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Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum VS MyPhone Agua Rio

Local brands Cherry Mobile and MyPhone have already released their aggressively priced Android smartphones – the Omega Spectrum and the Agua Rio. Both are priced at Php4,999 with almost the same specs. Let’s compare both phones and find out which one is better on paper.

spectrum vs rio

omega spectrum vs agua rio


Based on the specs listed above, there’s not much difference when it comes to hardware aside from having different chipsets and external designs. The Rio has the advantage of having a slightly higher CPU clock speed and more color options. The Spectrum, on the other hand, packs Dragontrail glass and support for Miracast. It’s a close fight.

At this point, it’s too early to conclude which phone is the best as we’re yet to get our hands on these devices and see how they perform in the real world.

Some of our readers who have bought the Rio pointed out experiencing lags due to some software issues. The Spectrum was just released today but if you have already bought it, feel free to share your experiences below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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96 Responses

  1. john says:

    nahawakan ko na sa personal si Rio. ganda ng quality, screen pati ang camera. best bang for your buck talaga :) ngayon lang ako nag susugest ng local branded smartphone sa mga kaibigan at talagang nagustuhan nila si Rio.

    advise lang ,basa muna ng reviews bago maniwala sa dragontrail glass ng CM spectrum. alam niyo na mahilig maglagay ang CM ng pekeng specs sa phones nila para malamangan yung ibang smartphones. katulad nang ng IPS daw ng 1st gen CM Flare at Burst. nakalagay sa specs pati na sa mga posters na IPS ang display ng dalawang smartphones na yan, pero yung totoo ay crappy TN TFT lang pala ang screen ng dalawa. FYI lang po ito. kaya ngayun nagdududa na ako sa mga specs ng CM phones. nakakaduda.

    LOL. buy wisely :)

  2. Chris says:

    The Rio wins the fight unless the Omega Spectrum proof that it has the dragon trail glass ( make a drop test or any test on the screen )and I think the Rio has the edge in terms of design and processor

    • The Who says:

      Chris, isn’t it stupid to suggest to others the drop test? Why don’t you buy both phone and if you’re stupid enough test it yourself. you know it’s not only the glass that is affected by dropping but the internals as well. and how can you say that one is better than the other when you have not tested it thoroughly, say, for a few days? You are in no position to recommend

    • Puta_Ka_The_Who says:

      The Who, ang bobo mo naman. Kung pwede drop test then why not. Marami dyan ang mga website owner na capable ng drop test. Pakyu. Bobo!

    • BOBOMOSER says:

      ser, kahit po ung mga Original na phones. Note 2, S3 at mga Xperia phones na naka Gorilla Glass ay nbabasag kapag binagsak.

      paghindi po ginagamit ung utak, pebenta na lang sa

    • Chris says:

      BOBOMOSER, ikaw ang hindi po gumagamit ng utak, alam mo ba ang nagagawa ng dragontrail glass ?? if you just watch drop test of sony xperia z1 that has a dragontrail glass in the front, it doesn’t break even if you drop it oh kaya ay masagasaan pa nang kotse, Kaya cherry mobile wag gagamit ng salitang dragontrail sa ibang tao kung walang proof or evidence, (note: iba ang gorilla glass sa dragontrail glass)


    • angtatanganyo says:

      natatawa ako sainyo, akala nyo nmn kung maka comment alam na nila ang specifics ng dragon trail glass??? Dragon trail glass is not SCRATCH “PROOF” but rather SCRATCH “RESISTANT”. learn to know the difference. Alamin nyo ren yung ano ibigsabihin ng word na “SHATTER”, meaning hindi nagpipira piraso kapag nabasag.

    • jc says:

      ang mga gamit ng common branded phones e.g SONY, SAMSUNG,Nokia ay hindi gumagamit ng Asahi Dragontrail kundi Corning Gorilla glass w/c is not shatter and drop proof, scratch resistant lang yung screen.. sana naman maliwanagan yung iba about dito :)

    • john says:

      @jc research muna bago comment. dragontrail glass is used in some xperia phones including the xperia z and z1 , its also the glass protecting the galaxy nexus. lol

    • Chris says:
      panoorin nyu na lng ang kaibahan ng dalawa at ang nagagawa ng dragontrail

    • JUST AN INFO says:

      Here are the specs sheets of the Dragontrail Glass of Asahi and Gorilla Glass of Corning.

