Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini photos and specs leak

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini photos and specs leak

Meanwhile, as people are still buzzing about the Samsung Galaxy S4, the smaller and tuned down version of the flagship phone is already being prepped up and here we are with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, leaking for all our eyes to see.

s4 mini

So, what is it? As the name implies, it looks like a minimized SGS4 with minimized specs. Leaked specs indicate that we are looking at a device with a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU and Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX on Android 4.2.2.



You can see through the pictures that it really does look like its bigger brother, from sides to edges. No word on the camera and the other internals yet, as well as the release and announcement dates – so we have to keep our eyes open for that part. Locally, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is still fresh from release, and we’re already preparing a review to come in the following weeks, so stay tuned.


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11 Responses

  1. Rusty says:

    Samsung’s on a roll! I like d specs of this, even if its a dual core! :)

  2. Hopefully “tuned down” din ang price haha.

  3. fandroid says:

    Good for samsung, making a shitty phone smaller for the poor :)


    • Phillip says:

      Hahaha! Hit and run

      Anyway, I really can’t tell anymore which is which. Most of the new releases from Samsung look the same.

    • fandroid says:

      Doesn’t matter which is which, all needs quad core to slightly prevent lag. Even the iphone 4s (running on dula core) was faster than the Galaxy s3 (running on quad core).


    • terence says:

      “all needs quad core to slightly prevent lag.” = True that to all android like android though. how i wish samsung just use the cheaper quad core cortex a7 processor of MTK for this s4 mini, that would give more justice to this so called “mini” brother of S4 rather than using the dual core broadcom chipset( Galaxy Grand) and the “near obsolete” novathor chipset(s3 mini), although both chipsets are cortex a9, still what people think will be different if they see something on the spec sheet which says “quad core” , in the end not all people(including me) knows a lot on what versions of the SoC’s, So giving s4 mini a quad core chip may have more appeal. And also that might help samsung a lot if they bring quad cores in their midrange. if this s4 mini will be confirmed using a dual core, i might just go to xperia L which gives a krait processor. :D

    • ronald says:

      Thanks to google/androids snobs like you are now irrelevant.

  4. James Yap says:

    Ngek? Parang Chery Mobile Flare. Waste of money yan. Sarap lunurin sa tubig. S4 mini sucks.

    • James Yap Basura says:

      Hahaha sabi na nga ba at naka-Flare ka lang! Ni hindi mo kaya bumili ng Galaxy Y! Hahahaha

  5. ronald says:

    So what if it looks like a cherry phone. People will buy what they want. The playing field is now leveled because of android. More free OS will be coming out so eat your heart out.

  6. Tarush says:

    Sabi ko naman sa yo bakla mag dianne ka, kanina flat ngayon mini, uminom ka nun para powerful beks!

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