Nokia N900 & HTC HD2 Prices in Gray Market

Nokia N900 & HTC HD2 Prices in Gray Market

Two of the most anticipated mobile phones of 2010 are now being sold in gray markets in Metro Manila. Saw a couple of them, HTC Touch HD2 and Nokia N900, being sold at InfoMax for a pretty big wad of cash.

The HTC Touch HD2 (HTC Leo) is selling for Php49,500. The last remaining unit was sold to an expat but the sales clerk says they’ll have new stocks soon.

nokia n900


The Nokia N900, rumored to be released in March 2010, is also selling for Php48,000. Only one remaining unit left as the other one was sold last December by InfoMax MegaMall.

If those are the gray market prices, then there’s a huge chance that the official SRP would be much lower than that. I reckon that if InfoMax gets somewhere between 20 to 30% margins on these units, the official prices will be Php35k to Php40k when they arrive.

But if you’re itching to get your hands into one of these babies ahead of everyone else, you’ll have to shell out the additional Php10k premium.

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42 Responses

  1. Cendrick says:

    Hi Sir!

    Are you also going to feature the Google’s Smartphone?

  2. manong says:

    just waiting for n97 mini to go down to less than 20k

  3. yeah i hope you feature google’s phone which i have read somewhere will be released jan 5 in the US at least.

  4. yeah i hope one day you feature google’s phone which I read somewhere will be released Jan 5 in the US at least

  5. jaya says:

    Sadly, this review details why the Google phone’s not what it’s hyped up to be.

    The reviewers actually preferred the Motorola Droid still. :(

  6. Carl says:

    If both Motorola Droid and Nexus One are available here in the Philippines, I’d also choose the Droid because of the physical keyboard. This is the reason why I’m looking forward to N900. But then again my dilemma is I believe Android is going to soar starting this year. So I’d still prefer the Droid over Nexus One and N900. If only it’s available in the Philippines.

  7. baldwin says:

    You forgot that Infomax was also selling the HSDPA Palm Pre at 48k, I think. I had a friend who had eyed that and bought it at Infomax. Touched it, and the UI was lovely.

  8. @jaya
    I’m sure most of us would want the Droid but as of now it’s still CDMA only so the Nexus one wins this round for most of us.

  9. Well, we should just hope and pray that Motorola Philippines releases the Motorola Milestone here – the GSM version of the Droid. If not, I think it is out in Malaysia or HK.

  10. Joeyoliver says:

    I got an n900 for only 26k in Bahrain (Middle East asia). Damn. They really rip off people here in the philippines. HAHA.

  11. Weak asa says:

    Kawawa naman ang pinas

  12. Naman! ang mahal mahal kaya sa infomaxx, tuwing tumitingin ako dun nung mga phones na wala pa dito but I know the price online, parang ang sarap ibato sa mga tindero. Better kung magimport ka nalang from Expansys. BTW, got my Motorola Droid/Milestone from UK courtesy of my sister. VERY nice. Hopefully my N900 will arrive this month and I’ll do a comparison. :)

  13. hd2 is good too though it’s expensive. infomaxx sells it at 49,500 while you can get that in hong kong for roughly < 30k.

  14. Infomaxx is a good shop but they price their products too much. I can’t wait to receive my N900. BOC still has it. Darn!

  15. Muziklover says:

    Gagana kaya internet neto sa indi 3G Area?

    Buti na lang, di natuloy pagbili ko ng n97, malaking panghihinayang sana. Hehe. Antayin ko na lang to, kaya pa naman, di pa naman bumibigay 5110i ko. Lol. Sayang 10k, maghihintay na lang ako hanggang march.

  16. Benito Guevarra says:

    Kimstore is selling the HTC HD2 for P41,500. I could’ve sworn I saw the site selling it for P38,000 a week ago. Guess they got wind of Infomax prices and raised theirs accordingly. Still cheaper though.

  17. marvin paul catalan says:

    got my new n900 hehe.. ganda niya kaso yoko lang walang portrait mode pero ok lang.. ganda pa din.. its like a mini laptop na.. hindi na phone.. galing kahit mama ko natuwa at nakakapaglaro siya ng farmville niya hehe.. so glad eto pinili ko over the hd2 winmo kasi hd2 kaya natatakot ako.. at pag binenta ang baba… hayyy… sarap may type.. hehe peace.. senxa po masaya lang

  18. Finally got my N900 too yesterday. I was able to blog about it too and posted some teaser pictures. I’ll post unboxing pictures and videos today.