      Instead of claiming this and that, lets look at the facts. These specs would certainly help you understand what these materials are and enlighten you if what you are claiming is right or wrong.


  3. Dan says:

    The only thing i hate about the Rio is its icons/UI.

    • don says:

      palit lang ng launcher fafs, no problem

    • john says:

      yeah, don is right. theres a lot of free downloadable custom lauchers in the playstore and some of these could remove the lag issues of custom UI installed in the myphone rio.

  4. teng says:

    Why would you test a dragontrail glass with a drop test? Diba ang dragontail pang scratch proof lang? Wala akong inaaway dito pagkakaintindi ko lang kasi sa dragontrail scratch proof lang hindi shatter proof. Palinaw nalang po sakin sakaling mali. Thanks

    • john says:

      dragontrail glasses are both scratch proof and crack proofs. it should stand up to 60 kilos of weight by bending before breaking. but not on omega hd2.0, CM claims it has dragontrail glass but some users reported that they are not even scratch proof. i hope cm can prove the toughness and durability of dragon trail glass of CM spectrum to the public :)

    • Chris says:

      They are shatter proof just go in youtube and watch some videos of the sony xperia z1 on a drop test :)

    • Who knows? says:

      @john at @Chris ntawa ako sa inyo… anong scratch proof? shatter proof… resistant lng po ndi proof proof proof… learn the difference… at saka kung gus2 nyo tlaga mlaman ang totoong specs try nyo nlng search yung real brand ng phone, rebranded lng nman mga phone ng CM, MP o iba. tulad ng CM HD 2.0 totoong brand and model is XOLO Q1000…
      At isa pa @Chris bkit lge yang xperia bnabasihan mo? hmmm ?_?

  5. The Who says:

    Chris, isn’t it stupid to suggest to others the drop test? Why don’t you buy both phone and if you’re stupid enough test it yourself. you know it’s not only the glass that is affected by dropping but the internals as well. and how can you say that one is better than the other when you have not tested it thoroughly, say, for a few days? You are in no position to recommend

  6. Mon says:

    Well, sa totoo lang okay naman yung dalawa. Bukod sa specs ay yung mga support groups nila. May mga magagaling na mga technical people na pwedeng tulungan sa partitioning your phone at saka mga tweaks.

  7. Drake says:

    Waiting for in-depth head to head comparison. Yung main issue kasi sa Rio ay hindi pwede ma-install sa sd yung apps. I think advantage ng Rio yung different color options.
    I hope other local brands will released a smart phone in this price range.

  8. Buster says:

    Just check how CM Sonic 2.0 performs running on the same chipset as the spectrum given that it has a smaller screen and lower resolution. It won’t even pass 14K on antutu benchmark. It’s just the glass that will make this look better. Miracast??? meh…Most Android 4.2 devices supports WiFi direct. Miracast is just a name.

    • douglas says:

      99% of the consumers will never notice the difference in performance between a 7k and a 15k antutu benched device. I still use as backup a mt6575 512mb device and it suffices the daily call/text, social app and basic gaming. All these benchmark numbers means jackshit to most users.

    • Buster says:

      @douglas, maybe that’s how you see it bro but my old device with a 7K benchmark is totally not at par with my current device scoring 17K. a totaly different ballgame. And hey we’re talking about comparison here.If this doesn’t concern you then others might.

    • douglas says:

      like i said, most “average” users, which makes up more than 90% of the consumers. will never notice the difference between those devices.

    • Buster says:

      “like i said, most “average” users, which makes up more than 90% of the consumers. will never notice the difference between those devices.”

      like i said??? where??? you actually said 99% of consumers. If you mention that I won’t care to reply back.

  9. bbong says:

    MyPhone Agua Rio !!

  10. shunpus says:

    Cherry Mobile Spectrum :)

  11. Mike says:

    ive read some comments on other site about rio…they say you cant put some app on sd card specially the OBB files(gamers can relate to this).im a gamer so this is a big problem for me.1GB+ internal memory is not enough.any solution for this?im planning to buy rio.but im kinda hesitant after reading the SD card problem.

  12. Mike says:

    ive read some comments on other site about rio…they say you cant put some apps on sd card specially the OBB files(gamers can relate to this).im a gamer so this is a big problem for me.1GB+ internal memory is not enough.any solution for this?im planning to buy rio.but im kinda hesitant after reading the SD card problem.

