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Nokia Normandy could be an entry-level Android phone

Reports are floating around that Nokia’s upcoming entry-level offering, the Nokia “Normandy”, could be the Finnish company’s first Android-based phone.

nokia normandy

The image shown above was leaked by @evleaks back in late November. From its looks and lone navigation button at the bottom, it can be easily taken as a new Lumia-inspired Asha phone. But according to an article by The Verge, it’s possible that the new phone will run Nokia’s own version of Android and will have the capability to run Android-based apps – something that Amazon has been doing with their Kindle Fire tablets.

It was reported back in September that Nokia is working on a project called “Asha on Linux” and that getting Android to run on Nokia’s hardware “was not a Herculean engineering effort”, so the possibility is there.

A Nokia Android phone is something that everyone has been looking forward to. However, things should be taken with a grain of salt as nothing is official as of the moment. We’ll soon find out once, and if, the device gets launched next year.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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22 Responses

  1. evollove says:

    A lot of people would probably wish to have the a Lumia 1020 on Android as Nokia’s first Android phone, but I disagree. On a business standpoint, this is what you’d call “testing the waters”.

    It makes sense that this is an entry-level Asha competitor because the Lumia range runs on Windows Phone OS. Microsoft would never allow it if they release a phone that cannibalizes the sales of the Lumia range.

    Better to slowly wade in than to cannonball into the water and end up bellyflopping.

    I hope Microsoft doesn’t pull the plug and let the Nokia Android be an eternal pipe dream.

    • jeDICK says:

      Brad, para mo nang sinabi na supot ang Windows Phone OS at hari ang Android.

      … Hmm… well, no argument there.

  2. la lang says:

    Sna may flash man lang…

  3. RaM says:

    Eh Di ba nabili na ng Microsoft ang Nokia? Bakit magkakaroon ng android? o_O

  4. TarantadongPinoy says:

    Imposible… Windows padin, walang kwenta ang buggy na android.

  5. Bert says:

    “The new phone will run Nokia’s own version of Android and will have the capability to run Android-based apps – something that Amazon has been doing with their Kindle Fire tablets.”

    Nokia propriety OS pa rin combined with Anroid OS.

    • Cacai says:

      This might compete with their own products
      and cannibalize its sale. Dapat they continue to build momentum for their windows phones. Buti sana if this will compete with the other manufacturers.

  6. emmanuel lobrino says:

    ang sabi sa report Nokia phone na me kakayahang magrun ng Android app. walang binanggit na Android OS. so most likely eh Windows phone pa din sya na kayang mag run ng android apps.

  7. Melie says:

    Grabe na talaga! LG G2 ruled.. sana lang magtuloy tuloy na to :) nice. keep it up :)

  8. zellkyo says:

    ang alam ko hindi naman buong nokia ang binili ng microsoft. ung devices and services lang and may specifics kung anong devices and services lang (example is the lumia series). siguro kung gagawa sila ng bago line of handsets na hindi kasama sa binili ng microsoft ppwede siguro yang android powered nokia

  9. Android, or could be Sailfish OS.

  10. Zobel says:

    Kung overpriced phone OS man eh di mag i-phone na lang ako kesa walang kwentang windows. Mas marami ka pang magagawa with the former (not as much as Android, though.)

  11. sephiroth111 says:

    I think the phone from screenshot is not an android phone. Maybe a new generation of Asha series phone? becuase of back button :)

  12. Mond says:

    Bumili ako ng HTC 8x. Maganda talaga yung camera pero regarding sa apps ang daming bugs at saka nahuhuli sila sa mga updates! Pag dumating sa punto na wala pa rin ang release ng GDR3 update dito sa Pinas, switch ulit ako sa Android.

  13. jimmy says:

    hhmmm…if ever sobrang late na ang nokia.i will stick to LG parin.

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