Nokia E6 is the new E72 on Symbian^3

Nokia E6 is the new E72 on Symbian^3

The new Nokia E6 succeeds the popular line of full qwerty smartphones which started with the Nokia E71 and the Nokia E72. Nokia retained the design with a few hardware improvements and added their new and improved Symbian^3 Anna OS.


Nokia E6 specs:
2.46-inch display @ 640×480 pixels
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB microSD
HSDPA 10.2Mbps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0 w/ A2DP
USB On-the-go support
8MP fixed-focus w/ dual-LED flash
[email protected] video recording
600MHz ARM 11 processor
2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0
FM Radio tuner
Li-Ion 1500 mAh

Nokia has not provided local pricing but adds it will be available this 2nd quarter of 2011. I reckon since it’s an E72 successor, it will be priced around the same SRP which is between Php21k to Php23k.

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41 Responses

  1. allan says:

    i hope sir abe u can have a comparative review between this & the BB 9780.

  2. Paul says:

    326ppi? Did Nokia just beat HTC and Samsung to adopting a screen PPI as high as the iPhone 4 retina display? :)

  3. Paul says:

    Interesting note about the screen resolution: 640×480 on a 2.5-inch screen = 326ppi. Yep, it’s the same PPI as the iPhone 4 retina display. :D

  4. Neil says:

    According to GSMArena, E6 has a 328ppi display. Slightly better than of the iPhone 4’s.

  5. Potpot says:

    But where is the nokia c2-00?

  6. kannuchi says:

    Hardware-wise and software support, Nokia wins on this! Excited to replace my E72! :D

  7. biboy says:

    touchscreen ba ito?

  8. Mike says:

    errrr. fixed focus camera again from nokie.

  9. eRvN says:

    @biboy yup, qwerty and touchscreen. now i’m also thinking of upgrading my e72, but i’ll wait first for reviews

  10. Kimikol says:

    Is this a Nokia version of BB OS 6 and 9780? :)

  11. kenok says:

    The e72 still looks better than this one.

  12. mr8382004 says:

    Wow USB on the Go, pwede nasiguro mag plug ng flash drive na mataas ang memory capacity.

  13. wapome says:

    i thought symbian OS is a thing in the as most Nokia phones these days are on OVI. I even heard a rumor of Nokia will runn some of their smartphones on the new Windpws Phone 7.

    • tfcnow02 says:

      sure they will, it may take time but that’s where they’re headed and will try to come up with one within this year…

  14. E says:

    i noticed that nokia is releasing new high end phones with fixed focus camera… grrr… like my nokia N8 with 12mp camera but a fixed focus one.. grrr..

  15. jason24589 says:

    I think that it be compete to the HTC ChaCha and BlackBerry Torch. Just waut for MeeGo and Windows Phone 7.

  16. jason24589 says:

    I think that it be compete to the HTC ChaCha and BlackBerry Torch. Just wait for MeeGo and Windows Phone 7.

  17. mcdofanboy says:

    screen resolution is an overkill for a small-sized qwerty smartphone.

    • marco says:

      People just don’t get it, you’re becoming hyporites yourselves. Halos magkamukha ng ppi ang iphone 4 at E6. Pero walang nagsabing overkill ang iphone 4. Ang E6, parang iphone 4 lang ang screen nyan, na pinutulan sa lenght at width para maging 2.5 inches. Wala bang nakaisip nun?

    • mcdofanboy says:

      but at least after long years of waiting nokia did fit such resolution in such small screen.

      i cannot say the word “overkill” for iphone 4 since apple is known for making such big feats on gadgets. apple does not surprise me because they have got such skillful people for a long time.

      fitting such resolution on a big screen is no surprise. knowing that such small screen can handle such resolution is already a delight. screen size does not really matter if it can fit more information on the screen.

    • kalachuchi says:

      do you mean “hypocrites” instead of “hyporites”?
      use your fingers properly…not on holding some big dicks!

