What's your phone and how much did you get it for?

What’s your phone and how much did you get it for?

Someone once told me that in order to determine if a person is a potential iPhone 3G buyer, you’ll have to check what phone they’re currently using and how much did they get it for. That way, you’ll have an idea if they are predisposed to buy such high-end phones. Though I know it makes sense, I’d like to test that theory here.

Before the time of Apple’s iPhone, there were several high-end phones that were as or more expensive. Let’s look at some of them:

Nokia 8800 – Php48,000
Palm Treo 750 – Php37,000
Nokia N95 – Php35,000
HTC Touch Dual – Php36,000
Nokia E90 – Php45,000


How much did the Nokia N73 cost when it first came out? How about the HP iPaq series? If any of you remembered how much the other phones cost when they first came out, please do leave a comment.

Or how about the newer ones that are released this year?

HTC Touch Diamond – Php41,000
Samsung Omnia i900 – Php34,000
Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1 – TBA (~$1,500)

So let me go back to my question, what’s your phone now and how much did you get it for? Mine’s a Nokia E71 for 22k. The most expensive I ever bought was the Samsung Blackjack at 24k. I think my threshold tops at 25k.

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55 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    SE K800i – bought it for 10k in greenhills.
    I think it sells for 8k now only.

    And I don’t have any plans of buying a new one any time soon.. let alone buy an iPhone. Pfft..

  2. Joemz says:

    i think N73 cost around 25K when it first came out.

  3. Dred says:

    Nokia E90 – paid Php 44k when I got it last November. Stocks then were so limited that some of the store owners over at Greenhills sell it at Php 50k+.

  4. LiNTEK says:

    Nokia 5110, it was a gift from my *wink* I think a decade ago.


  5. Gustokonyan says:

    Nokia N82 for 21.5k. The Best Phone Ever.

    Iphone is just some fancy phone with very lovely multi touch screen. But its never as functional as nokia phones, believe me.

  6. Jerome says:

    Nokia 5610 xpressmusic for 12-13k. I forgot the exact price :P

  7. butch says:

    sony ericsson p1i for 13,600 last june at greenhills

  8. karla says:

    Nokia 6120 Classic
    less than 12k :)

  9. jomar says:

    N70 – Free at plan 1800 from smart.
    Used to sell for 25K

  10. BrianB says:

    Just bough a Samsung E590 for 5,700 php (on sale). Perfect phone without 3G but battery sucks.

  11. Erin says:

    SE K618i – bought last year (december?) for 12K.

    i am actually looking for a phone with no camera but has 3G and can be easily used as a bluetooth modem. if it can play music then it should do A2DP and i need to find a bluetooth headset that understands A2DP as well but does not burn a hole in my wallet.

    and Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 is still in my radar, just for the novelty of using its acronyms whenever somebody asks what phone model am i using. /lol


  12. Motoroal ROKR E1
    – almost 10k only
    – direct from Motorola
    – pioneer price (after the local networks carried the model, price went up as high as PhP24k)

  13. MiGs says:

    1. Nokia 6233 – old phone (bought it for 17k 2 years ago) now sells for 8k

    2. Nokia n82 (black) – bought it for 20,300. 18k++ pag cash.

    3. Duplii – P12,500.

    Bought all my phones using credit card.. staggered payments… hende mashadong mahirap mag monthly.. =>

    I don’t buy a phone that’s more than 20k.. for me expensive na yun. except yung n82. 300 lang naman ang excess.. =p

    Next phone… wala pa.. UMPC muna.. =p

  14. jun says:

    5110 =) then a second hand ericsson t210…

    now nokia 2600… between 3-4k.

    Unless somebody gives me an iPhone or I win it or somebody sells it for a ridiculously low price…

  15. jhay says:

    I got the SE K800i in April last year for almost 18K. My most expensive phone to date and I think it would another 2 years before I buy a new one.