    @marvin – congrats for our new phone, bro! Have you already installed extra maemo repositories and firefox? FTW ang mga yun!

  19. marvin paul catalan says:

    @gadgetpilipinas.. di pa pag dating ko na sa pinas dito pa ako sa hk kasi.. dito ako bumili… wahhh roaming charges tong pag comment ko sa yugatech.. hehe.. kindly send naman sa email ko ng mga links para makapagdownload ng other apps sa n900 kung may alam ka…

  20. Carl says:

    @Marvin Paul: Magkano bili mo diyan sa HK?

  21. @marvin sure. just email me ur email address so i can send u the links. give me your contact through the contact page of my website.

    normally u can get everything na sa extra-testing and extras-dev na ng maemo. pero ung mozilla fennec, email ko sayo. they recently released fennec rc2. its faster than the first rc pero mabilis pa rn ung web app mismo ng n900.

  22. @carl – i emailed motorala about droid’s availability here. the sales officer said they that aven’t secured a definite launch date of droid. btw, if it’ll be launched here, the gsm version milestone will be released and not droid, which is a cdma version. still milestone/droid are bada** phones.

  23. marvin paul catalan says:

    @carl its around HK$5000 eh.. ganda niya.. meron na dito nung milestone its 4880 ganda din sana un kaso mas na gandahan ako sa n900.. kasi may hero din ako mejo disappointed ako sa android os eh.. pero ganda din..


    eto eadd ko [email protected] tnx.

  24. Kesha says:

    Yeah. Nice question. Kung gagana kaya internet etong n900 sa hindi 3G Area? Dito kasi samin di rin abot ng 3G Eh. Pakisagot po, kung puede? Interested kase ako sa n900. Nakakalaway. Angganda. Lol.

  25. Kat says:

    I’m selling N900 for P40k, anyone who’d want to get one? ;) just send me an email.. its [email protected] ;)

  26. MJ says:

    @gadget pilipinas

    san ka po nagpa-shipped ng N900?

  27. @kesha – Suncellular 3G seems to work with the N900. I even saw 3.5G (HSDPA) on my N900 taskbar. I haven’t tested it on Globe or Smart. Will give you all an update within the week.

    @MJ – I asked a friend to buy it from Amazon for $566. She shipped it through FedEx. I suggest that you ask someone from the States to buy it for you too. Pero wag mo padala through FedEx. Tapos ka sa customs duties and taxes pag dating dito. I learned my lesson kasi ito yung nangyari sakin although mas mura pa rin halos kuha ko sa phone ko compared sa Infomaxx.

    Better yet, grab Kat’s offer to lessen the hassle. :) She might give you a discount! [joke]

  28. Kat says:

    @gadget Pilipinas : thanks man! ;) you have a point! :)

    @MJ : yeah! just buy the phone from me to lessen your worries.. :)

  29. MJ says:

    @gadget pilipinas

    thanks sir.. so all in all how much inabot nung pagsship ng N900 mo sir?

    ok yan basta may discount.. :)

  30. Kat says:

    haha we can negotiate on that.. how many are you getting? ;) or… you might as well tell your friends to get one! Then i can give you discount!:) Deal? ;)

  31. MJ says:


    ako lang eh.. lhat cla iphone :D

  32. Kat says:

    haha.. kei… email me kung how much yung discount that your asking.. ;)

  33. ricardo8 says:

    nabili ko rin ang n900 sa saudi nun pang october. nasa 3,900 riyals (46,800 pesos) pa nuon. pero ngayon sabi ng kaibigan ko nasa 2,200 riyals (26,400 pesos) na lang daw ngayon.ang bilis bumaba ng presyo.pero dito sa pinas napakalayo ng presyo, ang mahal dito. hehehehe

  34. arloney says:

    saan po ba ang exact address para makabili ng hd2f? Ofcourse, yung mas mababa ang price. thank. pls email me.

  35. astroboi says:

    i saw n900 somewhere in rob place mla at 30k.m sure may mas mababa pa pero di nako nakapaglibot. guys how r ur n900’s doing? good buy ba siya or iphone 3gs na lang?

  36. conel says:

    i just got my nokia n900 here in macau and it only cost merely 24k pesos

  37. Dakkel says:

    @astroboi: I do not bring my laptop with me anymore. Nasa cabinet na siya. Inaalikabok. All that after I laid hands on my N900.

  38. mark says:

    im selling my htc hd2 by php16000.if someone wants txt me in 09274618117 ths number or mail me in [email protected]

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