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Sony to discontinue ‘Premium Standard’ high-end smartphones

Sony will be getting rid of more Xperia devices due to declining sales in key markets, the company revealed in their annual Investor Relations Day.

Let’s not be confused here, we’re talking about high-end devices that fall below the flagships such as the Xperia X and their Compact line of Android devices. As revealed in the documents, these ‘Premium Standard’ line of smartphones still has a massive following in their home country of Japan, but fall short of expectations everywhere else at a 31% rate versus the company’s target.


The company will make certain adjustments to maintain its profitability this year, and that includes focusing on markets where they can leverage their strengths, as a result. Beginning this year, expect only mid-range smartphones and flagships from the Japanese company. We’ll be treated with two more flagship devices coming later this year aside from the XZs and XZ Premium (X Performance successor, perhaps?).

Aside from discontinuing a line of high-end Xperias, Sony will also streamline its efforts into creating devices with technologies only they can deliver, such as unique antenna systems, display technologies, and their most-favored camera smartphone modules.

Source: Sony Investor Relation Files

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7 Responses

  1. Ross says:

    Ngayon lang nila naisip mas makaki kaya market sa mga mid range.

  2. M says:

    pero sana yung MIDRANGE nila eh MIDRANGE PRICE din… knowing SONY… baka MIDRANGE PHONE would end up with HIGHEND PRICE…

    if that is the case… i hope they just focus on their CAMERAs

  3. Ex-Xperia User says:

    Their phones are getting uglier although it’s a personal taste. Used to be a fan of their smartphones – X10 (both the flagship and the mini version), Arc, Play, all the way to Xperia S – I thought that these phones are the best in their generation at least aesthetically speaking. But when they dropped the Ericsson brand, everything just got unappealing.

    • Sony Ericsson for the win says:

      Same here. I was a big Sony Ericsson fan and every year around 2004-2008 i bought a new Sony Ericsson phone( K700s, 800s, walkman phones etc. ). Switched to Samsung around 2009 and now using an iPhone.

      Was a fan of the Z series but disappointed with their X series. Their midrange price-to-specs ratio is extremely hard to defend.

  4. ooo says:

    sony, sana puro bezel na lang gawin nyo wag na phone, dyan naman kayo magaling e. pangatawanan nyo na yan. At ang price nyo pa pala, sobrang mahal ng bezelled (?) phone nyo.

  5. vinc says:

    apparently hindi na sila masyado nagfofocus sa smartphone. they can make a phone with a great camera since sila ang number one provider ng mga lenses ng camera at ng mobile phones. but they chose not to. which i think is a good move, they cant compete with iphone and samsung anymore, if they do baka di na sila kuning supplier ng mga camera lenses nito.

    sony is doing good now in high end cameras baka yun ang priority nila ngayon.

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