Sale Vote: LG Optimus One vs. Nokia C6

Sale Vote: LG Optimus One vs. Nokia C6

So okay, it’s obvious that Nokia’s sale of the Nokia C6 is in direct competition with the LG Optimus One we reported earlier. Same date, same time, same locations and even almost same price.

So, why don’t we put it to a vote? Who’s lining up for which sale this Saturday? Is it the LG sale or is it the Nokia sale? Just leave a comment below to be counted.


But if you’re still undecided, here’s a run-down of their features.

LG Optimus One P500
3.2″ capacitive display @ 320×480 pixels
600 MHz Processor
170MB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 7.2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
3.15MP autofocus camera
Stereo FM Radio
GPS w/ aGPS support
1500mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 2.2 Froyo
Sale Price: Php6,495

Nokia C6
ARM 11 434MHz processor
3.2″ resistive touchscreen @ 360×640 pixels
QWERTY slider keyboard
240MB internal memory
up to 16GB via microSD (2GB included)
HSDPA 3.6Mbps
WiFI 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0
5MP autofocus camera w/ LED flash
FM Radio
GPS w/ aGPS support
Li-Ion 1200mAh battery
Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5
Sale Price: Php6,490

If you’re asking for my opinion, go grab both units if you have the money. Then, you can sell the other one if you don’t like it — at a profit too! *heh*

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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282 Responses

  1. ctoy says:

    will line up for the LG Optimus One :)

  2. Vince says:

    LG Optimus One…and its not even close.

  3. tipler says:

    include price on comparison pls

  4. godofredo says:

    another vote for LG Optimus One!

  5. levs says:

    LG Optimus One

  6. shifty says:

    definitely for LG Optimus!!

  7. hyeahitsrchrd says:

    LG optimus one

  8. gwhiz says:

    LG Optimus One

  9. d00dz says:

    There’s absolutely no contest.

    Symbian and Nokia are dying and it would take a miracle to turn things around.

  10. Sol says:

    OPTI ONE!!! Basically it’s because of ANDROID!

  11. Alvin says:

    if LG comes with the standard package of 2 batteries plus a stand-alone battery charger, then i’m lining up for LG!

  12. Pia says:

    I’ll go for LG OPTIMUS ONE!!! Hindi na ko makapaghintay sana Nov. 13 na.

  13. Patricia says:

    LG. I’m kind of wondering why Nokia still chooses to have a Symbian OS when everybody else is going for app-loaded operating systems. =|

  14. Great advise, Abe. Get both and sell the other one. But be sure to be on time at the same place. Good thing is that Nokia’s sale duration is longer than LG’s – pretty good lead time yun para lumipat sa isa pang shop. Best thing to do is to ask someone to line up for you at the other shop. Lol!

    As for me, I’d pick the Nokia C6.

  15. Jan Brane says:

    No doubt. LG Optimus One! Good luck to all of us on Saturday!

  16. Harley says:

    LG Optimus One! what is with the resistive of nokia c6? such a failure!

  17. Nokia might be useful for a car-mounted Ovi Maps device as opposed to a dedicated device, but for overall I’ll go with LG’s Android.

  18. Icesteam says:

    Ohh LG Optimus one is 5 Peso More Expensive.. lol Go nokia c6.. nahh i think i still get the android phone

  19. leeto says:

    Nokia N6 ako because of the slide out qwerty keypad. kasi kung touchscreen, by wear and tear, lulubog ang touchscreen or magkakaroon ng dent

  20. Carlo says:

    WALA. Di kami abot ng sale na yan. Hirap ng taga-probinsya. :( Pero kung pipili ako, LG.

  21. simplynice93 says:

    Nice strategy by Nokia. But LG has the advantage since it is releasing a new phone than Nokia C6.

  22. chic says:

    i’ll go for LG optimus!

  23. Icesteam says:

    WOhha can i have both

  24. Joshua M. says:

    Pag ang nag sale ay ang N8 for 6,490; maguusap tayo

  25. Justine says:

    I’ll go for LG… kahit wala akong pera..hahahah!!

  26. mandarambong says:

    Cmon Android 2.2 froyo? at 6495.. i choose LG.

  27. naix says:

    LG Optimus One P500 FTW!

  28. mandarambong says:

    Cmon Android 2.2 froyo? at 6495.. of course i’ll choose LG.

  29. heckiboi says:

    LG Optimus One P500
    Android 2.2 Froyo powered phone.

  30. chino says:

    nokia. ganda camera eh hehehe!

  31. Marky says:

    Im here right now sa Bacolod Negros Occidental….
    Di aabot yung sales nyan dito…but LG ako mas ok kasi android..

  32. darzki says:

    On a developer’s perspective, I’ll go for Android. Symbian still rules so I’ll buy both. See guys on Saturday!

  33. boplaksnakelot says:

    what can i say.. LG is on the very way lead.. LG is better because of Android.. wag lang sana lag running apps =D

  34. ron says:

    It’s a good thing Nokia came up with something to compete with the price drop promotion, but for someone so familiar and bored with Symbian I think I want something fresh and new, and that’s Android! LG Optimus One for me…

  35. boplaksnakelot says:

    disregard the gsmarena post.. err posting sori

  36. doned says:

    froyo is the reason plus lots of applications like kik messenger OPTIMUS ONE

  37. cosmic says:

    Nokia wake up!!!!

  38. JKisaragi says:

    LG does have the advantage here. But we have to give credit to Nokia. It’ll take a bit more time for that unit to drop its price to that level. Hehe.

    Anyhow, para sa mga hindi papalarin sa LG sale (but I do hope palarin lahat), you have the option to buy the C6. :)

  39. Biggs says:

    Where is the pole? Hehe! Siyempre Optimus Prime tayo. Ume-epal lang ang Nokia kase ayaw nilang magpatalo kahit obvious naman sa screen technology at OS pa lang, olats na sila. Hehehe!

  40. Popol says:

    LG Optimus One. Pinagiisipan pa ba yan… ;)

  41. Richard says:

    Froyo FTW!

  42. Cherry Ann says:

    I’ll go for LG Optimus One. Hopefully, I’ll get two on Saturday.

  43. vince says:

    I’m going for LG! Great backup phone to partner with my Samsung Wave S8500 :)

  44. Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like) says:

    Cheap ass bitches, I dare you to buy it when its not on sale, Iphone 4 rules!!! CHEAPIPOS!!

  45. iamspikee says:

    LG, because of android

  46. Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like) says:

    add me in facebook cheapipos! here’s my link: at least I’m brave. Im a fag, so boys I’ll suck your ding dongs ;) *muah* *tsup* here’s my email: [email protected]

  47. Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like) says:

    add me in facebook cheapipos! here’s my link: at least I’m brave. so boys I’ll suck your ding dongs *muah* *tsup* here’s my email: [email protected]

  48. pera says:

    Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like)

    gus2 yang comment mo…
    sana madala mo sa impyerno yang mamahalin pero inutil na iphone4 mo.

  49. Sherwin says:

    Kung sa LG Optimus One 50 units sa loob ng isang oras, sa Nokia kaya ilang units sa loob ng tatlong oras.

  50. Paolo Gay says:

    ^ of course iPhone 4 is better. But it’s f*cking 40 grand more! Come on, you’re comparing apples and oranges here. I’ll get the Optimus One but I won’t call myself cheap ass. It’s what you call being practical you dumb f*ck! I didn’t know stupid immature kids like you can own an iPhone 4. Are you sure you know how to use it? Go and f*ck your iPhone 4 and get out of here.

  51. GrayFox says:

    1:1 ratio ang bentahan ng LG Optimus One. So walang pakyawan ng units! :D

  52. cosmic says:

    Android Froyo > Apple iOS !!!
    Apple is going down.

  53. Pink Nipples says:

    @Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like)

    Yah coz iPhone 4 is so special right? I mean, it’s a phone with the same old interface with your kindergarten sister’s ipod touch. Omg a phone like that should be price 40k!

