Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Pokémon Edition to launch on April 24 in S. Korea

A wild Pokémon Edition Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has appeared!

Galaxy Z Flip3 Pokemon Edition

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Pokemon Edition packaging graphic

Samsung is set to release the Pokémon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3 in South Korea.

Dubbed as the “greatest collaboration ever,” the Pokémon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3 heeds special focus on its packaging that comes in a large red box that shelfs a smaller Pokéball-themed box for the foldable phone.

The image shows a Pikachu stickered Galaxy Z Flip3 thus we may get the usual color options, while the whole packaging includes a Pokédex pouch, Pokéball pop socket, a key chain, a clear case, and more Pokémon goodies such as seemingly Pokémon photo cards.

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The limited edition comes exclusive on Samsung Korea’s online store. Further details are not disclosed like the look of the OS or is it just going to be a custom theme for One UI.

No word yet on pricing and availability to other markets. Stay tuned!


via Samsung

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