Nokia X6 gets priced

Nokia X6 gets priced

While the Nokia X6 has not really been officially released in the Philippines (posters on mobile phone shops puts a “Coming Soon” teaser), the handset has been selling in online stores just recently.

Local online store eBuyStore puts the retail price of the Nokia X6 at Php19,350.


Announced last September 2009, the Nokia X6 has a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 32GB of storage, and boasts of 35 hours of music playback. Not really very slim at 14mm. It has 3G/HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and a 5MP Carl Zeiss optics.

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69 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    Another dream phone. How I wish I have the job at this early and be able to buy those gadgets that I’ve been desiring eversince. :-(

  2. ranuj says:

    parang nokia 5800 lang e!

  3. naruto04 says:

    gray market??

  4. chris says:

    yeah parang 5800 na iba lang yung style, user interface, plus 32gb storage capacity.

  5. simplynice93 says:

    Mahal pa siya. Maraming mas mura na phone with the same features as the Nokia X6

  6. ryan ang says:

    I think X6 has a capacitive touchscreen instead of the resistive one found on other music-centric devices ng nokia, plus 32gb is plenty :D

  7. MIKE says:

    32gb storage is very good but this phone as a whole is little bit late because we are talking about now wl 1ghz processor, 3D gaming, amoled screen, android 2.1, etc. Last MWC 2010 in Barcelona, Spain Samsung anounced some upgrades to its new bada phone “samsung wave” (super amoled, bluetooth 3.0, mDNle, anti-smudge that eliminates problem wl finger prints & bada os)

  8. myke says:

    gotta love philippine’s cellphone prices, for 19kphp you can only get an se aino here

  9. zick says:

    intayin ku n lang mag lbas ang Nokia ng 12mp camera with xenon flash.. katulad ng SE SATIO at 32 GB din at mas mbilis na processor, capacitive touch screen at multi – touch like the iPhone.. at mas mlaking screen, tapos medyo manipis lang.. at hindi kamahalan…

  10. mark says:

    I was expecting this to be around 20k plus.. capacitive screen and decent mp make a huge difference to 5800.. tska tingin ko pwedeng maport sa unit na to ung upcoming symbian^3 kc capactive screen sya that can support multi-touch.. sana :)

  11. StrayArrow says:

    I think theres nothing to be excited about the phone..

  12. edz says:

    wanna try other mobile OS such as Google Inc.’s Android

  13. Lee says:

    I will not buy another Nokia phone,unless they update their very outdated OS.Dapat ibenta na lang ng nokia ang symbian and just go with Android.

  14. booooom says:

    @Lee: Open Source na ang Symbian.

  15. Jam. says:

    Already available in Lipa City for 19,990.

  16. sky says:

    I’m going to wait for Symbian^3 [all Nokia touchscreen phones right now are Symbian^1]. As it stands, Symbian^1 is merely a touchscreen version of the popular but rather ancient Series 60, which makes the current touchscreen experience on Nokia phones rather… poor.

    It’s a nice phone though, for its price:features ratio – quite the value. Mind you this is Nokia’s first capacitive touchscreen phone. This is a good step for Nokia, but I will wait for more improvements. :]

  17. zick says:

    huling huli na ang Nokia ngaun… d katulad dati… nkikipagsabayan sila… Ngaun hanggang 5 mp parin ang Nokia.. Meron ngang 8Mp peru d nman touchscreen at wala pang xenon.. led flash prin at mas mganda pag 12mp.. At ang touchscreen nila resistive… Ngaun plang sila maglalabas ng Capacitive at hindi pa multi-touch..

