy Genius Report review that some how caused an uproar. Kudos to you Yuga. This is actually one of the best reviews I’ve read from your blog. Keep up the good work.

  11. aDiK™ says:

    3G version nakalagay tas may LTE pa rin? Bangis… :)

    • Skidoh says:

      That’s right. 4 ang models ng Z10 — 1 is 3G (for Non LTE countries) and 3 LTE models na iba-ibang LTE bands differentiated sa iba ibang countries/carriers.

    • aDiK™ says:

      haha ayun edited na… what I mean kasi, kaninang morning pagkakita ko LTE version at 3G version… yung sa Specs ng 3G Version may LTE din.. :)

  12. Enzo says:

    Baket kaya karamihan ng techie WARFREAK!

    • Obed says:

      Actually mga “techie” na walang perang pambili ang mga warfreak. Yung mga taong may pabili tipong lateset nang iPhone, latest nang BlackBerry at best Anroid phone meron sila, tahimik lang sila kasi alam nila yung pros and cons nang bawat OS.

      Alam nila kung anong makukuha nila bago sila bumili and bago sila bumili satisfied na sila sa decision nila na kahit hindi nila makukuha itong bagay na ito at least meron silang makukuha sa ibang OS.

      Samantala yung ibang “techie” na walang pang bili ang alam lang nila ay manira at manira kasi akala nila panget ang device kasi hindi naman talaga nila na-experience ito. Nahiram lang or nahwakan nila.

      Tignan mo yung mga taong akala nila specs wise ang labanan, porket single core or dual core ang meron sa flagship nang isang OS eh panget na, kasi nga wala silang phone na yun kaya akala nila panget.

  13. wow says:

    the problem with the people is they are equating numbers to performance. porket naka quadcore mas mabilis na agad sa dual core. siguro kung androids ang pinagko-compare tama yung stereotyping na yun. pero kung magkakaibang os naman ang pinagko-compare. yun ngang single core na windows phone mas mabilis at optimized than some dual core android phones. wala kasi yan sa bilang ng cores or palakihan ng mga processing power. nasa OS itself mismo yun.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Marketing-wise….talo pa rin yang reasoning mo….when you market a tech product, make sure na nakikipag sabayan sa mga competitors when it comes to specs, kung hindi lalangawin produkto mo….may point ka, kaso lang majority ng smartphone buyers are just too dumb to realize the whole os-spec realm….

    • Optimus G says:

      ANG MAHAL SA 29K AH!

      very bad battery life,
      bad camera,
      super bad display!
      BORING UI….
      bad design…

    • Tita Sutto says:

      @Optimus, wag ka ngang epal dyan! If I know Cherry Mobile lang nman ang ginagamit mo ungas!

  14. jik says:

    Haha. Ito na yata ang pinaka nicest review ng Z10 sa buong internet. Wahahahaha!

    Sige boys bili lang kayu. I’m sure magsisisi kayu pero syempre hindi nyu sasabihin na nagsisisi kayu. Hihi.

    Kawawa naman bibili nito. Panget na nga ng design, parang OG droid at Optimus 3D, ang pangit pa ng specs at camera. Pati yung OS panget. Wala ring apps!

    Pero ok lang mayaman naman kayu. Magsayang lang kayu ng pera.

    Hahaha. Sana may makita akong gumagamit nito sa daan para pagtawanan ko sila. Laftrip yun.

  15. JT says:

    hahaha… this only shows how threatened iPhone users are… duh… yung pasosyal jan lakas maka-bakla hahaha… na-murder pa both English and Filipino language…

    I currently have both iPhone 5 and BB10. Performance wise, i’d go for BB10. Paramihan ng apps? panalo ang iphone. but hey, ang apps nadadagdagan lage yan, ang performance mahirap baguhin unless itweak nila.. hahaha… tapos gagayahin ng iPhone ang BBM and they will call it Appleberry Messenger… pathetic hahaha

  16. Greg says:

    Looking forward to getting my Z10 from globe soon since they offer the lte version.

  17. iPhone User says:

    Blackberry is soooo E-W-W-W-W-W! Sooo pangit naman the build and gosh, the design is soooo pre-smartphone era pa! RIM is soooo kapal to price the BB at par with the best premium smartphone, the iPhone! Eh wala namang apps yan eh. People who use BBs are sooo bakya talaga. They’re like super stuck as regards class and elegance in using a phone. Same as with Android fantards! Gosh, soooo geeky kaya to make tweak the phone. And they even have the gall to make compare their cheap Android phones to the iPhone? iPhone has and always will be the leader! The rest are soooo certified copycats! #FACT

  18. Android User says:

    On behalf of the whole Android Geek Army, we would like to welcome the commencement of the new Blackberry Z10. However, “new” is out of the compendium given the archaic physical structure of the device. The phone’s underlying operating essence is diluted already given by Android’s superiority. Nevertheless, we look forward to dissecting Z10 as part of our ongoing operations to look into every nook and cranny of a phone that comes out in the market. Afterall, that’s all that we do everyday: to look at the specs. Nevermind the design, it’s how many cores a phone has that matter.

  19. Blackberry User says:

    YeHEY! BB Is HeRE na! Thank youH POwzz for FeaTurING our PHONezz! BaGoNG BB NA NaMAn! Go GO Go BB! KaSOH MAHAlzz sya! Di KO KAyazzz BuMILI nyaN! SAna MAGpa PROMO si SIR Yuga para MAGKARoon NAMAN Ako NYAn~! PaKI ADD nga PALA ng BB PIN Ko! MAG-BBM tayoNG LAhATzzz! THhaNK YOuzz POWZZZ~!

