Nokia E72 Review

The Nokia E72 looks almost like a twin brother of the older and successful E71 series. With improved features and design, we’ve got a good hands-on with the E72 for a couple of weeks now.

The Nokia E72 has a more polished and elegant look with the faceplate made of aluminum in brushed-metal finish. From afar, you’d find it hard identify it apart from the E71 (the dimensions and weight are practically the same) but up close, you’d see some very fine differences.

nokia e72

I’d recommend reading my review of the Nokia E71 here first, then we go and enumerate a number of differences and improvements added to the Nokia E72:

  • A shorter space bar that doubles as a flash light button.
  • Two additional keys at the bottom row are added due to more space from the shrunk space bar.
  • An optical trackpad in the center of the D-pad.
  • A 3.5mm audio jack on the top end.
  • The camera section at the back protrudes a bit more.
  • Inclusion of an accelerometer.
  • Faster 3G — HSDPA 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA 2 Mbps
  • More internal storage — 250MB vs. 110MB
  • Speakers are found beside the camera at the back.

Here’s my previous photo comparison of the Nokia E72 vs. the Nokia E71 for a better perspective.

The 5-megapixel autofocus camera has somewhat improved in terms of photo quality but not by much. The AF is also a true autofocus (unlike before where you need to press the letter “t” to activate autofocus).

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The optical trackpad that’s integrated into the D-pad is a nice addition but sometimes could be frustrating whenever you accidentally touch it and missed a selection. Fortunately, there’s an option to disable it.

Aside from the physical enhancements, the OS on the Nokia E72 was also improved (Symbian 9.3 OS Series60 3rd Edition w/ Feature Pack 2). The UI feels more responsive because of the inclusion of subtle transitions and, of course, because of the faster processor (ARM 11 600 MHz). That’s way faster than the 434MHz of the Nokia N97.

You also get a full suite of connectivity features — GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5G/HSDPA up to 10.2Mbps and WiFi 802.11 b/g. Surfing the web on 3G and especially on WiFi is easy and the pages are rendered faster. The default browser is also full-featured and can display Flash on the page (Flash Lite v3.0). Another nice addition is the integration of keypad shortcuts for browser navigations.

Battery life (Li-Ion 1500mAh) is as impressive as ever and can last an average 3 days on casual use. Running 3G and WiFi continuously will drain the whole thing in 3 or 4 hours top (I use JoikuSpot for 3G sharing over WiFi). Good thing though is that the unit can now be charged via USB port so you’ll never worry about running out of juice when hooked up to your laptop.

Is the Nokia E72 a worthy upgrade to the Nokia E71? I’d say yes, but a conditional yes. The Nokia E72 retails for about Php19,000 to Php22,000 in stores. It’s introduction brought the E71 down to just Php15,000. If you have the budget, I’d say go for the Nokia E72 because of the 62% faster CPU, UI improvements and additional features — all worth the ~Php5k price difference. The elegant design is just icing on the cake.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Nokia E71 will do. If you already own an E71 for a year like me, you can sell the unit at Php9-11K and a lot of people will grab the deal. You can then use the extra dough to get yourself a brand new Nokia E72.

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  1. Avatar for adrian adrian says:

    @chinodavis, thanks. I’m using the OVI Suite included in the E72, and I always switch the USB mode to PC suite. The problem persists. Could it be that my PC is the problem? When I try the other options like search for device driver, the search fails (since the PC is searching Windows Update). I tried reinstalling the OVI suite so that perhaps the E72 will be recognized anew by the PC so that it could reattempt to install the drivers, but the problem is still there. In the meantime, I’m just using bluetooth when doing sync and backup. Thanks.

  2. Avatar for chinodavis chinodavis says:

    suggestion to your first problem….

    change your settings from MASS STORAGE to PC SUITE…

    (Menu > Ctrl Panel > Connect> USB > USB Connection Mode > PC Suite)

    (please update your Nokia PC Suite to its latest version)

  3. Avatar for adrian adrian says:

    Hi, I just bought my E72 yesterday and it seems to be working fine except for two issues I have encountered so far:

    1) The device could not be properly installed when connected through the USB data cable. USB seems to work fine when device is connected as Mass Storage, but when connected through PC Suite and using the Ovi Suite, the connection could not be recognized and sync operations could not be performed. The PC is looking for device driver for “Unknown Device.” Sync when via Bluetooth seems to work well even if there’s still a missing driver. Although Bluetooth is erratic when I tried using the Switch application to copy contents from my old phone.