  54. arix says:

    ^do you have any statistics that Android Froyo’s beating the iOS? or you’re just another fanboy?

  55. nathan says:

    Cheap LG whatever with 256 colors compared to 16M colors of C6? Wake up!!! I’ll go for Nokia C6.

  56. Pach Pach says:

    LG. Android customization win!

  57. deuts says:

    Ako Nokia 1202 bibilhin ko! P1,190 lang!

  58. ems says:

    wow, tempting din sa nokia.. mas mahaba yung sale, mas maraming tao ma-a.accomodate

  59. boyboy says:

    gagana ba ang gps ng lg optimus dito sa pilipinas? sorry for asking i own a 5800 now and plan to get the optimus one. the reason im getting lg because of the android os. but if the gps wont work here na libre unlike sa nokia 5800 ko then better not buy this unit. please enlighten me on this thanks

  60. Tulfo says:

    @Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like)

    Eeeeeeewwww! Bumili ka ng iPhone 4?! Bro, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”. Isa ka sa mga taong na-uto ni Steve Jobs. LULZ! You had to pay around 45k just to get that “overly-hyped” smartphone, well guess what? I’ll be getting mine for 6.5k. HAHAHAHAHA! Android 2.2 FROYO FOR YAH KID!!!

  61. Steve Jobs says:

    Ofcourse he’s a fan-boy! Thanks for your money kid :P

  62. NokiaForeverAndAlways says:


    Yes bro, go for the Nokia C6!!!
    Guys! Nokia C6 na tayo!!! Nokia C6 FOR THE WIN!

  63. Bruno says:



  64. JKisaragi says:

    Obvious naman na loser yung nagpapanggap na Paolo Lumadao. I can see him using the name only to defame the person. How low can one go? Ask the person behind the post. You’ll get a definite answer.

    Of course the iPhone 4 is miles apart from this phone, kasi I believe this is an ENTRY LEVEL Android phone from LG, whereas iPhone 4 is a “premium” device (or so they claim).

    I bet you don’t even have an iPhone 4. Dream on, bub.

  65. Pulubi says:

    ^ well he can afford it, good for him, huwag nalang nya sanang tawaging “CHEAPIPOYS” yung mga taong hindi nagpa-uto kay iPhone . . buying cheaper phones that can match or even outdo the capability of iPhones is not being CHEAP, its called being practical and giving value to your money even if you can afford buying a hundred iPhones . . ^_^

    back to the topic . . Froyo FTW! ^_^

  66. BLUET0PS says:

    c6… for the camera…the qwerty…

  67. leeto says:

    karamihan sa atin mga Pinoy pa-sosyal kahit gutom, mahilig sa Apple pero hanggang doon lang ang pera wala na pang “rainy days”. dapat practical tayo para di tayo mamulubi.

  68. Pach Pach says:


    If you want free offline navigation via Ovi Maps then go for the C6. It is relatively painless.

    The GPS unit of the LG Optimus One can also display GPS locations and maps, presumably using Google Maps, or a third party app. Nokia’s Ovi Maps are preloaded so you save on bandwidth (that is, 3G/Internet rates), unlike in Google Maps where they need to be downloaded.

  69. leeto says:

    tama ka Pach Pach, good advice

  70. JKisaragi says:


    You missed the “if” there. “IF” he can afford it, good for him. :))

    Pero am I the only one who noticed this? Na may gusto lang mamahiya at sumira dun sa Paolo Lumadao by using his name and even going too far as to post his FB page and email address.

    Oh well. At the very least, I’m not buying that person’s mediocrity. :)

  71. arix says:

    ok back to topic..

  72. Marcus says:

    wow, LG parin ako coz it’s 2.2 Android and capacitive vs. C6 w/c is resistive.. pero if you are asking which brand is better, obviously Nokia parin.

  73. iPhone4 Owner says:

    Well, it’s really comparing Apples (pun intended) to Oranges. The iPhone 4 and the Optimus One as well as the Nokia C6 are on different price points and feature levels. Now I won’t call people who buy inexpensive phones “cheapipoys” as it is definitely wise and practical to only live within your means. If that’s what you can afford, then good for you that you’ve gotten something that would normally be out of your reach, whatever you pick.

    But by the same token, please don’t call iPhone owners like me as “nagpa-uto”. We can afford to buy it. And for those in the know, we can maximize the capability and potential of our investment. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

    To return to the topic at hand, I will be trying my hand at getting an Optimus One. I’ve tried Symbian phones already so I’ll pass on the C6 (although it definitely beats the N73 which was the last Symbian OS device I owned). I’ve heard a lot of good things about Android so I’m willing to part with my 6,500 to get a good entry level unit with Froyo.

  74. elysse says:

    LG! pag hindi nakaabot, sa Nokia na lang. :)

  75. Sherwin says:

    Minsan lang kasi yung ganitong sale kahit siguro mag christmas sale di ganito kababa ang prices. Yeah

  76. Sherwin says:

    Sana may promo sale din ang Sony Ericsson at Samsung :) para mas madaming choices

  77. Sherwin says:

    Samsung at Sony Ericsson sana may panlabang sale din sila :)

  78. Pach Pach says:

    Yes that’s better. No more flaming please, to each his/her own.

    Nokia has built a good name for mobile phones, but LG is also a respectable brand. They are in second place in the mobile phone market in South Korea, next to Samsung, which sells a very competent Android phone, the Galaxy S.

    If only Sony Ericsson would sell a lower-priced Froyo, for if durability was the name of the game, Sony Ericsson wins hands down. Sadly, they only sell units which have Android 1.6 preinstalled, and their Eclair updates are coming pretty late.

  79. @iPhone4 Owner

    Wow? Comparing Optimus One, an ENTRY LEVEL android smartphone to iPhone4?! Dude, why don’t you compare your overly-hyped/priced iPhone 4 to PREMIUM Android smartphones like the Desire HD, EVO or perhaps the Droid X eh? They could shit on your gay iPhone a hundred time over.

  80. @iPhone4 Owner

    Wow? Comparing Optimus One, an ENTRY LEVEL android smartphone to iPhone4?! Dude, why don’t you compare your overly-hyped/priced iPhone 4 to PREMIUM Android smartphones like the Desire HD, EVO or perhaps the Droid X eh? They could shit on your gay iPhone a hundred times over.

  81. Referee says:


    please tama na bangayan . . magpapasko na . . ^_^

    my vote . . . . . Android!!!

  82. Mon Makuto says:

    Tangina ninyo, kahit LG lang sagot ninyo pwede na e.

  83. Daniel says:

    I’ll go for LG OPTIMUS ONE kasi android sya.. mas appropriate sa touchscreen. nabubulok na kasi nokia ayaw ayusin ung UI. at saka mas mabilis ung android kesa symbian at mas madaming apps hahah. sorry nokia .. LG muna ako… kung ung c7 or c6-01 mag 50% off baka mag nokia pa ako …


  84. wArFrEaK! says:

    @Mon Makuto

    tangina mo din, wala ka pakialam! kalbong puro kuto!!!

  85. bing says:

    Nokia GPS is way better. The maps is preloaded to the phone so No need for data connection. Google map needs to be connected all the time. Google map needs to be online in real time to get navigation. Can you imagine how much data will it consume for a two hour trip? Much more if you are going to travel out of country, there’s no way you can afford data roaming charges. For me who travel frequently in and out of country Nokia is definitely the winner.

  86. arix says:

    @ androidlover

    Lol he wasn’t comparing the capabilities of Froyo and iOS4. Nowhere in his post stated that the iOS is better than the other or vice versa! READ BETWEEN THE LINES. As I said, you as an example, put a bad light on Android users. It make you look STUPID.

