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Samsung Galaxy S3 goes up on Amazon for $799.99

While we’ve been speculating for weeks how much the suggested retail price of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 and eagerly waiting for the offerings from Globe and Smart, Amazon has put up its pre-order page for the handset.

The price of a 16GB, unlocked, international version of the Galaxy S3 is pegged at $799.99. At current exchange rates, that’s about Php34,400. But that’s the US price which is more often cheaper than Philippine price.

This points us back again to our earlier story that the Philippine price of the Galaxy S3 will be somewhere in the Php36k to Php37k. See story here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. Glenn Ong says:

    Uh-oh! That’s pretty expensive. But there’s one way to confirm – the launch event next week.

  2. zer0ice says:

    Pre-order outside the Philippines for a 16GB international edition is pegged at 33K. Actually, the original pre-order price was around 32,898 but it went up a few days ago to 33K.

    Of course, that’s in peso.

    Do you know about Expansys, Abe?

  3. Enya says:

    Pass…enough of the ever so laggy Android!

    • zer0ice says:


      What Android smartphones have you tried? Have you tried the Galaxy S II, Nexus, HTC One S or HTC One X?

      Definitely there are models that lack the power to provide a seamless experience, but usually, these are budget-phones.

      I have not seen nor heard high-end models accused of being “laggy”.

      Care to enlighten us?

    • deuts says:

      At least the SGSII is laggy in my experience.

    • pabs says:

      of course its hard to admit, after shelling my hard earned pesos, about 30thousand plus for an android samsung SGSII, I pretended that I liked it, but now I regret spending on it. Beautiful phone but so very laggy . I’m looking forward to a WP phone.

    • evans says:

      Laggy niyo ang mukha niyo! Laggy talaga kung cheap Android ang gamit. Mag dumbphone ka na lang, hindi mo deserve ang Android.

    • John says:

      This is why I always get Nexus phones !! They get the updates first.

    • wacko says:

      yes super laggy phone, beautiful phone pero laging lowbat,

    • Jaesonv says:

      Mod, could you kindly delete demeaning replies to this post?

      Whether or not the phone had a tremendous lag or it was outright super fast, no one deserves to be replied with such crap childish replies like “Laggy niyo ang mukha niyo!”

      Unless that was a pre-schooler replying, I would understand.

      True, the not so high-end phones on Android suffer from, I guess, bad memory handling , which would have you power cycle the phone. That in itself is a bit absurd.

      But given some of the replies here on high-end phones running Android mention their experience of it wasn’t that good is something to consider as civil and mature human beings.

  4. John says:

    This phone is on its zenith of absurdity. I’d rather get the iPhone 4s. Although it be that, the One X is rather a great deal at 28k.

  5. alloneaian says:

    I have been reading a lot of blogs and forums and really couldn’t be more sure to wait for WP8.

  6. Dk says:

    hope to get this free sa plan 2k sa smart.

  7. Satan says:

    imo people who said android is laggy dont know how to use android. even budget phones can be snappy if you know how to use it.

  8. Paul says:


    SIII is only $680 in Dubai

    With that price it falls at the same price as the HTC One X

  9. aze says:

    puro kayo laggy, 4s nga nag hahang din haha. natawa nga ako eh hahaha

    • Angelo says:

      Have you ever used an iPhone 4S?

      I have owned mine for 5 months now and I NEVER experienced any lags or sudden reboots.

      *Haters gonna hate*

  10. mike says:

    In Dubai is about 2450AED (422GBP, 666USD, 680CAD).

  11. alloneaian says:

    I guess it all depends on how we use the device and the need that we use it for plays a big part on how laggy the phone becomes.

  12. alloneaian says:

    And I’m IronMan. lol

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