Why Filipinos love smartphone cases

I love smartphone cases.

I love them so much that at one point, I think I had 4-5 cases for my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at one point in time (I know, it’s bad). But I do feel like I’m probably not alone in this smartphone-case obsession of mine.

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I say this because we can see a number of vendors in our local shops selling different types and designs of smartphone cases; Filipino commuters having unique smartphone case designs on their phones; and phone cases usually being top-selling items in Shopee or Lazada.

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Phone case vendors

Phone Cases On Shopee

Phone Cases On Shopee

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

This got me thinking: Why do Filipinos love smartphone cases as much as we do?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the reasons why I think Filipinos are so in-love with phone cases, bumpers, and the like, and why I think it’s an essential part of the smartphone experience.

Why Filipinos love smartphone cases

Cases protect and keep our phones safe

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Of course, we have to mention the main reason why ANY smartphone user buys a case and that’s to protect their device. Smartphones, whether budget or flagship, are not cheap and we want to make sure that the devices we use on a daily basis can last us for as long as they can.

Cases allow us to use our phones without having to worry about whether a freak drop or a small accident will cost us thousands of pesos in an instant. Many phone cases can also add additional grip to phones that feel slippery on the hand, enhancing the phone’s usability as a whole.

Phone cases also allow people to keep their smartphones in pristine condition, with the goal of being able to resell them at the best value possible a few years down the line.

It shows off one’s personality

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Aside from protection, phone cases also allow consumers to show off their personalities in a creative and fun way. Whether they want to show off their favorite NBA team or movie franchise on their phone case, or they just want to make their love for leather known to the world — the phone case is a canvas that can be painted any way you want!

Casetify Review

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The great thing about phone cases is that the variety is endless. There is literally a case for everyone. And if you don’t find one that suits your taste, you are most welcome to customize your own DIY phone case to make it even more personalized.

This is precisely why brands like CASETiFY and brand are so popular since they allow consumers to make their phone cases their own.

It serves as a fashion piece

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Coming from personal experience, I’ve come to learn that some of my friends actually include smartphone cases in how they coordinate their outfits.

Whether they want to add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit or they just want their phone to serve as a matching accessory to a theme, phone cases are a great additional detail in a person’s overall look.

It makes even more sense when you think about how many people these days take “fit pics” or photos showing off their clothes. Many people use their phones to do this and, as such, it’s customizing your phone’s case can add another layer to your desired fashion statement.

It’s an easy and cheaper way to get rid of “phone FOMO”

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With new smartphones being released every year, it’s hard not to feel left out when a new iPhone model comes out and you’re still holding onto your trusty iPhone 11 or older. That’s not to say that these devices are outdated. On the contrary, many smartphones these days have the capacity to last years.

However, the rapid release cycle of new smartphones may leave some feeling pressured to buy the latest and greatest gadget, even when they don’t need it. Enter: phone cases.

Buying a phone case instead of getting a whole new phone is an easy and cheaper way to scratch that itch of wanting the latest and greatest tech. This is because a new phone case can make your older phone feel like new!

This is a great way to add a few more years to your device and save you a few thousand pesos of spending on a new phone you probably didn’t need.

It’s just fun

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Lastly, I think Filipinos love smartphone cases simply because they are fun. With the variety of cases out there, picking a phone case that makes you laugh, protects your phone, or shows off your personality — all of these things are part of the fun and joy of owning a smartphone that you worked so hard to have.

Phone cases can have goofy designs, cool additional features, or rugged protection. The case that you choose to put on your phone is ultimately up to you and that’s the fun opportunity that smartphone cases provide: an opportunity to make your phone, yours.

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  1. Avatar for Tian Tian says:

    I think this enough reason to convince myself in buying a phone case.

  2. Avatar for CK CK says:

    My friend owns 300 phone cases and still buying

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