  87. arix says:

    @ androidlover

    Lol he wasn’t comparing the capabilities of Froyo and iOS4. Nowhere in his post stated that the iOS is better than the other or vice versa! READ BETWEEN THE LINES. As I said, you as an example, put a bad light on Android users. It makes you look STUPID.

  88. @wArFrEaK! hahaha panalo XD

  89. Bruno says:

    @Mon Makuto

    Tangina kang kalbo ka! Raming satsat amp!

  90. Sherwin says:

    warfreak nga eh haha lol :)

  91. iPhone4 Owner says:


    I did not compare the Optimus One to the iPhone 4 unless you consider the apples and oranges thing a comparison.

    I don’t intend on comparing the iPhone 4 to any of the units you mentioned either. They are premium phones with very good feature sets. I would be a proud owner if I owned any one of them.

    It is a sad commentary on society that some people just resort to mindless and homophobic comments to make themselves appear smart.

  92. Bruno says:


    fanboy spotted.

  93. arix says:

    who? you? looks like it. get over it..

  94. Yes I did consider your statement, “it’s really comparing Apples (pun intended) to Oranges” a comparison, but since you’re now claiming you did not, then I wouldn’t argue with that.

    Finally, I’d just like to point out that the iPhone used to be the best smartphone in the market, but right now, 4.3″ android smartphones rapes it inside out.

    P.S. I don’t know where you got the idea of your last statement.

  95. If only I had the patience, I will line up for both and sell both as well!

  96. Bruno says:


    sup fanboy?

  97. Sherwin says:

    Samsung, Sony Ericsson Sana meron din Sale :)

  98. haha personal preference lang yan, i have the iphone 4 pero bibili din ako ng optimus one, gusto ko kasi yung mobile hotspot ng android which is not available sa iphone if not jailbroken. iphone 4 is fun and simple, android is for the techie stuff.

  99. AndroidLover says:

    @Demetrio Cochon

  100. arix says:

    lol. read my posts, i didn’t defend nor praise an iphone 4. rather than being an internet tough guy, learn how to READ! i wont waste my time on a dumb immature fuck like you, bruno.

  101. Faust says:

    LG Optimus One has all the beefed up features.. go go..

  102. mr. bogus says:

    YUNG MGA UNGAS NA APPLE FANBOIS LUMALABAS NA HAHAHA… mga ui based consumers, cge mga social climbers bira… im intact to my n900!!!!!

  103. iPhone4 Owner says:


    The idiom comparing apples to oranges implies that you cannot validly compare the two, hence it is not a comparison.

    If you did not get where I got the idea for my last statement, I offer your comment “They could shit on your gay iPhone a hundred times over.” Add to that your thought-provoking statement “android smartphones rapes it (the iPhone) inside out.”

    If you really wanted to say Android phones were better, you could just say it in plain English. It’s easier. No need to get all creative.

    @Demetrio Cochon

    MyWi is another reason I just love jailbreak. :) Perhaps a vanilla iPhone 4 is fun and simple, but a jailbroken iPhone 4 can be for techies as well.

    @mr. bogus

    Learn to use punctuation marks and proper capitalization. “im intact to my n900!!!!!” indeed. Maybe phone radiation does kill brain cells.

  104. gringo says:

    Going for LG

  105. mr. bogus says:

    hahahaha…. pikon talo dito…. eat my dick!!!

  106. mr. bogus says:

    pa iphone iphone ka pa sa kariton ka lang naman!!! get lost!!!

  107. iPhone4 Owner says:

    @mr. bogus

    No thanks. It’s probably intact to your n900. :)

  108. iPhone4 Owner says:

    @mr. bogus

    Well, I got internet access same as all the kariton owners.

  109. mr. bogus says:

    sus nakiki wifi ka lang sa sm nagsalita ang kolokoy!! umupo ka na sa foodcourt hahahaha

  110. iPhone4 Owner says:


    The article is for US based consumers. The iPhone 4/AT&T marriage is not really the best combination. As for the iPad, the lack of a camera is a dealbreaker for me. It will either be the iPad 2 or the next gen Galaxy Tab (which is rumored to have a gorgeous Super AMOLED screen).

    @mr. bogus

    I’m sure SM foodcourts are open, at 11PM in the evening. :)

  111. elysse says:

    vote for lg and nokia ‘to diba? wag naman po sana mag-away dito.

  112. iPhone4 Owner says:


    I placed my vote already. And you can’t really have a fight when there’s a clear winner. :)

  113. jmg_32188 says:

    i’ll go for LG P500 kahit di ako makiki-sale haha. symbian is now falling down. =p

  114. iPhone4 Owner says:


    You could buy the C6 and then sell it at 13K. That way you could still get the enjoy the discount. ;)

  115. Rich558 says:

    Nokia C6

    Better screen resolution, better camera, flash capability, physical keyboard (and personally I’ll take resistive over capacitive any day, I like the precision when clicking links)

  116. iPhone4 Owner says:


    You could buy the C6 and then sell it at 13K. That way you could still get the Optimus One and enjoy the discount. ;)

  117. mr. bogus says:

    fanboi`s at its best… AMEN

  118. Mina says:

    Di ko maintindihan bakit andaming naakit ng Adroid e they always play catch-up with Apple’s iOS. Okay sana ang threaded messaging nung LG kaya lang di ko matake yung 256k colors sa screen. Wah. Di ako makadecide.

  119. iPhone4 Owner says:


  120. ghun says:

    @Jiro Yan

    Cool and handsome huh? That’s how you see yourself bro. It doesn’t necessarily mean others will see you the way you do.

    good thing here is that it boosted your ego, nonetheless. maybe that’s what the iphone 4 is worth buying for. lol!

  121. iPhone4 Owner says:


    That is what’s called intangible benefits. :)

  122. mr. bogus says:

    see thats what i said noon pa… pang yabang lang talaga iphone ehh.. puro u.i. lang ang nakikita… not the features… climb na mga sosyal…

  123. kakroch99 says:

    .naku.naku.! kakalito kung anu sa dalawa ang kukunin ko this coming saturday.!! huhu.!! pero ever since nokia na naging CP brand ko.!! gusto naman ng mag try ng bago.! hit ngayon ang android.!! pero 256k lang ang color resolution eh.!! nokia comes with 16m.! huhu.! kakalito.!! sa mga android user.! gagana kaya UBT/FBT sa OS na yan.! weeeeeee.!! pag di aku makaabot sa LG. sa nokia nlang.!!…. goodluck sa mga makakabili.!

  124. iPhone4 Owner says:

    @mr. bogus

    At least make some valid points. The iPhone has HD video recording, HDR, FaceTime, gyroscope, Retina display.

    Having an iPhone does equate to boastfulness. You are living proof of that, among other things.

  125. mcast says:

    Android. Forever.

  126. Les says:

    bakit ba napasok ang iphone dito eh LG vs Nokia ang botohan? Naka iphone nga bobo naman… read the topic! Wag na kayo umepal dito.

    btw i vote for LG

  127. Wakocoke says:

    cough reception issues lmao


    6k php froyo experience!

  128. Aster says:

    No brainer. LG. c’mon, Symbian OS is old.
    very good point D00ds.

  129. iPhone4 Owner says:


    My very first post had a vote for LG. Chide those who posted without even voting.

  130. Amao says:

    LG ako!! sana madaming pumila sa Nokia!LOL…
    @LG – sana tapatan yung oras para d matagal yung hintayan… andun na ng 1pm ayun tambay… hehe.. hope to own at least one smartphone(nokia or lg)…
    Sana Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro din!!

  131. xslevinx says:

    processor of LG Optimus One is much better than C6.
    I vote for LG Optimus One.

  132. nightcrawler says:

    I have a midrange Android phone and a jailbroken iPhone 4. What I like about iOS is the range of apps available and you may say that apple uses proprietary connectors and only syncs on itunes, hell it is doing it well, so no problem with that.

    But still, I like the functionality of Android (I still have Android 2.1). It syncs perfectly with all Google stuff available for mobile and has that update something when you drag the topmost part of the screen. I am a gmail user, and i really like the UI of their mobile app.