    • the quitter says:

      comparing a touchscreen phone to a non-touch phone is like comparing a bicycle to a luxury car.
      epic fail way to go.

  18. whatif says:

    taas nga ng PPI di mo naman mabasa sa sobrang liit patawa rin eh no?

    hindi kaya taasan ng symbian ang resolution nila (to 800×400 example) kasi limitation po ng dinosaur OS yan sauce!

    • marco says:

      Eh bakit ung mga symbian^2 handsets from docomo FWVGA ang resolution = 480×854…?

    • marco says:

      Patawa rin ang iphone 4, kasi 329ppi nun mas mataas sa E6. Nagrereklamo ka sa screen size? Eh kaya lang naman tumataas ang ppi ng screen eh dahil mataas ang resolution sa maliit na screen area. Sa tingin mo 329ppi pa rin ang iphone 4 kung hindi 3.5 inches ang screen? Ang pinagkaiba lang mas malawak ang area ng iphone 4, hindi ulit maliit ang area ng screen eh hindi mo na mababasa sa liit ang sulat, depende yan kung maliit talaga ang sulat, kaso matino naman ang nokia para gawing big enough ang font para mabasa ng mata, siguro kasing laki din ng font ng iphone 4, hano?. Parang papel lang yan eh. Pag mas malaki ang papel mo mas marami kang lang masusulat, pag maliit mas kaunti. Magsusulat ka ba kasi ng pagkaliitliit? Kahit saang papel ka man magsulat, sa manila paper man o sa 1/4 pad paper, kung ang sulat mo naman ay kasing liit ng langgam, eh di walang ring pinagkaiba? Pareho ang E6 at iphone 4 na kayang magdisplay ng maliit na sulat, dahil halos pareho sila ng ppi. Pero hindi naman madalas gamitin ang kakayahan na yun dahil talaga namang mahihirapan kang magbasa. Ung high ppi ng iphone 4 at e6, ang totoong merit nyan eh kung paano nila nagagawang crisp at smooth ang mga texts at pictures. Hindi kung paano nila kayang magdisplay ng super sa liit na texts. Admit it, cno ba sa atin ang komportable na magbasa ng ganoong kaliit na text? Pero syempre dahil gusto nating maging smooth and crisp ang texts mas pinapaboran natin ang mataas na ppi.

      Ganito na lang gawin mo. Kuha ka ng iphone 4, tapos sumukat ka ng 2.5 inches mula sa sulok, diagonal. Tapos takpan mo ung mga parts na hindi naabot ng diagonal, yan ang screen ng E6. Ano, hindi mo parin ba mabasa sa sobrang liit?

    • the quitter says:

      hey noob, we’re discussing the nokia e6 here so please avoid discussing such fanboy-ish stuff here. being a fanboy is like being a bias and gay.
      quit being a fanboy and make your comparisons properly.

  19. Kerwin says:

    Mukhang di parin mamamatay ang Symbian. Oh well, more competition is always nice. Eto na siguro mga last wave bago maging puro Windows Phone 7 na.

  20. Justin says:

    Ok lang na magka update pa ang Symbian. It’s always nice to know that there is a pursuit of improvement. Kung last hurrah na to ng Symbian, at least they go out with a bang.

  21. kannuchi says:

    Pag nagboom pa ang Symbian, mas tatagal pa sa announced 2012 or 2014 support for the said OS.

    Last month, nawalan na ko ng gana sa Symbian with their upcoming models after N8 and C7, but then nung nilabas tong E6, parang natempt nanaman ako to buy ONE! :P

  22. Drey says:

    Why does QWERTY phones always sport a fixed-non focusing camera????


  23. Den Limq says:

    I hope it’s not too expensive and the keyboard is the same as the E71 and E72

  24. tfcnow02 says:

    gusto ko to kaso di pa available kaya E7 na muna papalit sa E71 ko :)

  25. asyong says:

    i’ll go for sony ericsson xplay :)

  26. jillian says:

    how much is this phone? :))

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