  18. rhylai says:

    Waah! I want to have this! :) Nokia already launched the X6 (16GB) with the price of 22K +. But may you recommend any other touchscreen phones that are pocket-friendly? Thanks! :)

  19. mykee says:

    its only 16gb instead of the 32gb n0kia x6 haiz kala ko ung 32gb na inilabas. ang inilabas lang pala ng nokia philippines ung 16gb na x6. Waiting to the nokia x10 rumor phone running symbian 3 na.. Sana totoo. Haha.. Want this phone. But i recently bought the nokia 6700 classic for 12k tsktsk. Sana hinintay ko nalang to phone n to.

  20. rhylai says:

    Yun nga! Kaya disappointed din ako kasi yung 16GB ang nilaunch nila at hindi pa yung 32GB. But I’m hoping they will launch the 32GB this year also. :)

  21. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    kasi ung 32 GB ver. is the ver. with COMES WITH MUSIC branding… un ung pde kau magdownload ng unlimited songs for one year… sadly di available ang nokia music store sa phil. kaya siguro the 16GB version lang nirelease nila dito..

  22. rhylai says:

    But who knows irelease pa rin. Sorry. Ako na makulit! :D

  23. mykee18 says:

    sabagay. pero date ung nokia 5610 ko nung binili ko may voucher na kasama free download ng 100 songs. hindi ko nman nagamit yun hanggang naexpire. sabagay unlimited ung download nung x6 32gb comes with music. hahaha baket kaya hindi available sa phils. ung music store?.

  24. Jam. says:

    *waiting for Symbian^3*

  25. alvin says:

    ei 32gb .. bat nsa site ng nokia 16gb lang wala xa memory card dba?

  26. alvin says:

    yan ang gusto ko cp OMG almost 4months ko sweldo…

    pero parang same sila ng feature ng n5800 payo nmn sir yan balak ko buy anu masasabi nyo dyan??

    wifi na xa dba?>
    wala xa memo card nyo?

    thxs payo keo para dyan

  27. alvin says:

    guyz ! anu po ba un Symbian? puro kc un sinasabi nyo di ko alam anu un!

    sorry newbie sa mga ganun.

    base sa mga coment nyo di xa maganda dahil inde symbian? at un touch scren nya inde ka2lad sa iphone na maganda? ganun p ba?

  28. zaxx says:

    symbian? ayun ata ung OS ng mga kanunununuan nten,in other words, ng mga lolo naten…

  29. People, PLEASE STOP! bragging that this X6 is same as 5800, the things similar to 5800 on the looks and style are just the 3.2″ touch screen, candy bar and some details. This phone is the first Nokia phone to have a capacitive screen which is good for users who use their fingers a lot on tapping the phone.

    Next big thing is the 5MP camera while the 3.2MP for 5800xm. Anyways we should embrace both phones.

  30. rhylai says:

    But the difference is walang music player yung Nokia X6 (16GB).

  31. @rhylai

    anu ba yan? meron po talaga yan. Xpress Music nga yu ang ibig sabihin ng X. :D

  32. genelicious says:

    i hav a question lng po, im confused on wat i had read on d nokia website.. it says der that it doesnt have a music player.. so how was it? how about d mp3 etc.?! thanks! :))

  33. alvin says:

    pwde ka nmn cguro dl ng mp3 player sa ei !

  34. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    common sense peepzz… siyempre may music player yan… basic feature na un ng isang phone… wala siyang COMES WITH MUSIC.. aun un.. un ung model nila na 1 year unlimited download ng music sa NOKIA MUSIC STORE…

    @alvin yeah meron dun pero maganda ba yung quality, i think hindi…

  35. ben lorenz says:

    weeeh ! mag-order nalang sa labas ..

  36. alvin says:

    maganda din dun. hanap ka n lang ng maganda quality! HAHA meron din un panget! marami dun sa

  37. shuneska says:

    @ Marvin: o siige, may musiic player sya kaso ano yung siinasabii mo na, “wala siyang COMES WITH MUSIC”? hiindii langg kiita magetss.. hiindii kasii ako ganon ka-famiiliiar sa mga features ng mga phone..