  20. Windows Phone User says:

    How about us? Give us some love! Wala nang pumapansin sa amin! :( Wala yan sa cores ng phone or the number of apps in the market! Take a look at Nokia! Very sturdy kahit made of plastic ang main material. And have you seen the camera! It will totally blow your mind! And the tiles! Grabe! Very smooth and intuitive! You’ve never seen that anywhere! Sige na, try niyo ang Windows Phone! You won’t regret it! Para sa call and text lang naman ang phone di ba? Sagot ng Windows yan! Bili na kayo! The last time I checked, they’re giving away a 70% discount on all Windows 8 phones!

    • Tita Sutto says:

      I actually like WP8, kaya lang may lag yung pagta-type ng messages using its virtual keypad eh.
      Eh yun pa nman ang main function ng phone, pang calls at text.

  21. Symbian/Bada User says:

    Mga suki! Kita niyo ba ang bago kong phone? The latest kaya to! Wala ang BBZ10 na yan sa Nokia Asha at Samsung SGH-J700 ko! Grabe, nakamura pa ako para sa isang “feature phone”! Oh di ba? “Feature phone”! Sosyal pakinggan no! Ang laking discount na binigay sa akin ng Bombay sa kanto! Ginamit ko muna ang pang-tuition ni Junior. Sa June pa naman ang pasukan eh. Kakayod na lang ako ng doble sa pagtitinda ng kwek-kwek para makabawi. Ano? Magpapaload ka? T*ng**a mo! Wag ka nang mangutang. Bayaran mo na ngayon! Eto tingnan mo, gagamitin ko ang Nokia Asha ko! Naks! Ang sosyal pakinggan grabe!

  22. Optimus G says:


    very bad battery life,
    bad camera,
    super bad display!
    bad design…

    • paul0289 says:


    • Obed says:

      Eh pano mo nalaman na:

      very bad battery life,
      bad camera,
      super bad display!
      BORING UI….
      bad design…

      Eh 29,000 lang hindi mo pa mabili? Troll ka nang troll ni hindi mo pa nga nahawakan sa totoong buhay eh, pag nakakita ka pa sa local carrier display dun mo sasabihin pangit pero pag may pera ka bibili ka din naman masabi lang may “latest” gadgets ka.

  23. james says:

    Marami pa ring mga fanatic na nagogoyo ng Blackberry.

    • james dahln' says:

      James Dahln’ we just have the moolah to buy anything we want to enjoy

      for everything else we get it for free muwahh

  24. PNoy says:

    Ang pangit naman ng phone na to. Hahaha! Kawawa naman bibili nito. May naloloko pa rin pala Blackberry.

    • zarneguy says:

      @Pnoy…. Ang ganda ay nasa paningin ng tao. Kadalasan kapag mahal at hindi kayang bilihin, sasabihin ay pangit. May mga 76 milyon pa rin ang
      tumatangkilik sa Blackberry. sasabihin mo bang mga loko iyon? Huwag mong kaawaan ng bumibili ng blackberry kasi gusto nila iyon at may pera sila. Magtiyaga na lang tayo sa mga murang Android phones. Sinasabi ko lang.

  25. zarneguy says:

    Nice to read an impartial review about the BB Z10. Would you please double check about the “Push Email”. I read from other articles that the Z10 supports and have push email. Maybe you have push email turned off from the settings when you used this phone. Users claimed that they are receiving their email on the Z10 faster than on their PC. Good job on this review Yuga.

  26. Blue says:

    I was set on the Q10 but the white Z10 is looking mighty fine to me right now. I’m seriously excited! Can’t wait for the Q10’s release before deciding!

    • zarneguy says:

      Blue.. The Q10 looks very professional and it would have excellent battery life because of its smaller screen. I am partial to the Z10 because of its bigger screen for web browsing. Mind you, the virtual keyboard in the Z10 is the best out there at this moment.

    • Van says:

      Hi, When will bbe q10 available in the philippines?

  27. gennickPro says:

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  28. OraboteRus says:

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  29. vlee says:

    Happy to own this phone, props to BlackBerry for taking a bold step to a gesture-based OS. This is a really brave move, specially when people are still used to poking their phones. The size is just right too, coming from an 4.8 inch android device. And for those who doubting the display, I can assure you its crisp and bright, I’d say notches better than my HTC One X, i’d say even galaxy s3. The interface takes a while to learn since it’s fairly new, iphones and android apps are slowly moving into gesture-based interfaces as well, so really, its just a matter of trying to learn. Great phone, wish it had more apps though!

  30. jayhson says:

    the best review ever! Yugatech,keep up the good work.And I learned different things from those comments and great/smart participants,bravo! Since 20k na lng ang bbz10 ill buy it on oct.15,hehe.. Nice review,thanks.

  31. Belle says:

    Aww that sucks! I love BB because of its BIS, and now that my BB Curve 3G is slowly getting rusty, I planned to buy Z10 soon just because i need BIS (mainly for emails…) :(

  32. bangyay says:

    how much does it cost now?

    • boybato says:

      i bought the 3G version for 10k lang sa lazada. mura na siya ngayon. check it out. :-)

  33. Alfonso says:

    Nice specs.. sa mga gusto bli may nakita ako sa olx almost complete sets… check nyo po e2:

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