Happy Mobile D-Lite Quick Review

Happy Mobile D-Lite Quick Review

Happy Mobile is just a new entrant into the local scene but that doesn’t mean their offerings aren’t as competitive as the others. The Happy Mobile D-Lite looks like a stunner for its price, but is this a good smartphone overall? Read on and find out.

Happy Mobile D Lite (10)

Design and Construction

Starting off with the design, you can see that the D Lite packs impressive and solid build quality. It’s mostly plastic everywhere, but it’s matte and two-toned. In our case, it is colored blue. The back also features a really unique design with a pattern similar to that of a Nexus 4 without the glass.

Happy Mobile D Lite (6)

The great thing about the D-Lite here is that even with a price below Php5k, the handheld packs one of the best designs we’ve ever seen, not to mention while feeling premium and without not much dirt attraction.


Happy Mobile D Lite (2)

Running the show upfront is a 4-incvh 854 x 400 IPS display, but we’re not entirely convinced about the IPS part. Colors look rather well, and the pixel density is decent as you’d expect, but the viewing angles from above and to the left of the phone bring massive distortion to the screen. Regardless, it’s still manageable and it works for its price.

OS, Apps and UI

The phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat with almost a stock Android feel, but it feels more like an older version than an updated one because of the icons and the other design elements.

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Only simple apps are also bundled, like to-do and sound recorder, but you’ll not find much here really – not even Google apps (except Play) – and that’s a good thing because it allows for a smoother experience.

Multimedia & Camera


The speakers of the device are clear and decently loud, with the placement found on the back side of the phone. Watching videos on a 4-inch display with limited viewing angles proves to be a hard chore however, so we really didn’t enjoy viewing videos.

Happy Mobile D Lite (1)

For its price, the cameras do rather okay and predictable even. In places where light is very available, the sensor takes good shots, and the video even does great with matching audio quality. Bring it indoors and quality will surely degrade immediately.

Performance & Benchmarks

Happy Mobile D Lite (12)

  • Antutu – 10,309
  • Quadrant – 3,509
  • Nenamark 2 – 44.0 FPS

With a dual-core 1.3GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, and like we’ve mentioned earlier, a really clean UI – the Happy Mobile D-Lite is not fast, but it’s not sluggish either. Considering its affordability, we found the performance of the D-Lite to be reasonably okay without much stutters moving through the interface.

Battery Life

Happy Mobile D Lite (9)

Looping a video with 50% brightness and 0% volume has managed to drain a full battery to none in more or less 3 hours and 45 minutes. It’s below average compared to other phones, but we’re not so surprised considering the device only packs a 1,650mAh battery.


For the price of Php2,699, the Happy Mobile D-Lite is a great phone. It has specs that perform decently for its price, great audio recording, clean Android 4.4 KitKat and a beautiful and solid design. Unless you are willing to add more to get things like a better display, the D Lite does just fine.

Happy Mobile D-Lite Specs:
4-inch FWVGA IPS Display
1.3Ghz dual-core processor
4GB Internal Memory
5MP Rear Camera
2MP Front-facing Camera
Dual SIM/Dual Standby
FM Radio
3G Network
1650mAh Battery
Android 4.4 KitKat
Color: White, Black, Red

What we liked about it:

  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Solid construction
  • Decent cameras
  • Clean UI

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Bad viewing angles
  • Sub-par battery life

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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9 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    As a gift to your mom or to your 12year old sibling, this is something they would enjoy. Sulit na ito sa price nya. Good job in setting the price HM. Hindi nakalagay sa spec pero expandable (syempre dapat) ang memory.

    • anon daw says:

      Parang ala microsd expansion yan. Nahawakan na at napuri na ni otor, ala man binanggit na card slot.

  2. EEEZZ says:

    LOL below 5k dual core

  3. D says:

    Parang Flare Lite na baligtad.

  4. zcrowd says:

    i think the selling point of d lite is if its equipped with a generous 1gb ram coz its quite seldom that a sub 3k php phone to have that amount of ram unless virtually and tweaked.. thanks for the article boss..

  5. stephi says:

    Good Evening po, ask ko lang po kung talagang maganda po talaga yung ganyang phone.. Pinagiisipan ko po kasing bilhin eh xD di naman po ba hard touch? atsaka hindi po ba basag yung sound??

    • Hak says:

      Maganda ‘yung phone. Mabilis ‘yung internet. Sakto lang ang pagtatype sa keypad. Ok naman ‘yung camera. Maiisip mo talaga na sulit. Pero 5 days after ko nabili ‘yung unit, biglang nawawala ‘yung signal. Kahit na may 3G or G signal bars (na minsan lang mangyari) hindi ako makapagsend ng messages. Kung makakapagsend man it will take time, sobrang tagal. Tsambahan lang din pag contact sa’kin kasi nga walang signal. After ko ibalik ‘yung unit. nareturn nila after 5 days. Ang nakalagay sa report pinalitan ‘yung PCBA (?) Okay na ulit yung phone. Maayos na kahit papaano. Nagagamit ko.

      Then, today. Halos after 5 days ulit mula nung kababalik lang nung phone. Habang giinagamit ko (nagbabasa ako using an app) biglang namatay. I was using the phone with more than 80% battery life. I was not even using the internet at that time. Sinubukan kong i-on ulit, pero ayaw. Tinanggal ko yung battery at binalik. Ayaw pa rin. Sinubukan kong i-charge, hindi na talaga siya nag-oon.

      Ibabalik ko na ito ngayon ulit at hopefully sa isang unit lang ito nangyayari. Kung ipapagawa nanaman nila ito at ibabalik sa’kin after a number of days ay may problema nanaman. Hindi ko na talaga alam. Hindi man lang umaabot ng one week na hindi ito nagmamalfunction. Ang hirap.

  6. I’ve been using this phone for 2months now. Nung una OK naman sya mabilis sa WiFi mabilis sa data. Nakakapag laro pa ako coc. Pero ngayon pag sineset ko sya sa 3g nawawalan ako ng signal. Una akala ko sa network lang kaso kahit anung sim at anung network gamitin ko ganun pa din ang case nya. Nagtry along ibalik sya for warranty pero ang ginawa lang nila hinard reset pero gnun pa din magloloko pa din signal kapag naka3g set sya. Sabi pa sakin sa store kung may sira sya totally dapat walang signal Hindi nagloloko lang. Pero MA’s madalas kasi na walang signal kesa meron pag makaset sya sa 3g. Any advise po sa pwede kong gawin?

  7. have a good day ka-happy mobile! can i order the battery of happy mobile , model:D-LITE

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