  38. lena says:

    “COMES WITH MUSIC” voucher o something yun para makadownload ka sa music store. sa pagkakaalam ko parang code yun na ii enter mo at hindi sya music player parang pin code.

  39. alphachie says:

    i have the 5800 express music..x6 looks much sleeker, think i have one..ill wait till the price lowers down to 14 thou..anyways all phone prices will depreciate in a month or two..

  40. cojo says:

    depends on the country kung provisioned ng comes w/ music//as of now, wala pa ang pinas//limited pa lang meron cwm access//mostly european countries, singapore lang ata asian country na may cwm accessibility//takot sila sa pinas siguro dahil uso sa atn ang piracy.ahaha

  41. alvin says:

    same speed lang ba sa procesor ang x6 16gb at nokia 5800XpresMusic 8gb

  42. kruegerman says:

    just saw the x6 in megamall. it looks too plasticky.

  43. Ian Paul says:

    you guys are so stupid it wouldn’t be that expensive if its just like 5800 and besides its not expensive witt heads

  44. Louie says:


  45. Louie says:


  46. genelicious says:

    sir yuga! i hope that u can make further review for this Nokia X6.. thanks! :))

  47. Glen Mark says:

    Hey guys:

    x6 comes with 2 different versions
    32 GB

    32 GB was first released in america due to band frequencies regrading HSUPA, 3G and triband capability when it comes of working frequencies.

    16 GB was released primarily in Asia and other continent regions due to the massive complains with the price and bugs found on the earlier version of nokia x6 32 gb version 11. 16 gb was released under the software update version 12

    16 GB being released in the market was the optimized one due to it has been updated from the date it was manufactured and the commonly bugs was fix that mostly pertains with massive storage and responsiveness of the capacitive screens.

    5800 and x6 are really far when it comes to specifications.

    Carl Zeiss optics is one of the major concerns. The higher pixel rate it can produce the sharper and the bigger image it may create. 5.0 cannot be compared with 3.2 megapixel logically and scientifically.

    Another difference is the stand by screen of nokia 5800 versus nokia x6. If you are aware that x6 was blessed with the contact shortcuts on screen together with a thumbnail that you can maneuver around the screen in selecting which contact to email, chat, fax and even to view the additional details save or encoded under the contact list.

    Responsiveness of the screen is really different with 5800 vs x6. 5800 needs a stylus to define the strokes and points of your navigation wherein at x6, no matter how big your finger is the certainty of pushing a link for example in browsing web pages is really amazing and ideal. if your finger cannot accommodate the small links then you have the option to double tap the screen and it will automatically gets bigger or should I say that it will zoom the screen for you to make it easier to explore around.

    Processor is the same but the way how the processor handles the design of the user interface makes a big difference with nokia x6 and nokia 5800. Lagging of menu and shortcut was never experienced by me with nokia x6 16gb. I agree with the 32 gb x6 that it was present but with x6 16gb version that is a big lie to rumor around.

    Another thing is plasticky design? what do you think with 5800 either? was it made of steel or gold? You make me laugh with your comments. X6 was designed with class, remove the bulkiness and set the trendy, simple and classical design of a candy bar phone that at first saw you wouldn’t notice but as long as you are using it you will just notice yourself that you are fond of it.

    Try the x6 first and you will feel the difference. Id rather have this phone that other iphones, HTC hero and sony satio.

    You know why?

    Just a simple question, when your phone got some software problems and needs some reformat and even support, would it be beneficial for you or truly satisfied to experiment, research and make some trial and errors just to fix it?

    That is the prestige of s60 symbian phones that through your own selves you can reformat it with the magical hard reset *#7370#

    and your back with your new and clean phone.

    To finalize all, just a logical explanation:

    If you will buy a cake which do you think is much better?

    a Cake with icing and flavor

    or a cake purely made only by it’s foam?

    Your questions are answered for whatever confusion you have with x6 and nokia 5800. and that answers asa well why it is more expensive.