    I can honestly say that this is my final iPhone and will see what windows phone 7 is capable of within a year but at the moment, I will surely upgrade to a better performing Android phone that runs gingerbread.

    So everybody, stop bitching around and get whatever you think is worth your time and money. It’s just a fracking phone for heaven’s sake.

  133. Marcus says:

    guys, I’m wondering why others are holding back on color resolution. SE X10 is just at 65K but definitely has gorgeous display! The real issue here is between having a capacitive screen vs. a resistive one. The slightest touch (I hate to say it but yeah, Iphone like) goes with capacitive screen. Resistive screens need some pressure (with stylus, nails or even toothpick if you prefer)to get a response. In time it will have scratches and some marks that I can guarantee (previous WinMo user here). So guys, I beg of you, if you really are smart, the best smartphones rocking the market right now would be Android. Followed by iOS and RIM. Symbian will soon be history (Sony Ericsson and Samsung already dropped Symbian, meaning they will NEVER EVER release another Symbian Phone) Goodluck Nokia!!!

  134. Mark says:

    No Brainer…

    And sir abe just gave away my plan… XD

  135. Jonai says:

    Sir Abe, it’s very clear, LG won over Nokia in the polls.


    Answer please….

  136. nightcrawler says:

    LG ako dito. Nokia just doesn’t get it, most people hate symbian! I ditched symbian when they failed on the 5800.

  137. JP says:

    will go for LG. been researching bout it for days. besides, it’s newer than the C6

  138. JP says:

    I also hate Symbian with my derelict Moto Z8. haha

  139. neon says:

    LG… and i will buy three!

  140. reboot says:

    LG with android of course! as for the screen, capacitive is way to go with smartphones.

  141. leeto says:

    Nokia akin, it,s known for its durability. until now buhay pa ang 5110 ko.

  142. leeto says:

    Nokia C6 akin because I believe it will last a lifetime tulad ng 5110 ko. basta Nokia means durable

  143. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Grabe! Parang Pacquiao vs Margarito ito. May Tale of the Tape pa. Hehehe

  144. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Brand-wise mas trusted of course ang Nokia. But on the other hand, LG is slowly becoming a major player in the mobile market. I say buy both!

  145. SAM YG says:

    LG Optimus = Win!
    Nokia C6 = FAIL!

  146. watusi says:

    lg pangit quality tried and tested and repair
    go for nokia …

  147. Vaporware says:

    LG Optimus One Sucks! bcoz i have one, not a good experience

    Nokia C6 Suck less hehe -i have yet to try one!

  148. HotRod says:

    Autobot transform and roll out…

  149. _DARKEN_ says:

    Android 2.3 Gingerbread unveiled last November 11. LG Optimus One runs under Android 2.2 Froyo. 50% off sale on November 13. FAIL!

  150. allan says:

    specs wise, LG
    but re-sale, quality, durability & brand name. it’s nokia.
    but i’ll still go for LG. android 2.2 for only 6,495.00, it’s a steal.

  151. jologs says:

    @iPhone4 Owner
    – better stop the defense. You can’t reason with these Android fanboys. People think that it’s sooo cool kse android but wait til magoyo sila like me.

    Anyway, for an extra phone, I’ll probably get the LG. Android, after all, is still better than Symbian.

  152. Tim says:

    hmmmm… Difficult…
    For tech enthusiasts LG is the choice.
    For quality, style and proven user friendly use, Nokia wins the score.

  153. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Re-sale value ng LG mababa. Ang Nokia mataas.

  154. ching says:

    i think i’ll go to C6..gusto ko talaga yung may querty keypad. im having a hardtime texting kapag touchscreen alone. and just like what other says, its durable ad trusted lalo na sa katulad ko na hindi mahilig magpalit palit ng cel at madalas din ako makabagsak ng cel. kaya for me, best choice talga ang c6 over the other one.

  155. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Mga pre, magka-iba market ng LG Optimus and Nokia C6. The former is a “now” phone while the later is more of a business phone. The kind used by yuppies. Tama po b?

  156. pabs says:

    Hindi ako makikinig sa sasabihin ng iba. Basta ako, tested ko na ang quality at usability ng Nokia. Anong android android diyan, kung di mo naman magagamit at madaling masira ang LG, I’ve had one before. I;ll go for Nokia here

  157. jologs says:

    I agree, had such a hard time reselling my LG phone. Napaisip tuloy ako sa choice ko, hehehe.

  158. Tim says:

    Parang ganun na nga. Android is “in” and will support thousands of applications. But if you don’t have the luxury of time to explore or even bother getting an application. A casual CP will do. Choosing among these phone is also a battle of needs and wants.

  159. deliriumtrigger says:

    LG for the Android experience.

    My wife already has a 5800. The c6 is just a 5800 with a qwerty keyboard and a better cam.


    1.we’ll just buy both and sell her old 5800.

    2. buy both and sell c6 for the 5k profit! hehehe

  160. Redj says:

    Not to be the party pooper here, I see that lots of you guys have picked LG, but you may wanna consider the bug found on LG’s Multi-Touch (see review video below). Why would we want to throw almost 7 Grand on a piece of crappy engineering which wasnt perfected before releasing in the market?

    Check this out to believe:

    I’d go neither for LG nor NOKIA. My vote goes to, though expensive, but a sure working piece of craftsmanship, IPHONE 4!

  161. jologs says:

    @Redj, prepare to be stoned by the Android fanboys!!! Hehehehe.

  162. deliriumtrigger says:


    very nice link.

    but umh, i don’t see the “hyphone 4” among the choices above…

    its given that the “hyphone 4” is on a different level.

    it’s like you’re recommending a person on a limited budget who’s choosing between a vios and a city to buy a bmw 3 series instead.

    people who say they choose the iphone on THIS particular thread are really funny.

  163. JKisaragi says:


    Did you even listen to the video? The guy even mentioned that the same problem appeared on the HTC Hero, Legend and Desire and that it got fixed.

    All it needs is an update of some sort to correct the problem. But regardless, the phone will still be usable even with this bug around.

    Oh and BTW, I don’t see the iPhone 4 in the choices for this poll post. Which makes you a troll and your post highly irrelevant.

  164. leeto says:

    mga bobo, this is to compare Nokia C6 with LG, if what are you going to buy given the two choices. It shows how moronic some of the commentators here, panay singit ant IPhone, wala naman mga IQ pala.

  165. deliriumtrigger says:


    well said sir. hehehe

  166. Ed says:

    lg optimus one at c6 lang ang choice. Kung wala e di none. :-) i like the optimus one.

  167. Arvee says:

    Well, iPhone4 have this “Attenuation Glitch” and 2 updates later, it still exists.

    Now, that’s what you call craftsmanship?

  168. Redj says:

    @jologs – appreciate the concern man…im ready for that…and some have thrown some stones already! haha

    @deliriumtrigger – Funny as it may seem, thats just my 2 cents worth. Thats why i said “not to be a party pooper”. My point is not just on the price point but more on the specs and outright experience after buying the unit. Overall, i respect ur point and u got a nice one. Thanks!

    @JKisaragi – The point here, mr smart guy, is the outright specs that come with the phone. yes it will be fixed but did you not grow suspicion on why both LG and NOKIA cut the price by 50-60%? not because they feel generous, the units were prodded to get market share and that being said, they have missed to concentrate on the product development. Analyze, dont just comment like, borrowing your word “a troll”

    By the way, this is a FREE COUNTRY. and learn to have respect on the thoughts given.

    @leeto – With your comments and words you used, it seems to me that you are the “bobo and walang IQ” that you are talking about. You can get your point across without those words. Its called ethics. Now, go buy some…oh last time I checked its free and it just needs to be learned.

  169. Arvee says:

    or CRAPSmanship?

