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CloudFone Thrill 430X makes official launch

Last night, CloudFone has showcased their handset portfolio to members of media and bloggers. Among the handsets that were launched was the highly-regarded dual-SIM handset with a big ass battery – the CloudFone Thrill 430X.

The 430X has been out in the market since December, but it’s only being offered by Globe. With this local launch, however, non-Globe users can now get a taste of what this handset has to offer.

cloudfone thrill 430x price philippines

There are a lot to be desired about the Thrill 430X which comes in with a mid-range configuration. For starters, it’s equipped with a 4.3” qHD display which is coated with Dragontrail glass for extra protection. Its internals include a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, 768MB RAM and 4GB worth of storage.

This handset also comes with an 8MP snapper at the back which is paired with 2MP at the front. We can also expect a decent sound output from this baby, thanks to its Yamaha audio chip.

CloudFone Thrill 430x specs:

4.3” qHD IPS display, 540×960 @ 256ppi
1.2GHz Qualcomm S4 Play dual-core processor
Adreno 203 GPU
4GB internal storage
Expandable up to 32GB
dual-SIM, dual-standby
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
8MP autofocus rear camera w/ dual LED flash
2MP front-facing camera
Android ICS
4,160mAh battery
Dimension: 123 x 68 x 14.2 mm

But the most significant feature of the CloudFone Thrill 430X lies underneath its texturized back plate. As some of you may know, this phone is equipped with a 4,160mAh battery which is rated to last up to 6 days with normal usage.

The CloudFone Thrill 430X will set you back Php7,777 apiece. At this price point, the phone is well underway to compete with the big names in the dual-SIM Android handsets.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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57 Responses

  1. rollie says:

    review please..

  2. bugay says:

    Oh Lord. This phone has been out for months in retail stores and not just in Globe. This article is just embarrassingly late and misinformed.

    • yuga says:

      The media launch was hosted by CloudFone, Qualcomm and Globe Telecom last night, Feb 12, 2013, at Prive Luxury Club, The Fort Strip.

      If you read the article, we clearly stated the phone has been around since December but CloudFone was so delayed in holding the press launch to promote it.

    • yo says:

      “The 430X has been out in the market since December, but it’s only being offered by Globe. With this local launch, however, non-Globe users can now get a taste of what this handset has to offer.”

      you read your articles yuga?

    • rich says:

      nov 20 palang topic na sa tipidcp to, nabili ko to nov24, although may free n globe (na d ko gnamit) pero d ko nman nabili sa globe, sa megamall ko nabili sa booth nila and memoxpress yung recibo.. delayed lang talaga product launching ni cf.

    • David says:

      you read your articles yuga?

      The article said this:

      “The 430X has been out in the market since December, but it’s only being offered by Globe. With this local launch, however, non-Globe users can now get a taste of what this handset has to offer.

      Now, what do the bold parts above tell you?

    • comeon says:

      give yuga a break guys… you’re not obligated to read his posts or reviews anyway… you’re not even giving him money for his service… if you have comments, then comment nicely or point out the mistake and don’t bash, that’s just rude! so if you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep it to yourself or make your own site and post reviews on all the new gadgets in the world so that you don’t have to visit this site anymore!!! try doing that for a change :)

    • PuppyMonster says:

      I know cloud fone thrill 430 lang ang offer ng globe. sya un lumia design rip-off. so for the record, hindi po to available sa globe ever since. ang concern lang mga tao, before magpost, make sure everything is correct kasi misleading sya.

    • Tigs says:

      My friend got this from BPI Madness last December, not from Globe.. Very misleading Yuga…

  3. qHD is says:

    QHD is 540 x 960, not 480 x 800.

  4. Carl says:

    For CloudFone Thrill 430x owners, Join our Facebook group to get the most out of your Android phone.


  5. rey says:

    yung galaxy note na may yamaha chip pangit ang sound quality. mahina at hindi masyado maganda ang output.

  6. Smokescreen says:

    Is this being offered by Globe? Looking at the website, it seems different. Cloudfone Thrill nga but the specs are different. 5mp camera yun sa Globe as well as 1200mah battery lang.

    So is the Cloudfone Thrill 430X really being offered by Globe wala lang sa website?

    • Smokescreen says:

      Read the link. So it’s only a promo and not a regular offer from Globe under retention plan or for new accounts.