    Study and review first, before making any absurd allegations with a certain subject.

    Peace Guys!

  48. i’m thinking of buying this phone. but i’m not a touchscreen fan. still torn. i want a music/mp3 player, camera/video cam, and a phone. i had the 5800 but i never got to use often. still thinking whether to buy an ipod + a digicam or this one :D

  49. kea says:

    @ glen mark,

    so sir are u saying that 32gb x6 fones from the US have bugs and its better to buy 16gb? ano ba ung bugs na sinasabi mo like paghahang? my friend is selling x6 fones from the US both 32 and 16 gb which do u think is better to use in the philippines? pag gumamit ba ako ng 32 dito sa pinas magkakapproblema ba?

    u said earlier versions of 32gb have bugs, na update na ba ung 32gb. mga anong months nirelease ung 32gb na earlier version na may bug complains?

    thnks for u time

  50. from the one reader that he wants to launch the nokia x10,maybe it will not come to nokia phones..because the sony ericsson launch the new android named as –Xperia X10– it will be conflict with the names and the brands of the phones..

  51. Jom says:

    I’ve been enjoying this handset for a week now. It’s really cool and useful at the same time. Di lang pangporma pero malaki ang laban niya in terms of functionality. Great buy :)

  52. Andoy says:

    I got it already! x6 32gb version.

  53. Paul says:

    Ok sana mga touchscreen phones ng nokia kazo mgkkmukha cla lhat…hehehe…d 2lad ng sony ericsson…tntmad ata mgdesign ang nokia…haha…

  54. bernard says:

    im planning to have this phone x6 32gb, Globe is now offering this for only 2,500 post paid, x6 for free.. with a yr lock in period. just wanna know if getting this one would be a great choice….

  55. crazyyasain says:

    im planning to buy this but im confused coz its big eh..any suggestions?anu yung better ung samsung jet or itong x6 ?coz when i went to the mall last price nla sa x6 is 13+k then dunno yet sa samsung jet

    • joann says:

      if you want x6 i can give you my new one x6nokia for 8000 you can contact me here if you are interested 09498491281

  56. lovelyn says:

    why the heck are they so similar with LG chocolate
    BL40 and BL20

  57. pinoyako2010 says:

    i prefer the blackberry curve 8250 than nokia x6…
    mas maraming features, may bbm pa, kasi a lot of my friends have blackberry and bbm…

  58. violeta v. mojica says:

    for me nokia X6 is fun and enjoyable gadget
    I love it … Muwah

  59. This site is really helpful.. Evrytime i google a phone’s price in the philippines, this site is always the top result… thank you for informing us, !! ^^

  60. Rockwell says:

    hello guys.. ung kasama ko sa work binebenta nya x6 nya for 10k. bago pa, reason nya is lilipat xa ng samsung.. so im planning to sell my nokia e66 which i bought frm dubai. what do u think guys? ok lng ba na pagpalit ko nokia e66 for this phone? btw im selling my e66 for 7-8k so 2-3k nlng idaragdag ko pra mkuha ko tong phone nato

  61. ira says:

    @Rockwell, wag mo pagpalit. actually im planning to sell my x6 na rin for 10k lang din. mahal na nga, may mga palpak pa. i bought it for 17k+ this november lang. kasawa agad kasi di enjoy ang features.

  62. ira says:

    kaya niya binibenta coz magpapalit siya, it means hindi din siya nag enjoy.

  63. MindFreak says:

    mas maganda ang nokia model kc pweding lagayan ng themes, games, lahat pwedi sa nokia…. Nokia You are The Best…

  64. daisy catalan says:

    want ko ibenta my nokia x6 GB,ingat n ingat ako dito 16k ko cia nbili..

  65. mitch says:

    guys, magkanu na lang ang brand new nito ngayon? tnx

  66. king says:

    pero sa tingin nyo astig ba talaga ang audio music player ng X6?

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