  170. mark says:

    ayan, kasi bago manlait ng iba tumingin muna sa sarili. nice point @arvee!

  171. JKisaragi says:


    Well that’s what you’re doing, right? I mean, what’s the whole point of your post? You focus on the faults (to the extent of even calling it “crappy engineering”) of something that YOU’RE NOT EVEN CONSIDERING ON BUYING. What are you here for then?

    Also, on that price point, what are you expecting? An iPhone-esque experience on a 6,490 phone? (within 1-2pm that is). Even the iPhone 4 had its share of problems when it was released.

    We’re being asked on which one we’ll be getting. So obviously, a choice that’s not between the two is HIGHLY IRRELEVANT. I just stated the obvious. [Warning: Unsolicited Advice] If you have your suspicions, then I personally think blogging will help you get those off.

    You do know that freedom still has its boundaries, right? It’s not absolute. What I do find funny here is that after your bashing the phone and all, you’re telling me to learn to have respect? Tch! Spare me the hypocrisy, please.

  172. JKisaragi says:

    I hereby correct myself. The sale’s from 2-3pm. XP

  173. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Its like buying a crossover. Which would you rather have, a Toyota Fortuner or a Ssangyong? See the point? ^_^

  174. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Lets move forward in time. In the next two to three years, would you think you can resell your LG?

  175. Arvee says:

    I’m not considering this one as a “lait” to P500 because it’s really a bug/issue (me, myself is now having second thoughts of buying). My point is, if you want to flaunt better (better nga ba?) phones, you might as well flaunt their flaws.

    Isa pa, why would you bring that phone in, in this topic? May promo ba ang Globe ngayon at ginawa na din nilang 6.5k ang iPhone4? Oh gusto niyo lang madagdagan ang member ng club niyo, the Apple fan boys club?

  176. cosmic says:

    marami kaming pipila bukas… unahan na lang. c ya!!

  177. Arvee says:

    @Skyflakes sa sobrang bilis magrelease ng new units ang nokia, in two to three years time, natambakan na ng 500 models ng new nokia phones ang c6. Mabebenta mo padin ba?

  178. Charles says:

    Just a question. Is the sale on a cash basis only? or we can use our credit card?

    I’ll go for the LG Optimus One!

  179. Skyflakes_18 says:

    That is so true. So, the best thing is NOT to invest in technology. Hehehe

  180. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Pde card. Read the flyers. ^^

  181. JKisaragi says:


    Haha! I do agree with you on that. Pointing out flaws is not really what we call “lait”. But calling it “crappy engineering” on the other hand counts as one in my book. Haha!


    Kung makakabili tayo ng either P500 or C6 this saturday sa sale, in two to three years time hindi na rin masama sa loob for us to give the phones to cousins or younger siblings. Haha! Well, that’s what I’m planning to do anyway. XD

  182. Arvee says:

    @Skyflakes AGREE!

  183. ICESTEAM says:

    50% -60% off ang topic

    off Topic ata yun Iphone4.. LG optimus one VS NOKIA c6 lang ngayon kung mag SALE rin Iphone 4 kahit 20k na sige sali mo sa list of votes haha

  184. chiodos says:

    Ill go for LG.. coz im an android user right now..2.2 on LG out of the Box?sweet isn’t it?

  185. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Tamaaaaaaa. Nde tatanggihan ng mga pamangkin ko yan. ^^ Basta, my point here is that get the phone that suits your NEEDS and not your WANTS. Get the phone that suits your lifestyle, budget, technical know-how. Maybe we’re so eager to jump in the Android bandwagon that we fail to see if this is what we really need. I rest my case. ^^

  186. wArFrEaK! says:

    mainit parin dito, hehehe..

    Optimus parin over C6, right don’t invest on technology kasi lugi ka kahit san mo pa tingnan, C6 and P500 can both perform the basics we look for a phone, I would prefer to buy the LG for android experience, C6.. although its a new version of symbian, it still have the same old familiar UI. ^_^

  187. Whatif says:

    Mga parekoy… wag nyo na pansinin yung mga iphone isheeps/ilemmings. asar lang yang mga yan kasi hindi pinag uusapan yung pinakamamahal nilang phone dito sa blog. Gawa din kayo poll iphone or… err.. iphone… wala kayo choice diba? (pwede din iphone4 black vs iphone 4 white) tapos paaubutin nyo din 200++ comments para manahimik na…

  188. e-War says:

    kahit anong topic pa yan basta me kinalaman sa phone (smartphone), laging na ikukumpara parin sila sa iPhone at nasisingitan ng iPhone hehe nakakatawa :D, hay talaga nga naman, ayaw kasi nilang gumawa ng iphone caliber products eh puro benta kagad iniintindi eh

  189. AndroidLover says:

    Haha EEEWWW iPhone? Eh puro hype/marketing lang naman yang phone na yan eh. FYI, kaya lang nasama ang kadiring iPhone na yan sa usapang to kasi, may “FAN BOY” na nag open sa topic. I for one, would never compare Droids to iPhone kasi nasusuka na ako sa iPhone na yan. Lalo na yung pangbatang UI at mga fanboi ng iPhone. Ewww! AGAIN, i’d like to point out: KAYA NADAMAY ANG IPHONE DITO SA USAPAN KASI INOPEN UP NG ISANG FAN BOY. FAN BOY. FAN BOY. APPLE FAN BOY. Read on top to confirm it yourself.

    P.S. Watch out for another fanboi na magdedefend sa comment na to LMAO!

  190. DF_user says:

    LG Optimus One is my choice. It’s the cheapest way to get that Android Experience. At 2.2 froyo pa out of the box. Sadly hanggang flashlite 3.0 lang at hindi supported ang Flash 10 dahil sa 600Mhz processor. Flash 10 requires atleast 700Mhz yata. Bright side of having a 600 processor is hindi siya matakaw sa battery. Still its a good deal.

  191. rex says:

    gusto ko yong LG pero m fingers sweats a lot. so im not comfortable with a touchscreen alone. btw, can i purchase 3 c6? baka 1 fone is to 1buyer lang. thanks

  192. iAREiPhoneOwner says:

    iHave iPhone iFeel iSpecial!

  193. JKisaragi says:

    Based dun sa isang forum sa TCP, may nakapagconfirm na with Nokia na 1:1 lang daw po yung promo. 1 unit per buyer lang.

    Also, may nagsabi na cash lang daw yung sa Nokia. That’s weird. Could you please confirm this one Sir Yuga? Siguro naman pwede straight charge dun? :)

  194. crave says:

    after some thoughts…i’ll go with the C6..kaya ko lng gusto sana ung LG because of wifi tethering coz of Froyo…my Android tablet only runs 1.6…pero pwede pala yung JOIKUSPOT sa C6..carry na lalo na ioout daw nila yung white na C6…will just wait for more reviews on the Lg optimus pag maganda, di bili na lng kahit 30%off lang sa November 21…baka ilabas na rin nila yung optimus Q…

  195. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Guys, lets take a break from all these techie talk. On sunday, we will again be united as one nation by one man. Watch this video. Its awesome!

  196. mr. bogus says:

    oo nga teka sale ng LG at Nokia tong topic na to may sisingit na fanboi`s dito… di na sorpresa talaga… pag nahalikan nyo na talaga pwet ni steve jobs hypnotize na hahahaha…..

  197. tukmol says:

    responsive kaya yang LG na yan? baka parang corby din yan na sluggish hehehehe

  198. arix says:


    At least defend the Android by telling what you like about it, not bash others just because they did not pick your beloved platform.

  199. arix says:


    Di daw puwede card sa Nokia? Sayang naman.

  200. froilanG says:

    Hardware wise I’ll go for C6, better resolution and better camera. Sana lang may update ang C6 to Symbian^3 OS.

  201. AndroidLover says:


    fanboi spotted.

  202. Xerdoms says:

    Nokia C6. Kulang ako ng 5 pesos para sa LG Optimus one eh. LOL!

