Vivo V15 Pro Gaming with Game Cube

Vivo V15 Pro Gaming with Game Cube

The Vivo V15 Pro comes with a feature called Game Cube that helps enhance a user’s gaming experience. The Game Cube has functions that allow users to customize settings for each game that they have on the V15 Pro. To enable the Game Cube in the V15 Pro, simply open Settings, scroll down and select Game Cube. Add in the specific game, and then configure your preferred settings for each game. Here are the functions in the Game Cube although do note that some of these settings vary from game to game.

Game Assistant

In the Game Assistant function, users can choose to enable or disable game-related optimizations during launch. The game sidebar, a setting which shows relevant game controls, can be enabled here as well.

Background Calls

Any calls during gameplay will be answered and remain in the background, allowing users to continue playing

Block notifications

When this setting is switched on, any and all notifications from messages and other apps won’t appear during gameplay.


With this setting switched on, all calls will be rejected during gameplay. Only those on the “Allow Some calls” list will be answered.

Esports Mode

This setting is only present in the V15 and V15 Pro, and only compatible with some games such as PUBG, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends. Using the Esports Mode turns off all background notifications, calibrates the smartphone’s system resources, and balances the phone’s temperature to have games run as smoothly as possible.


Disable Automatic WLAN connection

If disconnected, this setting prevents games from connecting to another WiFi network.

Prevent accidental touches

Supported in the Funtouch OS 9.0 and higher, this setting disables the AI button and the three-finger screen capture so that gameplay won’t be disturbed.

Off-screen Autoplay

Games will continue running even with the screen off. This setting solves the issue where games stop running after the screen automatically locks. It lets users pick up games right where they left off.

Performance preferred

Once this setting is enabled, the resolution will be calibrated appropriately so that gameplay will be smoother. This setting can only be found in smartphones running Funtouch OS 9.0 and higher.

Game picture-in-picture

For this setting, sliding downward with three fingers on the interface of a game will show a user’s chatting app in a floating window. This enables users to play their games while chatting with others.

That’s it for the V15 Pro’s Game Cube! Have you tried out enabling the Game Cube with your V15 Pro? Let us know all about it!

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