  13. kwanabooo says:

    dami bobo ngyn d2 lahat ng glass n yan nbbasag scratch & shatter resistant lng cla hind scratch & shatter proof

  14. jay says:

    hehehe away na yan oh. . . dragontail glass nga e panu naman ung casing ng cp mo. . .dragontail glass din ba. . . .kaya ba ng plastic bumuhat ng tonelada. .

  15. JM says:

    meron din kayang notification LED light yung Spectrum? isa lang yun sa mga nagustuhan ko kay RIO eh. sa specs hindi ako masyado nag babase..kasi dual-core nga na OHD 1.0 eh okay na sakin eh.

  16. Joseph7788 says:

    Away kayo ng away jan mga gong-gong! Hoy bumili kayo ng Starmobile Diamond X1 o di kaya Starmobile Octa ang babaho ng mga utak nyo hoy bobo! Ang mumurahin CP pinag-aawayan nyo kesyo puro kayo mahirap at hanggang yan lang kaya nyo! Mga inutil kayo mga mangmang!

    • BoldRebel says:

      isa ka pang BOBO,TANGA PA.anu ka wannabe,ehh kung ako xperia nlng kaysa starmobile,tatak nyan anu,d gano kilala tapos subok n ba yan ng krmhan,asan specs nyan sa gsmarena? bobo mo tlga ede xperia nlng,wannabe yaman k lng hayop ka,ako xperia z3 nalng,bobo mo

  17. pwetngbaso says:

    ok na rin ang dragontail, pero mas ok ang gorilya glass sna..

  18. Red says:

    Bumili nanay ko ng Rio kanina, maganda ang performance parang snapdragon s4 pro gaya ng nexus 4 ko, mabilis magbukas ng apps d ko pa natry sa games and browsing, update ko kayo bukas tungkol dyan. Hindi lang maganda ung screen kasi pag light ung background, grainy ung screen kaya pinalitan ko nlng ng dark na background pero maganda viewing angles. May nabasa kong review na hindi daw glass ung screen ng Rio. Hindi naman mukhang cheap ang design. Ayos lang din ang camera at mabilis kumuha ng pic. Para sakin sa presyong 4,999 sulit na sulit. First time bumili ng local brand pero satisfied kami sa product na to.

  19. Toron says:

    Personal experience ko CM. tama yung fake specs!. nagsisi tlga ako bat ako bumili ng CM Life. nka lagay dun 5mp. tang ina! d pala prang vga ung camera, kung tutuosin prang 3mp nga lang eh. Scam po tawag jan pag nalagay kau ng specs na hindi naman totoo. from now on, d nako bibili ng cherry. mandurogas. im not being bias here, personal experience, and would not recommend cherry mobile. if they done it with cherry mobile life how much to among other series they are producing. very bad, very bad. aftersales very very very bad.

  20. Easy E says:

    Pam-bobong tanong lang:
    Lahat ba ng pwedeng ma-root ay pwedeng lagyan ng kitkat? So pwedeng lagyan ng kitkat ang rio?

    • Hero Reyes says:

      kailangan ng source code mula sa cpu manufacturers para makadevelop ng kitkat rom sa isang phone. if magkakarun man ng kitkat rom na hindi nangangailangan ng source code malamang may malfunction sya sa ibaibang part ng phone ex wifi,data,gps, camera…to answer your question.. No di lahat ng rootable mauupdate sa kitkat.. ex galaxy y super active ang developer nun pero hangang gingerbread lang Broadcom din ang cpu nun. Just dont expect too much na mauupdate sila para di ka madismaya anyway konting konti lang ang phone nila na nag jump ng ibang version..

  21. vic3c says:

    ask q lang po sana if this rio can be used overseas?? thanx!

  22. cris says:


    just a question..

    currently e naka N4 ako. and I’m planning to buy the Rio for my GF..

    tama ba na ayon ung piliin ko among locally released smartphones at 5k range? or meron pa bang mas better option aside from MP Rio?

  23. Hero Reyes says:

    I’ll go for rio. dragontrail glass at the end of the day is still glass mababasag padin di mo naman siguro gagawing pang tanching ang phone mo for sure iingatan mo padin. So far mas maganda ang reputation ng myphone pagdating sa phone quality pareho namang kuripot sa update ang cpu nila so malamang pareho din silang di na uusad at hangang sa jellybean nalang. yung grainy na light background problem yun sa matataas na resolution taz yung I ba background mo maliit ang resolution pilubi talaga ang quality. For miracast.. uhmm who really use it?.. just saying. .

