Exclusive: Nokia N8 12MP unveiled

Exclusive: Nokia N8 12MP unveiled

Live here at the Nokia Connections 2010 in Singapore, we have first dibs on the new Nokia N8 running the new Symbian^3 OS. First live photos and video after the jump.

Nokia N8
3.5 inches AMOLED screen @ 360×640 pixels
16 GB storage
up to 32GB via microsSD
256MB RAM, 512MB ROM
HSDPA 10.2Mbps, HSUPA 2Mbps
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP
12MP autofocus camera w/ Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash
Symbian ^3 OS
ARM 11 680MHz processor
3D Graphics HW accelerator
FM Radio with RDS
FM transmitter
GPS w/ aGPS support
1200mAh Li-Po battery

The unibody aluminum design is pretty solid and feels tough.

The AMOLED display looks gorgeous — pretty crisp and bright — the images just pops out from the screen. The homescreen is customizable and has 3 panels, but unlike the Android, can slide between homescreens both on portrait and landscape mode.


Here’s a quick footage of how the Symbian 3 UI looks like:

Here’s a sample video recording using the Nokia N8 (just select 720p in the dropdown menu):

The Nokia N8 is set to be released in the Philippines in the 3rd quarter of this year. No price point has been palced but I’m hearing somewhere it will be in the vicinity of Php25k.

*Just refresh as I continuously update this page.

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48 Responses

  1. lindtdale says:

    @abeolandres would you know when Nokia C3 will be released here in the Philippines? Can you ask them, I really want one. Thanks Yuga. :)

  2. Jade Bryan says:

    Cool sir Abe.. Coul you pls ask if it can play divx/xvid files out in the box?

  3. Ryozen says:

    UI looks sluggish, isn’t it Abe?

  4. jillsingian says:

    I <3 your job!! RT @abeolandres Exclusive: Nokia N8 launch here in Singapore. Photos and videos here — http://www.yugatech.com/blog/mobile/excl… #nc2010

  5. jillsingian says:

    I <3 your job!! RT @abeolandres Exclusive: Nokia N8 launch here in Singapore. Photos and videos here — http://www.yugatech.com/blog/mobile/excl… #nc2010

  6. daddyjoey says:

    nice! bat parang mabagal response? :)

  7. pol says:

    wag na kayo mag taka kung bat mabagal UI kelangan pa bang i memorize yan?!

  8. RHo says:

    will wait for n9. :)

  9. jan says:

    UI is still unimpressive. can’t see any improvements over the demos i’ve seen before. performance is laggy and somewhat only comparable to other handsets using resistive screens. so much for the its-just-a-prototype excuse.

    however, this is definitely a nice buy for those who want a phone with a better snapper.

  10. GregOng says:

    That’s what you call EYE CANDY. Nevertheless, it’s getting tougher and tougher each day to choose a new phone.

  11. Ric says:

    I really want to get this phone. I just hope that Nokia doesn’t give me reason not to…

  12. Herce says:

    Yeah ^3 finally arrives, better late than never! The bad, 3.5″ screen is too small and non-super AMOLED means useless outdoors, unless you missed and it really is super AMOLED Yuga? Processor is slow compared to 1ghz we see in other phones.

    The best news is the price at 25k. Though that may be the Singapore price and we might still get screwed with a much higher price. However, Nokia is very good about controlling the excess of our greedy distributors and will hopefully continue to keep them in line. Wish HTC exerted similar control.

    Overall, I am not interested in this phone but am very excited to see ^3 finally come out and will be buying the first one that has a decent hardware setup!

  13. Jovz says:

    N8 or iPhone 4?Hmmm…

  14. gwhiz says:

    i want one with android in it please!

  15. roland says:

    video seems the same with my iphone 3g with just 2MP =)

  16. Mike says:

    I hope Apple will reduce its profit margin by upgrading to higher hardware specs such as 12mp cam and AMOLED screen just like what Nokia did to N8. I can’t understand why there are so many Apple customers despite Apple products are overpriced.

  17. roland says:

    @mike – the 12mp of this N8 is just the same quality as iphone’s 2MP…

  18. Herce says:

    @Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more! I don’t understand the Apple consumer, I think they are morons.

  19. MyMaria says:

    Impressive phone.. Hope I get this one for free from a retention program via Smart :) which is just around time it should be released here

  20. defunct says:

    i love the camera features.

  21. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    im curious about the hdmi out performance.. any feedback?

  22. steven says:

    Does the N8 have a unibody enclosure?

  23. boo says:

    as an apple user, i beg to disagree with both herce and mike. these two people obviously haven’t tried apple products or have never had the capacity to buy one. either way, apple consumers are not morons—we just happen to appreciate the balance between good aesthetics and functionality.

  24. moron says:

    Morons with lots of disposable income in their hands. It’s good to be a moron these days.

  25. Miklos says:

    Okay – I can say from my personal time with the N8 that if you disable the transition effecfts it’s really really quick – way faster than the Iphone 4 demo I tried.