    2)This one is encountered by kaye above. When an unknown number sends you SMS, and you save the number in your phonebook, the changes apply only to messages that will be received after the change. When you edit the phonebook entry, changes will also apply to incoming messages from that person, and does not apply to previously received messages.

    I hope anyone has figured out how to solve these. I’m not trying any firmware update yet, except for the installations required by Ovi Suite when I installed the software (which required updating some components in the phone such as SMS and MMS something–I forgot the term). I still have to check the other phone features and I hope I won’t encounter any bugs.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Avatar for afzal khan afzal khan says:

    i really believe e72 is a piece of crap, junk,
    useless creepy button’s. e63 is far better only mess with e63 is lower resolution camera,
    & alot of things …….
    but believe me nokia suck’s now, iphone, blackberry r far far better than nokia,

  5. Avatar for andre andre says:

    I like Nokia e72 better than the Bold 9700.

  6. Avatar for andre andre says:

    I like Nokia e72 better than the Bold 9700. I like to recommend buying it at if you want a good price.

  7. Avatar for andre andre says:

    I like Nokia e72 better than the Bold 9700.

    I like to recommend buying it at if you want a good price.

  8. Avatar for kaye kaye says:

    anyone having the same problem with nokia e72-
    pag may nagtext sau then nasave mo na ung number sa contacts, ung previous texts before saving the contact, number lang nag-aappear and ung change eh mag-aapply pa sa next messages. its irritating. :(

  9. Avatar for Sha Sha says:

    I’ve had my Nokia E72 for a month now. So far, I haven’t encountered any problems yet. The leather case provided by Nokia will only scratch your phone so I suggest you don’t use it. Wifi and 3g connectivity are superb. User-friendly and very easy to use. I say it beats the Blackberry Bold 9700 based from its specs specially the camera having 5mp while the bb only has 3.2. Peace and love everyone!

  10. Avatar for chinodavis19 chinodavis19 says:

    may bagong SW update sa nE72… Custom version 51.018…

    For those who are having problems in GPRS / 3g start-up follow these steps: (Smart Only)

    Step 1:
    1. Go to Sett. Wiz -> Operator -> Start
    2. Check all the boxes (Multimedia Message, Internet, Streaming) then OK.

    Step 2:
    1. Go to Internet -> Option -> Settings -> General.
    2. Access Point: Smart Internet
    3. Homepage:

  11. Avatar for Cindy Cindy says:

    Nabasa q s ibang bl0gsite n ms mabilis p dn dw ng mginternet s E71 c0mpared to ds unit?Plus npksl0w dn ng mgresp0nd..H0w true is ds?After updating d firmware b mblis n sya?Dq kc alm kng anu bilhin q s dalawa n yn.

  12. Avatar for bing bing says:

    @ CN try to check this….go to tools>settings>phone>network>network mode> choose UMTS

  13. Avatar for christian natzmaku christian natzmaku says:

    Help how to configure e72 for 3g capable i want to avail SMart unli surf for 1 day or etc. But i cant my wifi connection is ok but i want unli surf even i dont have wifi connection i already send activating 3g or grps but no luck huhuh thanks

  14. Avatar for christian natzmaku christian natzmaku says:

    Guy pano ba mafset ng 3g sa e72 kasi gusto ko mag avail ng unli surf sa smart kaso di naman gumagana hays plss help ok nmn sya sa wifi gusto ko magl oad parak ahit la wifi pwede pa din me mag surf plss help po

  15. Avatar for Andys Web Andys Web says:

    My e72 just came home with me just few days ago.

    It’s really amazing with their nice features. I’m not an avid nokia fan but I think I can settle out with this phone for a while. :) really hoping to have HTC phone instead of nokia.

    I just noticed something… I’m using smart sim card. I just loaded up 30pesos and I used the wifi on my phone. When I checked my load, it’s reduced to 2pesos. I didn’t do any sort of texting or other stuff. ONly pure wifi surf.

    Anyone experience this?

    BTW… I’ll be upgrading the current firmware to the latest one

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