LG unveils 3G-enabled Mobile Wrist Watch

LG unveils 3G-enabled Mobile Wrist Watch

LG Electronics just unveiled in South Korea the world’s first 3G-enabled wrist watch. Yup, that’s a phone embedded in a watch with 3G for video-calling (sort of a James Bond thing).

The wrist watch has a touchscreen display with has a videocam and speakers for video-calling over 3G.


lg 3g watch phone

The watch also features voice recognition, text to speech and an MP3 player. Details on this will be released during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11, 2009 {via AFP}.

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8 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    i like it alot its nice

  2. Ugh. I think it’s a bit cheesy and tacky. No wonder it’s being launched in Vegas. Then again, to each his own. Some people might like it.

  3. Kenneth says:

    I thought it was suppose to be showcased at the CEL Manila 2008? :lol:

    Kidding aside, gadgets nowadays really come handy and the “touch” generation is slowly creeping the tech world. I wonder when will this wristwatch reach the Philippines.

  4. nice watch… gift sana sa’kn ng rich friend ko..

    help… how can i upload a pic in my avatar..

  5. marvin says:

    james bond ba? hindi ba parang “bioman” ka nyan, lol!

  6. calvin says:

    china already made such watch. touchscreen na phone and wristwatch. can also play movies on its tiny screen. may stylus pa. hahaha. check out the chinavasion.com site.

  7. Obed says:

    Its funny, how people would think you are crazy kasi you are talking through your watch hohoho!

  8. kaka says:

    COOL! pwede ba mag txt dyan???

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