  16. Bob Reyes says:

    Still using my Palm Treo 600, got it at around PHP36,000 four years ago. Thinking of getting a Palm Centro or (switching) a Motorola Q8/Q9.

  17. -anton- says:

    6600- 24k (thank you mom)4 years ago
    v3x- 12k (Thank you mom)2 years ago

  18. noemi says:

    My latest is Nokia e51 purchased Nov 2007 at around 14thousand pesos

    Around 2006, it was an N70 which was priced at around 25 thousand.

    I reserved an iphone 3g at Globe but I am purchasing it at less than 20K due to Loyalty rewards.

    My maximum purchase is around 25 thousand but I once bought a phone for 30 thousand in 2004 at deferred plan from Globe.

  19. Jam says:

    I just got a Sony Ericsson k530i for Php 6,000 from an online auction. I’m satisfied with it.

  20. noskid21 says:

    I just got my Samsung Omnia for 40k at Festival Mall Alabang. And It’s GREAT!!!

  21. frozenpyro says:

    i think my limit would have to be 25k, that’s it.

    Won’t buy a fon that cost more than that.

    Current phone: HTC TyTn 1

  22. My current phone is N6120 Classic free @ plan.
    Most expensive by is 17K for SE T630 wayback 2004.

  23. Linux says:

    My phone is Nokia e61i. I bought it for 20k at greenhills last June 2007.

    Now, my boss gave me a HTC Dual. I am very happy… hehehehe

  24. Brownspank says:

    Got an SE P990i for ~13K last year. Planning to replace it with the Xperia.

    The iPhone’s nice and all, but I wouldn’t consider it a productivity tool (which most other high-end phones are). It’s just friggin’ hard to type on a touch screen! (I’ve tried it with an iPod Touch, I’m guessing the experience is the same with the iPhone.)

  25. I’d get the Samsung OMNIA for it’s current price if I hadn’t yet bought my Samsung i780 for PhP 23,500. :-)

    My phone’s worth it, by the way. Registered at Handago and got a couple of enhancements. I don’t need the MP3 stuff though cause I have a seperate PMP for that purpose.

  26. Roxanne says:

    I have an iPhone 3G 16GB. I live in USA so I got it cheaper. It costed $299.

  27. lazeeboy says:

    needed a phone/music player, so i bought a SonyEricsson W660i last week for only Php7,500. not into high-end phones anymore. just being practical now.

  28. Galwin says:

    I agree with Lucien, I’d get the Samsung Omnia instead if I have the money.

    I’m using my Nokia 6680 for three years now, I got it for 18k and it still serves it’s purpose well ’til now.

  29. ryan says:

    I have an ipaq512 – bought it online for 7k

    I used to have alcatel two liner before I shifted to ipaq hehehehe the alcatel thing was buy1 take 1 brand new with 1 year warranty. Still works mighty fine after I literally threw it during a fight.

    Before that…nokia 5110…

    Come to think of it, I only had three phones in my life.

  30. Lyle, RN says:

    My last two phones were:

    1. W850i – 16K (2007)
    2. W810i – 15K (2006)

    My present phone is an iPhone at 24K and no, it’s not just a fancy phone with a lovely touchscreen. I know, I use it on a daily basis. :)

  31. pink says:

    n73 bought Novermber 2006 @ 23K

  32. IP Lawyer says:

    the last phone i bought was a N95 8gig. it wasn’t for me but for my gf. cost around 28t at the time. won’t consider spending that much if were for me.

    currently use an e90 and a samsung duo but both of them were gifts from my clients. be getting an iphone 3g but it’ll be a gift as well. i doubt i’d get one if i had to spend for it.

    basically, the most expnsive phone i bought for myself was a 9300 communicator back in 2006. spent around 18k for it.

  33. Bayan says:

    A Motorola Razr V3 and a V3x. The V3 cost around 13,000, i think, while the V3x I got “free” with a line subscription to smart.