  203. doms says:

    Nokia C6.

    Wala na kong extrang 5 pesos eh. :D

    Seriously, hindi lang me kumportable s LG brand.

  204. nightcrawler says:


    ang totoo nyan, maganda talaga ang iPhone. Maganda din ang Android. Pero di mo pwedeng sabihing hyped-up lang ang iPhone kasi yun user experience is just up there. maaring di mo pa nasusubukan ang iOS or wala ka lang pambili.

    I also like Android, kaya nga 2 ang phones ko eh. Stupid I know :D

  205. maname says:

    C6 ako..mas mura ng 5 pesos…lolz

  206. arix says:


    What does that even mean? LOL Or are you calling attention to yourself, as usual?

  207. arix says:


    Actually the price for the C6 seems to be incorrect, as was mentioned in the C6 sale post. It should be 6,040 as 60% off. So the C6 would be 455 pesos cheaper. :)

  208. DF_user says:

    Itabi mo niyo mga pera niyo, I have a feeling susunod ang Sony at Samsung.

  209. watusi says:

    Gen impression sa nokia and LG based lang sa info ko.

    design HW aspec:

    SW aspec:

    Appz aspec:
    nokia :good

    quality aspec:
    nokia :good

    R&D aspec:

    Relaiblility aspec:
    lg :bad

    technical aspec:
    lg : bad

    material used aspec:
    nokia : good
    lg:bad (cheap)

    production aspec:

    ito lang ang naisip kong comparison as of now….kaya sales price nokia na tyo…heheheh

  210. RaGe Einzeln says:

    wag kayo mag-away dahil lang dyan ^_^

    depende sa preference ng isa’t isa …so wala na lang basagan ng trip hehe

    consider syempre yung durability nung phone…kung babalik ka naman palagi for repair..hassle

    Nokia’s good pero nag-fail sa features
    i’m hoping Optimus is not that bad…

  211. Baidu says:

    Kita kits na lang bukas, di ako makakatulog nito, hahahaha!

  212. Christine says:

    i have been to LG Mega…they will try to accommodate daw until 3pm…stop na raw pagpatak ng 3 pm and the remaining stocks will be available for the full price…they will have a short program and announcement before 2pm…they have one cashier and four personnels and a manager…every unit will be tested first if charging,camera and other stuff and will take about 3-7 minutes or more per unit tested before directing to cashier…more or less 50 units nga until 3pm… :P

    Nokia on the other hand is already preparing for their sale cashier and 3 personnel for checking…they have limited white C6 available and more or less they prepared 100-200 units for the 2 sites in metro manila, they are waiting for confirmation if they still have stocks coming and will be released tonight. pagkakaiba lang daw nito sa c3 sale before, 2 sites lang ang may sale not like sa C3 na on most shops pero out of stock pa rin on the said sale date…

    well crossing my fingers na sana kahit isa man dito maavail ko…

  213. GoNokia says:

    Wow, ganda ng specs ng c6,
    5mp camera WOW grabe…
    may qwerty keyboard pa…
    wow bulky..

    I’ll go for ANDROID!!!

    10am palang pipila nako sa LG!!

    Unahan nalang mga ungas!!

  214. Cloud says:

    I’ll go for LG…

  215. iamsellyg says:

    just called sm moa and they told me wala silang promo about this…

  216. EB says:

    I’ll go for LG… Apps, firmware updates, and Android OS… Nokia’s – Symbiam is a dying platform… Plus Nokia has the tendency of leaving behind old units during important updates if there is any.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  217. Whudap says:


  218. G6 says:

    galing ako SM Manila, di sila SALE. tsk tsk..

  219. che says:

    ibebenta ko iphone4 ko to buy this phone lol!

  220. oturan says:

    oh no.. kailangan ko tlga mabili ung optimus one.. matagal ko pinagipunan un.. hindi pa ako tapos magipon at ito nagbigay ng sign si lord na mkbili ako ng mgndang phone.. sana ung mga mamayaman full price na lang nila bilihin..oh kaya dun na lang sila sa 30% off kasi meron pa naman… please im begging you..

  221. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    @whudap- chilax… bata lang ata yang moa moa na yan! ahahah kakatawa sya

  222. rybaxs says:

    is there any way i can install Android to nokia c6?

  223. NokiaMan says:

    Nokia parin ako TRUSTED TROUGH THE YEARS! Mas astig pa!

  224. E says:

    i’ll vote for N8… naliligaw bako ng post… lol
    natutuwa ako masyado sa thread nato… katuwa mga comments… lol

  225. arix says:

    The one who brought iPhone 4 on this topic.

    –> Paolo Lumadao (Bentong Look-a-like) replied on Nov 11th, 2010 at 7:35 pm (48)

    Cheap ass bitches, I dare you to buy it when its not on sale, Iphone 4 rules!!! CHEAPIPOS!! <–

    AndroidLover, go and fuck your lover homo.

  226. jd planas says:

    saan ba ang LG and nokia sale bukas?

  227. Nicko says:

    – will go to Nokia C6 it’s been a while since i’m craving for this unit.! haha.!!

  228. whatif says:

    eto joke:

    Q:Pano mo malalaman kung may iphone4 ang isang tao.

    A:Sasasbihin nya sayo. :)

  229. chinitoguy29 says:

    Nokia C6 of course!!!

  230. baztosero says:

    isa lng mssbi ko putang ina nka iphone mas maangas android

  231. TrueStory says:

    Lol @ whatif



    Hate to be the bringer of bad news, as per kanina lang na pag punta ko ng 09:20 PM, sa megamall, LG Concept Store, sabi nung mga clerk nila na wala naman daw stub stub na ibibigay, ang system daw, bali wala silang pakialam sa mga tao na nakapila sa labas, either sm daw ang bahala s kanila o whatever, basta ang pagpapapasok lang daw nila ng tao ay by 10 pax, which means cguro 10 people lang ang pede sa maliet nilang concept store, at hopefully sabay sabay silang maaccomodate, basta ang assurance daw, first 10 people in the LG Store ng 2PM ang first batch, then next 10 lang after nila, and so on… hanggang mag 3PM… so SUPER NABADTRIP AKO KASI BALEWALA DIN ANG MGA MAGIGISING NG MAAGA DUN, PARA MAG ANTAY NG START NG PROMO ng 2PM… ^%^$!*&#&*^#$ NINYO LG!!!

    I quote the girl na medyo maputi na tinanungan ko, “Wala po kaming pakialam sa pipila diyan at ndi po namin sila susundin ng pagpapapasok s store, basta ang systema po, first 10 people ang batch 1, then so on, either SM na ang mag cocontrol s crowd or whatever, basta po hindi namin ung responsibility”, nung tinanong ko na pano ung mga magaantay ng morning dito???

    I asked then the guy na mukhang drained from his work in LG there s kbilang side ng booth, and same answer.

    You will know that I’m telling the truth pag nakita ninyo yung dlawang staff nila dun bukas…

    One maputing girl na medyo may itsura,
    And another guy na matangkad na medyo mapayat, na medyo maitem dahil sa mukhang stressed.


  232. Kenneth Pattinson says:

    don’t you get it guys? the units for the philippines sale are probably defective – these are test units and you are the guinea pigs.

  233. Kenneth Pattinson says:

    based on gsmarena all symbian samsung phones ay ipupush na ng samsung wich means… this coming december magsesale ang mga symbian phones ng samsung sa pilipinas…

  234. Ron says:

    Curious lang ako sa battery life ng LG optimus. I have an LG phone (KF350) and it’s battery life sucks! Hindi tumatagal ng isang araw. Can’t even play mp3’s for long at mauubos agad ang batt. Sana this android phone has better battery performance. Kasi kung poor battery din ito, C6 will be my choice.