      However the article did say…

      “The 430X has been out in the market since December, but it’s only being offered by Globe. With this local launch, however, non-Globe users can now get a taste of what this handset has to offer.”

      It is made to appear it is a regular offer with Globe along with the S3 and Note 2 among others. The statement in the article is misleading though. The Cloudfone Thrill 430x was offered by Globe as a promo.Saying it is only being offered by Globe automatically suggests when you go to Globe….apply for a line…. you can get the 430X afterwards. And basing it on the link provided, is simply not true.

  7. garz says:

    4,160 mAh! Holy cow!

  8. leeto says:

    Hay naku, maliit na bagay pag-aawayan pa. Lets talk about the phone no more side issues.

  9. Look says:

    I have this phone and I purchased it in November of last year. I’m very satisfied with the phone performance although may kabigatan pero solid ang feel. You can really enjoy the features of the phone because of the great battery life

  10. Juzam says:

    This is a mark on the credibility of the writer. Maliit na bagay lang mali na, paano pa kaya kung iba pa? Konting fact-checking lang naman before mag publish ng mga articles.

  11. popoymola says:

    mga bugok!!! kung ako sa inyo gumawa nlng kyo ng sarili nyong blog kung wala kyong ssbihin mgnda. pati yung writer binabalahura nyo. ung mga kgaya nyo ang dhila kya hnd umaasenso ang bansa.

  12. Terragen says:

    Where can I buy 1?

  13. Eason says:

    Actually the specs of the phone is SPOT ON for the Price

    – DragonTail Glass
    – Snapdragon S4 Dual Core is even more powerful than Tegra 3 Quad-Core.

    I already had the padfone which has the same specs of this phone except the RAM. I should say for 7,777 this is indeed a good buy.

    • Loki says:

      I’m not sure about the dragontail glass display. Wala akong nabasa sa official site nila and other reviews na naka Dragontail pero sana nga Dragontail glass ang gamit.

    • Tigs says:

      Where the hell did you get that info? Dragon Tail? Quit dreaming.

    • dan says:

      maybe it’s a tiger claw or a snake’s tounge glass

    • Annonymous says:

      Dragon Tail? Is that some cheap Chinese manufactured glass or some shit?

      Also, Snapdragon S4 dual core powerful than Tegra 3? No. Quit smoking pot, you idiot.


    • aze says:

      snapdragon s4 has different variations/types, they are play, plus, pro and prime. among the 4 play is only based on arm7 architecture, while the other 3 are KRAIT cores w/c are faster and better in performance. the one used in thrill 430x is snapdragon play, w/c is actually decent but not impressive. the snapdragon used in this phone can will eat dust against tegra 3 in any day. asshole loser

    • aze says:

      *the snapdragon used in this phone will eat dust against tegra 3 in any day. asshole loser

    • Name: says:

      uhh… this phone is on a MSM8625 Snapdragon S4 PLAY, which is actually not as good as the MT6577 found in other locally rebranded phones. Iniisip niyo po yata yung mga Krait CPUs; those are different.

      Dragontrail glass is manufactured by Asahi Glass Co. in Japan, and it’s shown to have the same capabilities as the first generation Gorilla Glass.

  14. Yuja says:

    At bakit di nalang 1Gb ang RAM? hay naku. Diba mas masaya kapag yung phone walang bloatware? You just install what you like to install. possible kaya yun sa mga upcoming phones?

    • Tigs says:

      Meron na nun. Google Nexus Phones. Kaso mahal un at wala ka naman ata pambili kaya wag ka na magreklamo jan.

  15. Edgar says:

    mas ok ba to kesa CM Titan TV price at 6999? 1gb ram with 6″ display? Please advise. Thanks!

    • Angelo says:

      Nasa individual preference mo yan. Yes, lamang ang 1gb ram at 6″ display pero lamang naman to sa battery capacity at quality ng display. Isa pa yung TitanTV ay… may TV… ang baduy.

  16. aurelius says:

    Looks like CF already sold a lot of these and to promote their other line-up and partnership with Globe that’s why they decided to have a media launch. This is a dual sim handset, kinda funny on the “non-Globe users” tasting whatever..Regardless, this is indeed a solid phone..