    I guess it’s like Symbian^1 – disable effects and you have a lightning fast ui – or enable effects and it’s like any Android or Iphone.

    @Roland – Seriously if you compare the video or pictures from the N8 to the crap Iphone camera you sir are just a fanboy with no reality sense.

    I like my Iphone 3GS but I’m upgrading to the N8 and hot I4 as the I4 simply just doesnt pack the ‘punch’ also the price of the N8 will make is a success.

  26. Ronnie says:

    nice all in one phone, may kapalit na e71 ko! practical way to spend hard earned money, i hope, hehehe

  27. Achtung says:

    Note on USB 2.1. USB 3 has just been released. Basing on what happened to previous version and the need for it, I suspect it will be adopted and implemented fast on mobile phones. I expect all 2.1 compliant Nokia phones to depreciate fast.

  28. rynbl says:

    The back cover cant be easily remove right? What happens when the phone hangs? Should we bring it to NCC everytime?

  29. marco says:

    sana d tumaas ng 30k pag lumabas na d2 sa pinas

  30. bro says:

    i think around 25k ito… sana less than 25k lol!!!

    sabi ng nokia pag naghang daw press and hold the power button around 8sec.. un ang solution.. base sa nabasa ko sakanila…

  31. nadeem1414 says:

    i like to this Nokia N8 because its memory is very high and there is option of extra card be attached.

  32. R. bullos says:

    Its the most beautiful phone plus the number 8 is a lucky number sign so im waiting for it im so interested.

  33. RDA says:

    i hope that someone out there will post the settings of the camera of this phone. i am not talking about the specs. what i want to know is the camera setting features like scene mode, wh balance,exposure among the other old nokia phones have. does it feature something new still camera effects like some of the sony ericson cybershot have( specially the modded ones ) phone.

  34. mark says:

    samsung wave is the winner…\

    super amoled 1 gig procesor A8 with grapics card ..

  35. louie says:

    iphone has bslance functionality hw and sw. well i think anndroid is the direct competitor ng appke which steve feels betrayed by google coz he knows n o mging pen source ang google amdroid they are forcing apple n mgbaba ng price.para mgbaba ng presyo hail to google

  36. Adi says:

    If Nokia N8 is an Android platform phone…. I will definitely have it. Symbian OS is not popular in the market…. Facebook via nokia or facebook for Android? which looks better?

  37. magnumn opus says:

    wew di pa lumalabas may mga hang na agad na issue.. hehehe.. nokia talaga oh. pero kahit ganun love ko pa din nokia.. nokia 5800 xpressmusic user ako at so far ok naman pero dahil lumabas na ang N8 mukhang maiiba na na naman pag iipunan ko hehehehe. niluma na yung N97 na gusto kong ipalit dito sa tube ko. kasi symbian 3 to eh..

  38. Dan says:

    I already pre-ordered the Nokia N8 via Smart Gold. Comes free at plan 2000. Cash-out of P10,500 at plan P1200.
    Why go for the N8?
    It’s a Multimedia powerhouse: gorgeous AMOLED display with excellent sunlight visibility, 12MP camera with HD video recording, divx/xvid playback. Complete connectivity suite: the only handset with penta-band 3G&4G connectivity, WLAN b/g/n. Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI out, USB on the go feature.

    The Nokia is An excellent phone as far as calling, telephony, reception is concerned. Symbian is perfect for me for it’s one-handed applicalbility, strong organizer functions with seamless connection and integration with the PC via Ovi or PC Suite.

  39. Adi says:

    Still Symbian OS…. Nokia should have Android Platform OS… Ill go for iPhone4.

  40. Angelstar says:

    I just bought N8 last sat, Nov. 13. It was carefully handled. Unfortunately, after two days the camera phone is already busted. I brought it in a nokia authorized repair center and followed it up after two days, they said it was sent to Makati (main office) for a higher level of repair. Is this what you call worth your hard-earned money? …. definitely NOT from my horrible experience. Imagine the inconvenience it caused me. I transferred all my contacts after I bought my unit and only to know that all files will be deleted. I have more than 500 contacts which I transferred via Bluetooth ( my old unit do not have applications to transfer files). I’m really DISAPPOINTED with this unit and Nokia does not care less to replace my unit. Is this my fault??? My fault is buying a DEFECTIVE unit. What about quality control?? I could have bought IPhone 4 instead. I can’t accept the fact that I’m bringing a two day old nokia unit for repair?? I have nokia units before and they never failed me. Why only now? Why this N8 unit?? The so-called best camera phone ever!!!!!!

  41. Genuinely savored Exclusive: Nokia N8 12MP unveiled . You must watch your article comments. This data has genuinely been helpful for many of the readers however some look wide of the mark. An article a day keeps the comments flowing.

  42. Benj says:

    Damn! That Phone is cooler than I thought someday i wish i have one of that Nokia N8

  43. asker says:

    how much is nokia N8 in singapore?

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