  235. Mina says:

    Ayan, I have my vote. C6 kahit mamatay na ang symbian dahil tested ko na ang Nokia hardware at feeling ko mababad trip lang ako kung hindi magandang Android Phone ang mabili ko dahil

    1) sanay ako sa sleekness ng iPhone, kung similar ang controls, mas mapapansin kong yung bagal ng telepono
    2) Android apps are memory hogs – the developers abuse the “freedom” that the platform offers

    Just my 2 cents since nabanggit na rin, as opposed to the iPhone, I think it’s Android that’s “all hype”. Ang nakita ko lang na ginawa nito since na-release is magbreak ng mga patents at gumaya lang sa mga dati pang nagawa ng Apple. Kaya ako excited sa Win Phone 7 e, they went out of the box. Di lang puro gaya. Paano mo madadaig kung puro ka lang gaya.

    Siguro sa mga bibili ng Optimus One, wag na lang kayong magexpect. My friend owns a Galaxy S but even that doesn’t even come close to the sleekness of even just an iPod Touch. Kung apps lang ang habol, bibili na lang ako ng iPod Touch.

  236. LG ako! says:

    LG ako!
    para maiksi ang pila sa Nokia

  237. krade says:

    Mas mura ng 5 pesos ang NOKIA!!!

    Mayaman ako sa LG ako hahahahahaha!!!

    Teka ilang units ba available?

  238. RJ says:

    Hey, Apple fanboys, Android’s already number 2 in the phone market.. So, it’s #1 for Symbian, #2 for Android, and #3 for Apple.. sorry! :P

  239. che says:

    @RJ naman Kahit number 10 ang apple kasi naman po iilan lang nakaka afford bumili ng iphone 4….

  240. S.Claus says:

    Will you please stop bragging that your phone is the best phone in town? Don’t act like you’re immature kids. I know that every phone has its advantages and disadvantages. So it’s definitely pointless to start a phone discussion war here because phone manufacturers do not really care about that. What matters to the phone manufacturers is the money.

    Please, stop the “phone wars” because it will all fall into nothingness. If you love your phone, love it. All phones are created unequal.

    Malapit na ang pasko kaya tama na ang awayan.

    Choosing your ideal phone always depend on your preferences and budget. Why care about others if you can make your own decision. Please, be a wise buyer “dahil mahirap na ang buhay ngayon”.

  241. S.Claus says:

    Well said.

  242. Jayrod says:

    tama na ang bangayan…. tara, bili tayo………

  243. S.Claus says:


  244. monitoring... says:


    As of now pila umabot ng 3rd floor.. not sure kng puno ang buong 4th floor… with so many people… how will they serve the demand?

  245. godofredo says:

    puno din dito sa 4th floor. haba pila.

  246. pilo says:

    daig pa ang premier ng sine…. daming mapera sa haba ng pila… abot sa basement! walang order!

  247. Paula says:

    So, i’m here waiting in line at SM Megamall. My legs are starting to give up on me. Nokia line is up to 3rd fl stairs and more. LG line is starting to catch up. Will we ever get our units? Hay!

  248. fucking confused says:

    anong location ng update na to???

  249. fucking confused says:

    okay gets ko na sm megamall thanks… im not even in megamall yet and im after lg… fuck this is not my day!

  250. Neon says:

    Ung pila ng Lg dinaig pa ang pila ng grand lotto 6/55. But i got my three units already.

  251. gwhiz says:


    form a straight circle! since nasa gitna ng cyberzone yun LG concept store, people are circling around it!

    Nokia store is more organized.


  252. jologs says:

    Forgot all about this! Kaya pala andami tao sa mega kanina. OH well, no cash to burn din naman ako, hehehe.

  253. mr. bogus says:


  254. dongv says:

    looks like more blame on LG than Nokia,
    is it because more people disappointed not getting a LG than Nokia.

  255. JKisaragi says:

    SALE REPORT: My friend and I arrived sa Megamall at around 11am (almost 12) at nagulat kami na yung pila is stemming from the 4th floor all the way to the 1st. That’s for both LG and Nokia.

    Right there and then, we knew it was hopeless (for us at the very least).

    I’m guessing that things ended up badly there. Before we ended our shopping spree (yeah, namili na lang kami ng mga “kailangan” namin), 30 minutes before 3pm, we decided to check how things were working out. Tapos nakita namin that there were still lines hanggang sa baba. Unless of course if they decided to extend the sale. Pero we wouldn’t know anything about that kasi nga umalis na kami.

    Oh well, ganun talaga. It’s really not intended for everyone. I ended up buying a sturdy bag instead (and I’m loving it. Hehe).

    Anyhow, congrats sa mga nakabili. For the rest, I’m sure this is not the end. May susunod pa yan. :)

  256. Rare says:

    Unfortunately I never had a chance maka avail ng 50% OFF Special Introductory Sale ng LG Optimus One.. Asa pa kse eh! :) haha.. sobrang daming tao PROMISE!! Mahilo hilo na ako kakahanap kung nasaan ung dulo ng pila.. hindi na ako tumuloy nung nakita ko na sobrang haba ng pila sa LG at Nokia SALE kanina sa Megamall.. I agree with you NEON.. dinaig pa ang pila ng Grand Lotto 6/55.. :D

  257. Jayrod says:

    No hurt feelings sa mga di nakabili, isipin nyo na lang di yan nakalaan para sa inyo…. tulad ko! ilang oras akong nasa pila 60 C6 units lang pala ibebenta sa SM North… hayyysss.. kung sana sinabi pa kaninang mga 10 AM pa nakauwi.

    Kakatuwa yung pila sa LG! Ay mali, wala palang pila kasi nasa pintuan na silang lahat taasan na lang ng kamay yung gustong pumasok na. hahaha…. magulo.

    sa nakilala ko pong may blog daw ng, kung mababasa nyo po ito “blog not found” naman….sayang.

    you may click my name to visit my blog :)

  258. yuga says:

    LG Optimus One & Nokia C6 Sale: The AfterMath —

  259. mice says:

    feel so bad…that LG sucks!!!!! we were falling in line and halos malapit lang kami they keep on announcing na marami ang makakuha pero pag patak ng 2pm grabe may demo, picture taking at sobrang bagal… tapos nung nagannounce na ng last 30mins nagkagulo na…inipit na kami at nawala na kami sa pila…kainis talaga pinaasa nila ang tao sana maaga palang sinabi na nila na hanggang 30 units lang ibebenta nila at hindi na nagpakahirap ang maraming tao…

  260. Jayrod says:

    yung matangkad na medyo malaki ang katawan na taga-Nokia sa SM North, grabe bumili ng 5 units yung asawa at father nya yata yun. akalain mo, dalawa lang yung pumila sa kanila 5 units ang nakuha! samantalang napakadami ang umaasang makabili man lang ng kahit isa. ang masama nagpicturan pa habang pinapakita mga yun sa mga tao…. ano kayang patakaran meron sila???

  261. mice says:

    buti nalang nakabili ang husband ko ng nokia c6…hayyyy feel so bad pa rin

  262. alex says:

    lahat ba ng pumili nakakuha? went to sm north soooooobrang haba ng pila sa LG!!!!!!!

  263. pilipino pride says:

    sa megamall ako….ginawa lang tanga ng LG mga Pilipino(and im one of them)…they only give 20-30 units..and ung pila almost a thousand hanggang basement….pero walang kwenta ung organizers at ung mga tga LG kc ang tanging sagot lang sa amin ay “””DEPENDE”””, DTI sinisi ng LG pero ang totoo marketing strategy nila para konte lang ung mapamigay nila na units…and the final is, the filipino people who wake up in the morning tumakbo ng mabilis sa 4th flr, may nadapa, may naipit may nahilo,pero it turn out to nothing!!!! iBOYCOTT ang LG……LG sucks!!! specially the organizers!!!!! sana dina maulet ung pangyayare!!!

  264. E says:

    maka bili na nga lang ng N8 bukas para mapalitan ko na ang 3310 ko.. bakit anu meron kaninang 2pm??