  17. joelan says:

    Here their website that showcase other model and spec also retail shop that offer the phone

    Personally got this phone at Hello at SM MOA and I’m happy with it gamers ako so babad sa phone, meron room for improvement pero not noticeable it serves it purpose as a Smarthphone Texts Calls Surf Games Music Camera) solve ang P7,777 now meron ng white grrrh un lang ang hehehe pero ok parin ito ^_^
    un weight di nman sakin big factor at least alam meron kang fone sa bulsa

  18. netnavi says:

    Phone’s been out in local stores since October actually and not exclusive to globe. Mabilis lang maubos dahil mataas demand, sikat kasi sa internet. I could care less about globe, their overall service sucks for me; fup 800mb per day surf usage, frequent outages, delayed messages, and bill shocks. I have the phone and its great! Di lang ako maniwala na dragontrail to. Sa lahat ng bansang nireleasan ng phone na to or kahit sa manufacturer di sinabing dragontrail ito. Dito lang sinabi pati dun sa misspelled tweet ng cloudfone at ngayon lang sinabi.

  19. azaq says:

    Ang daming mga sipsip dito na ang mabilis idefend mga writers at sasabihan pa naman na gawa na lang blog. It just means na well informed ang mga readers ng wesbite which is a good thing. Hindi lang mga mangmang ang nagbabasa nito. It also means na mataas ang expectations nila sa Yugatech and its writers kaya disheartening na may mga simpleng pagkakamali at bumababa ang quality ng mga articles.

    • Ryan says:

      I feel for you. But you can always say it in a nice way by not bashing the writers. point the mistake and ask confirmation. nikikita kc stin kung panu tau pinalaki ng magulang ntin kung panu tau makipag kapwa tao.

    • Chito Caluag says:

      Simple lang yan para matapos na usapan. Sabihin lang na “I stand corrected” at Erratum tapos ang debate. Let us focus more on the phone and not be fault finding fools. Hindi naman yung error sa phone info sya nagkamali mali eh but maybe he was just misinformed by Globe at Cloudfone on release dates. Please no more of this nonsense issue.

  20. ferdinand marte says:

    This was on display last qtr 2012. nag “roadshow” sort of din ang CF sa SM Cebu. Okay naman ang build & display, though I find it a tab heavier than other phones of similar size. Medyo bitin lang as they removed the gaming apps so I could not “play” with it. I guess because of that + it’s price, I did’nt shortlist it on my Christmas buying list. It’s a solid phone I’m sure, but at that time I was getting my first smartphone, I prefer to see how it performs. Oh well, I ended up with CM Blaze after going though all the installed apps, yes all, including games. My advise to CF is not to remove the gaming apps so prospective buyers could see what’s what.

  21. Bougart says:

    Tagal na nito available sa market ahh..

  22. Wamoz says:

    also, it has pre-installed 2 Screen Protectors!!!… tinanggal ko ung isa just to see kung 2 nga nakalagay…haha..ayun nasayang ung 1 protector..

  23. oz says:

    its really 2mp for the latest released units. previous units are testers. the final product came out last feb 13 at the launch.

  24. john says:

    para sa mga nakagamit na neto:
    hassle ba siya gamitin dahil sa kapal or bigat kapag hawak or nasa bulsa?

    • oz says:

      actually yung bigat nkakatakot kasi baka mahulog. ok lng yung kapal mas ma grip m sya unlike sa manipis, prone to hulog lang kasi nga mabigat.

  25. See-Saw says:

    taas ng pride ni Yuga. ayaw iedit ang article. ang dami na nga nagreact na mali eh. Ang available sa globe un thrill 430g hindi 430x. a simple apology for the mistake wont hurt, u know? nobody’s perfect teh!

    • yuga says:

      Edit mo ang mukha mo!

      Sorry, someone was using my name and email to leave this comment. We don’t monitor all the 200+ comments we get everyday so this one got past us.

      We are exploring ways so people will comment using their real names and credentials (FB login is an option we are looking). – yuga

    • Pikon says:

      haha, pikon na si Yuga. see how credible you are, not. aside from copying news from GSmarena, san pa ba magaling tong website na to? crappy-gsmarena-wanna-be – eto KAYO. WRONG INFO KASI PULPOL AND WRITER PATI ADMIN.

    • Pikon says:

      haha, pikon na si Yuga. see how credible you are, not. aside from copying news from GSmarena, san pa ba magaling tong website na to? crappy-gsmarena-wanna-be – eto KAYO. WRONG INFO KASI PULPOL ANG WRITER PATI ADMIN.

  26. ronilo says:

    My Cloudfone thrill 430x dialing error any body can help?

  27. Yuuri Tamin says:

    may lte po na yan?

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