  24. tikoyx says:

    i think mp rio has better cam, better pic quality even they have the same cam resolution !

  25. abuzalzal says:

    Stress test dapat yan sa mga gpu intensive benchmarks at malamang gagapang ang Cherry Mobile

    Did some research , Yung Broadcom SoC (854 ×480 pixel resolution) umaabot lang ng 13.5k sa AnTuTu….So kung 720p yan malamang 10k below na, not so good

    Mukhang panalo Rio dito although kelangan mo pa ring i-tweak para magkaroon ng SD install

    • abuzalzal_BOBO says:

      BoBO ka ba? mas maganda parin ung gpu ng cm ome spec, kesa sa mp rio, compare mo kya ung Videocore IV sa Mali400MP2 , tanga tanga kaba? o wla ka lng isip? bobo mo laggers nga ung MP rio e haha.. tang ina mo

  26. buzal says:

    Rio padin panalo dito sa performance and camera, glonass, dragontrail and miracast ang ok sa spectrum

  27. natsu says:

    Hintayin nyo nlng yung zenphone 5(5″ screen 720p, Gorilla Glass 3, 8mp F2.0) narelease na sya sa ibang bansa d2 sa southeast asia, kung susumahin nasa 6-8k yung price nun pagdating d2.

  28. netgearboy says:


    • LinksysMAN says:

      Strong si Kuya.
      Bat di mo nalang kaya hayaan sila. Di pa sasakit puso mo.
      Ingat2x ka. Love your heart.

      Basta, desidido na ako sa RIO.

      Thank you.

    • DennyG says:

      oo nga naman, bakit hindi sila mgpacustomize? lait ng lait mga wala namang pera. hehe joke, taam may bukol hahahaha!!

    • nani says:

      ikaw nga puro rfeklamo jan manahimik ka nga kupal ka HAHAHAHAHAHA :)

    • Marco says:

      Syempre naman, kailangan parin malaman nung company yung mga hinaing nung mga tao para naman maimprove nila yung phone pati yung service nila. tss

  29. ryan says:

    bagay na bagay e- “vs” tong dalawang brand na toh.. haba ng specs at hganda basahin pero hanggang specs lang..ahaha bagay tong dalawang to ipagsabay na e-martilyo..ahaha wlang kwenta… mag ipon kayo at bumili kayo ng mas magandang brand na totoong na a-apply ung specs..di tulad ng mga to na hanggang specs lng..pero kay bahala, BUY AT UR OWN RISK.. lol

  30. dennis says:

    mga sir ano ba yung screen ng rio?

    • PekPek says:

      super think glass kya madali po mabasag, laggers pa po ang rio. prang tanga ka lng nyan pag bumili ka ng rio.

  31. Damibobodito says:

    Mga boplaks kung yung BULLETPROOF GLASS NGA nababasag yan pa kayang dragontrail glass at gorilla glass…

  32. Jeffrey says:

    I had y hands on the 2:
    I like the style and colors of rio however, it is bulky-mataba sya. plastic na plastic ang case and i think mga 1-2 months use, marami nang gasgas. Kung magbebenta siguro sila ng case to replace the old one or to choose another color, then this is the best phone in the market. although hindi masyadong fluid and snappy ang response ng screen…but the camera is superb, malinaw talaga…and mabilis ang internet.

    Omega Spectrum has the style of samsung galaxy S3 including its thickness but with matte plastic rear cover and chrome accents. So, hindi sya bulky at dumihin and hindi halata pag nagkaroon ng scratch. hindi rin masyadong fluid ang response nya especially sa task manager and browser, pero ang home and application screen very snappy. And what I like here is the miracast support and malinaw din ang camera. Hindi ko nakita yung Rio kung may panoramic mode but spectrum does have this feature.

    Sa software performance…I vote for CM Spectrum
    Sa style…MP Agua Rio
    Sa external condition ng phone in the long run…CM Spectrum

    What I bought? CM Spectrum, kasi ayoko ng gasgasin and dumihin like Agua rio. For those who love colors and can sacrifice the bulk and cover scratches, then MP Rio the the phone for you

  33. gfhgfhg says:


  34. nica says:

    Just bought the omega spectrum. .so far so good. Interface is better y
    Than Rio mp.responsive naman ang touchscreen. .super nice bright screen. .and you can feel sa touch yung Dragon trail quality ng smartphone. It’s got the feel of the s4. design is great. .slim edges. .matte smooth back case. Very elegant looking. Icons are not big too.

