Samsung Galaxy S5 leaked ahead of launch

Samsung Galaxy S5 leaked ahead of launch

Just hours before its imminent announcement, Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S5, was prematurely exposed in full glory by a handful of leaksters, including a Hardware Zone forum member.

Based on the pictures uploaded by the leakster, the SGS5 still rocks a plastic body but with a dimpled back panel to go along with its presumably rugged (IP67-certified) build.

Samsung Galaxy S5 philippines

The leaked photos also gave us a peek at some of the new proprietary software in the upcoming smartphone including the “Fingerprint Scanner” app which is said to make use of the built-in scanner embedded on the device’s physical Home button.


Another notable app shown in the leaked photos includes the “Download Booster” which, as its name implies, hastens the download of files bigger 30MB.

SGS5 download booster

In addition to these fancy software add-ons, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 also received a few hardware upgrades including a revamped 16MP which is capable of shooting 4K videos and comes complete with “Selective Focus” feature which is said to work similarly to Nokia’s Refocus App.

Other details about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be revealed in a few hours, so stay tuned for our coverage.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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12 Responses

  1. carloxy says:

    suprise suprise.. the design is still looks boring.. -_-

  2. Ako says:

    Following iPhone’s fingerprint scanner, and Sony’s imaging and water proofing. Ok, that’s innovation at its finest. Hope this is not the iPhone and Sony’s alpha version equivalent.

  3. oui says:

    blegh. samsung looks ugly now no matter what because of touchwiz anyway. add to that it’s plasticky design. if i’m gonna burn some money this time of the year, i’d choose z2 over this any day just by looking at the design.

    • Abudakdak says:

      Pa english-english ka pa mali-mali naman. #basagangtrip

    • Rockafella says:

      No matter what you say dumb people will still buy this boring piece of shite as soon as it gets the media hype. Nexus 5 and OPPO (Cyanogenmod) FTW! Talk about innovation baby!

  4. royax says:

    eh di baba price ng s4!? mkakabili nko!

  5. awdog says:


    Xperia Z2 wins over this phone. I see Samsung losing the flasgship smartphone battle soon.

  6. Balabe says:

    Pangit as expected. Lack of innovation. Copycat and stolen technology. Poor design. Cheap materials.

    HTC for the win!!!

  7. blitz says:

    Samsung is slowly losing the flagship battle.

  8. benchmark says:

    Hala…ano nang nangyari as mga leak photos na curved design and slim? Diversion ba yun?

  9. Carl Bytes says:

    G3 will crush this as G2 crushed S4.

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