  34. jun says:

    Sony Ericsson P800 – 30 thousand, greenhills
    Sony Ericsson P900 – 44 thousand, greenhills
    Sony Ericsson P910i- 40 thousand, greenhills
    Sony Ericsson P990i -13 thousand, ATC

  35. Vicoi says:

    Its an E71, bought it last weekend and was influenced by your review, hehe. Got it for P20K from a store at 4th SM Megamall… I’m still exploring the phone, but so far so good! AND, I got turned off by Globe’s exorbitant pricing of the iPhone, just because they have exclusivity. :-(

  36. Lawrence says:

    E71. I guess based on the history of the phones that I owned my threshold is in the P20K mark. I got my E71 for about 15K after trading in my E61. I have to say this phone has a great bang for the buck ratio. Yes it doesnt have the spiffy pda features of a windows mobile enabled device. And it doesnt have that amazing graphics and interface that the iphone has. But it works excellently as a phone, surfing is great with the opera browser, gps is quite entertaining, camera is adequate, and 3rd party app support is extensive. All that for the fraction of what an iphone or a windows mobile smartphone costs.

  37. Sir Alexander says:

    I have my SE P1i which i bought for 24K. It’s worth the price because I like the features and it really fits my lifestyle.

  38. Sir Alexander says:

    I still have my SE P1i which i bought for 24K. It’s worth the price because I like the features and it really fits my lifestyle.

    After SE P1i, i got hold of N95 for a price of 26K.

    No plans of buying a new handset now. Maybe an iPhone will come next.

  39. Marissa says:

    Just bought a Palm Centro since I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with my to-do list and calendar. Takes a bit of time to get used to a QWERTY but rubberized keys feel nice. Got it at Mobile 1 for 17.4k with 12 months to pay.

  40. Lexy says:

    n80i bought it last year for 21k
    i recently bought another cellphone
    HTC KYnII aka at&t TILT for $350 only
    i saw it yesterday at Trinoma and they sell it for 44K wow! huge difference! and they don’t have the model for it..they only use a plastic replica..
    dunno why..no regrets for choosing this over the iphone :)

  41. Jejo says:

    Nokia 3110 Classic for Php 5,300.

  42. GensanBoy says:

    3 phones in a row.

    1. SE P1i the most expensive that I bought so far. It cost me 27k when it 1st came out late last year. Traded it with a P900i when I gave it to my wife coz she didnt like it.

    2. A month after, Globe gave me a Dopod 838 Pro for free, 3 years corporate contract with the company I work with. Currently my only phone.

    3. A few weeks after the Dopod, I bought the first gen Iphone for 25k already opened and unlocked. Sold it for 15k after six months.

    Currently waiting for the SE X1.

  43. trina says:

    SEP990i – 13k

    I’m planning to buy another phone, maybe a Nokia 2600, will use for texting coz my phone’s keypad is possessed and won’t work. I’m currently stuck on using damn qwerty keypads which is too small for my fingers.

  44. jose says:

    So far i’m still using a razr; and now its my third.
    Why? Its because its mike-speaker length is approximately the same as the mouth-ear distance, so its audibly better even in crowded places.
    BTW, bought the first when its price got 14K.

  45. JAKE says:

    N6300 w/ 512gb microSD at Php7,800. bought it last june.

  46. anapb says:

    blackberry for P1,200. yup. its just 1,200.

  47. fcch says:

    A black N82 for 18,500 and I waited for a year for the price to go down that level. Previous was a 6630 phone that I had bought for around 30k, the market price of which plummeted to 26k three weeks after my purchase. Learned my lesson.

  48. cocoie says:

    samsung sgh-e250 for 3T 2nd hand from my brother…thanks kuya

  49. Irv says:

    bought a SE w960i for 20k around 2 weeks ago. Loving it so far…

  50. spikes says:

    E90 around 750usd last 6months

  51. jen says:

    n95, got it 35k

  52. I have an iPhone 3G, Apple gave it to me. I jailbreak it so as to work in the Philippines…

  53. Jermoniz says:

    ..nokia n95..binigay nila

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