    • lyn says:

      How about the camera? Malinaw ba cia? Hnd nmn masyado nag lalag? How about the battery? Hnd madali ma lowbat? Mabilis nmn ung internet connection nia? Sorry if I ask so many question, hnd q kc alam if ano ang mas maganda rio ba or the omega spectrum. Salamat po ^_^

  35. johnnyboy says:

    MyPhone already has an OTA update to install Apps sa SD card.
    at least naging ok sila sa pakinig ng mga feedback from consumers and bloggers like yugatech.

  36. GREENEYBOY says:

    wla kyo sa phone ko…nokia3310

    • Cloud 9 says:

      Agree. Hehehe. Nokia is the best phone pagdating sa quality. Khit ibato mo, maipit, mahulog sa plangganang may tubig, still working pa din at tatagal pa ng madaming taon.. heheheheheh

    • max says:

      asan na ba nokia mo..? ala na ksi ibininta na sa microsoft.. ksi nman eh di cla gumawa nang ANDRIOD PHONE kya nastugi.. hahahah..

  37. minix says:

    MT6582M support only qHD 960 X 540 screen display not 1280 x 720 ..yan ciguro ang cause nang screen lag .

    While Broadcom BCM 23550 1.2GHZ is little bit slower than MT6582 , its support up to 1080P display.
    CM Spectrum with Dragon trail trail glass ,GPS+GLONASS with Miracast ready .

    mas stable ang CM Broadcom BCM23550 with a support up to 1080P screen display

  38. LoveCook says:

    panget myphone karamihan sa mga phones nila naghahang. tska medyo mahina ung touch screen. So I go for CM Omega Spectrum :)

  39. minix says:

    my hardware problem ang My phone Rio hinde compatible ang MT6582M sa screen display na 1280 x 720.

    MY phone rio must change the processor with newer version MT6582 with 720 display support.

  40. minix says:

    Some of our readers who have bought the Rio pointed out experiencing lags due to some software issues. The Spectrum was just released today but if you have already bought it, feel free to share your experiences below.

    It is not a software issue but a hardware issue
    MT6582M support only 960 x 540 screen display not 1280 x 720

    • Jeffrey says:

      I bought CM Spectrum last april 18
      Take a look at my review above dated april 20
      Internet is good and so far hindi naman naghahang mabilis sya

  41. jolas says:

    Yung mga bumili ng Spectrum magkita kita nalang kau sa Service center ng CM after a couple of days mag GTG na din kau. Then mag damayan kau sa sama ng loob na mararanasan nyo dun. Good luck.

    • Jeffrey says:

      I don’t think so…I bought mine since it was made available last april 18 and I love it. no hassles at all. very snappy sya and it’s worth more than I paid for…

  42. chacha says:

    We bought the Myphone RIO nun February pa and updated over the air,its the first version. Moved apps sa SD card and optimize via “Clean Master app button” before exiting.
    So far wala nman lag, probs, etc. okay at smoother naman yung Rio. di nman namin tinambakan ng Apps. maayos naman kahit floppy bird up to 3d games mataas din antutu.

  43. ced says:

    SPECTRUM is the best :D

  44. rho john says:

    Bakit may lag ung spectrum?

  45. minix says:

    Rio lite no lag issue qHd display but 512mb ram only, ocean pro same spec , but larger screen 5.5 inch, 1 GB ram, but to expensive 7k

  46. Xemore says:

    guys. ano mas ok pang gaming mode .

    just comment the truth pls. i’m thinking too much which i will buy.

    CMOS or MP RIO ?

    respect post :)

    • Name: says:

      Mp rio. Smooth… pero yung v2 na 1.22 ang custom build nya ha.. idk sa lower version. Hehe

  47. qwerty says:

    punta kayo sa mga service centers ng myphone and cherry.
    tingnan nyo kung sino mas madami tao at kung ano complaint nila. doon pa lang magisip na kayo kung aling brand mas maganda.

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  49. nice says:

    I bought my Omega Spectrum last augt.1 pero last week lang nabasag ung screen kasi nahulog ang charger ng tablet dun sa CO Spec.. I just wanna ask mapalitan pa ba abg screen? How much it will cost? Pls help me… thanks

  50. jeff says:

    any info kung meron na ba available na screen sa myphonbe rio lite na basag kac to sa akin.. naka exprience din ako ng ghost touch lagi

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