  265. Chester says:

    Grabe ang Sale! mukhang di naghihirap ang pinoy at andami may pambili ng Phone. Nokia has the the worst customer service ever. Parang first tme mag promo! They should change their brand name to BOKIA.
    After all the Advertisements they made 50 to 100 units lng ang ang ibebenta nila? kundi di pa nag reklamo di nila dadagdagan! Wala din nmn sistema!
    Even the AD is misleading and deceitful! For Sure nakigaya lang cla sa LG. Wala lang may maipromo lng!

  266. win win17 says:

    LG sucks big time! The sale was very UNORGANIZED and LG reps are cold hearted freaks! Makakarma din kayo sa mga pnagggagawa nyo! :(( 9 plng nkapila na kame. :(

  267. jb0704 says:

    LG service sucked bigtime. This promo is an epic failure. It simply, boils down with LG not giving a damn on people’s concern.

    The “excellent” system of LG worked this way, they have 3 stations inside their concept store; a demo, payment and checking station. Only 3 people are allowed inside the store, roughly for these 3 people, it took them 10-15mins just to buy the unit. With only 1 hour to spare and a ton of people waiting outside. With some, waiting their since 8am, 2 hours before the opening of mall. What a delaying tactic, they planned. In the end, only 10-15 at max people are able to enter their stupid store.

    These are my list of complaints:
    1. With a limited time of 1 hour, why the hell do they need a demo? Majority of people, already have the idea of the specs of the phone. Since, they are also giving away fliers. It is just a delaying tactic and is a sign na ginagago nila ang customer.

    2. I overheard a staff of SM North saying LG must dispersed the people, since it is impossible for all to enter. It is simply a recipe for disaster. What did LG do? They just said to let them be. Baka magkastampede lng, since it is hard to control such massive crowd.

    3. They dont have a ticketing system. Kaya puro singitan, sa pagstart nun event nagkagulo-gulo mga tao, puro tulakan at sakitan. Eventhough there are police, ano ginawa nila? Nakatayo lang na parang pinagtatawanan yun mga tao.

    4. They say na madami sa mga pila makakabili? So 10-15 buyers in a day madami na para sa knila? Kawawa naman..

    5. Kung ganun kalokohan ginagwa nila sa prospective customers. Imagine ano pa gagawin nila sa mga nakabili na? Goodluck na lng.

    Now LG are you happy in the outcome of this promo?
    What a stupid way marketing strategy, by pay a ton of money just for negative publicity.

    Hindi na ako bibili ng LG items and I am sure that there a lot of people that felt the same way.

    In the end, ang winner ay yun HTC. Biglaan sila nagkasale ng HTC Smart. haha.. Nice job HTC, yun nga lng di ganon kaganda yun specs. Kaya d pa rin ako bumili.

  268. concern says:

    LG and Nokia sucks! foolish promo, pinaasa lang mga tao…next time let’s just ignore their promo…imagine people came to fall in line then waited for almost 4hrs…then sasabihin ng nokia that 60 units lang lang ibebenta, then pinabayaan lang nila yung mga tao na pumila..tapos sasabihin wala na…bkit di na lng sinabe after giving the stub….kakahiya mga promo nyo…LG and Nokia…boycott! boycott both these 2 stores! next promo..

    Next time please organize well your promo…nanloloko na kayo…matapos nyo hayaang pumila mga tao…din wala pa pala sila mapapala..sayang lang oras at pagod ng mga time wag na kayo mag promo, ginagago nyo lang mga tao…makakarma din kayo LG and Nokia…

  269. concern says:


  270. Dan says:

    Medyo off-topic but it matters:

    Nokia c6 runs on Symbian S^1 when current Nokia phones already run on the more usable and stable
    S^3. Nokia C6, leads however in terms of input (QWERTY hardware has the upper hand).

    LG Optimus one should give you a run for your money with more apps available on the android market and a more satisfying touch experience with its capacitive but lower-res screen. Caveat: don’t expect all apps to work since a good number of newer android files are specified for the higher-res 800×480 screens of the android flagships.

    My take on Android vs Symbian using the flagships Samsung Galaxy S and Nokia N8.

    From the Samsung Galaxy S, I have upgraded to the Nokia N8.

    While I love Android, I just can’t ignore the functionalities of the new Symbian ^3 platform. Plus, it’s much more stable and intuitive to use.

    The SGS was a handicap when it comes to durability and daily use, I can’t even put it inside my jean’s pocket without having to worry about scratches.

    Things to love about the new Symbian ^3 devices (N8, C7, C6-01, E7):
    600 Mhz processor
    dedicated graphics accelerator – you’ll love the newer 3D games
    3 homescreens with widget support (conserved lay-out on both portrait and landscape orientations)
    USB Host feature

  271. SuperPinoy says:

    We, Filipinos, are fighters, hopefuls and risk takers. That is why we fell in line to such event.

    What we, who fell in line, were or are pointing @ is the way you/LG managed your consumers/customers in such event.

    You/LG should be on top of this. The consumers/customers sensed the Ad before the consumers/customers fell in line. Your name as LG was on the Ad. Even if it is the lack of just somebody or part of the crew of such event, still you/LG(the Big Name on the Ad) should be blamed or questioned. That is the reality/true rule of the world you are moving in.

    It is just like a family or organization. If a member made mistake/s or sin/s, then the PARENT or the PRESIDENT must be questioned by the affected factors(or persons — well in our case, CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS).

    In brief rationale, we are looking at you/LG, and you are looking at your staffs or members who worked under or for you.


    The event happened was an obvious way of telling that you/LG are more persuader than them(or the other side). Please, LG, do not make us ignorant or stupid. We, who fell in line, are not that naive. We, who fell in line, were really affected. Without customers/consumers, you can not make sales. Even if you say that we should not be there if we know that it will gonna happen(no chance), still we would come for/because again we are fighters(like Manny Pacquiao—who just recently won the Manny Pacquiao & Margarito boxing fight), risk takers(like Charice Pempengco) and hopefuls.

    Fighter, risk taker and/or hopeful type of people are the people who live and who knows FREEDOM.

    We, who fell in line, were sure buyers. The way you advertise was very obviously deceiving.

    In short, your CUSTOMER’S CONVENIENCY skill was very disappointing and unethical in the world of SALES.

    I personally fell in line. I was just 2 customers away from the cut off(last buyer of such promo–1 hour only). I even prevented my urine to come out just to get the chance. I started to fall in line at 8am until 3pm(when the 1 hour sale event ended), Philippines time. The host was still announcing that there are more items however he never said the possibilities of the pace of the transaction. The host did not even to manage to announce the difficulty of getting the chance so that we will not be wasting our time waiting. There were thousands of people waiting to get their chance out of 20 items only sold however still the host did not even announce to these thousands of people waiting about the possibilities of not getting the chance. LG, we have believed in you but because of what happened, thousands of people’s LIFE is no GOOD in that time due to broken hopes you were rendering. The host was only announcing that they are the only one who has that kind of event(1 hour sale 50 % off for unlimited–no exact number of such item/s). That is deceiving.

    If you want more people but less items, why not do it in Entertainment instead?

    Now LG, please confirm/answer this(simple yes or no question):

    Were you up to the customer or to the sale?

    If customer, then something good(or I shouldn’t be doing this) must have happened.

    Else, if sale, then you are not a good example.

    In other words, the question is, Sale before Customer or Customer before Sale?

    Please answer all the questions LG. I personally beg you. We, who fell in line, were really badly affected.

  272. Tim says:

    LG Sale Fail! Kasama na sila sa record ko. Company na pinaka-maraming bilang ng tao na pina=asa. Faulty and deceiving marketing/advertising.

  273. local seo says:

    Very thankful am I simply because I’ve uncovered this helpful written content. I’ll check this out and see if it will perform on my weblog too.

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