Would you buy an Android Nokia?

Would you buy an Android Nokia?

It’s a fun idea to entertain, but will it ever materialize? Nokia, though continuing to sell, is no longer the company that it was before. One of my early articles asked if Nokia deserved a second chance for users, and it turns out many people still believe that it can stand again with its partnership with Windows Phone – not Symbian, not MeeGo… but did it ever close its doors on Android?

Nokia chose Microsoft’s platform because of its uniqueness. With Windows Phone & Lumia, they were indeed able to stand out among the crowd with the completely different interface and design.

I wouldn’t say bad, but I’ll use the term ‘slow’. Nokia had so many chances to redeem itself – in the form of the N9, the Lumia 800, the Lumia 900 and now the Lumia 920 (include the PureView 808 if you may). Look where Nokia has gone. Finally, they’re beginning to rise with stability, but it took so much investment for it to happen. Is Nokia to blame? Partly, Microsoft is slow as well.

The problem with shifting from Android or iOS to Windows Phone is the ecosystem and its apps. Microsoft has a YouTube app that redirects you to the browser (Google barely has apps for WP, which makes it hard for shifting, while iOS is well provided with Google apps). Search the Store, and you’ll barely find the apps that you need; all that under the fact that Windows Phone has been here for a while. I might even go as far as saying BlackBerry 10 might even beat Windows Phone to it – by getting the killer apps such as Instagram earlier.


Early January, Elop opened the possibility of a Nokia Android phone with the words “anything is possible”. Later that same month however, he restates that Nokia is still committed to Windows Phone and will try to combat Androids.

Tablets are another story of course. Nokia is said to be working on a Windows RT tablet due for MWC. Now, further news could support that, but another statement by Elop inspired a thought.

We would consider any option. It is important to note that the opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for. So, when you think about the Lumia 920, running on Windows phone, having a Windows tablet or PC or Xbox is something that will give us the opportunity to have a pretty integrated experience. Our first focus on what we look at is clearly in the Microsoft side, but we have made no decision or announced nothing.”

While Windows is obviously the place to look at for their tablets, Nokia hasn’t shut the door on Android as well. The company can make amazing hardware; I have no doubts about it, but even companies such as HTC, while dedicating their Windows Phone devices to Microsoft, which produces both Android and Windows Phone devices. Even Samsung has this with their Galaxy & their Ativ.

Nokia is putting all their eggs in one basket. I do personally think Nokia-Androids would sell. I see no reason why a Lumia 920 running Android won’t sell, considering the company’s hardware features innovative technology that no other company possesses.  Why can’t Nokia draw another line? Do you buy the idea of uniqueness as a selling point? Or is it really possible that they can top the charts once again with only Windows Phone?

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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58 Responses

  1. Jerlene says:

    I’ll buy an Android of theirs depending on the price and specs… I’m a Nokia fan but I think that some of their phones are overpriced compared to other brands.

  2. frenchy says:

    Yes, definitely.

  3. Maganda at matibay ang nokia. Matagal pa ang buhay. Kung may andriod na sila astiiig! Sana lang wag naman sobrang mahal

  4. ChrisP says:

    Yes, at the right price.

  5. NeutralGuy says:

    I would buy an android phone made by nokia. But I would love to see other designs that will better suit the OS. I know nokia will find a way to match the hardware design to an android OS like what they did with WP’s vivid colors.

    But what nokia needs now is a good set of apps that will help them sell more, like popular apps that WP lacks that android and iOS have like instagram, temple run and many more.

  6. Jimer says:

    yes, Nokia has already drawn the line. Specially now that most people are practical now a days with regards to price. as long as the replica’s are there and the price are far more affordable than the branded ones, I don’t think Nokia can catch up. Not unless magbigay sila ng masang presyo. =) peace!

  7. akositantan says:

    Definitely! Nokia is known for quality builds!..lalo na kung ang camera ay katulad ng sa nokia 808 pureview! FTW! ..

  8. Welsh says:

    Yes, in a heart beat…
    Nokia still makes really good phones, just a bad choice using for windows platform alone….

  9. wtf69 says:

    I surely would buy, but being a winner at the end of the day is a different story, not all brands which carry the android os is making the leap except Samsung. Their winning strike was making the galaxy s3 and note perfect (in a way). Adding hindrance to being a success is Iphone5, yes a lot might say na pinahaba lang sya na iphone 4s however, getting a hold of it makes the difference. I am just sad na Nokia has been complacent for years, i am hurt whenever someone would say na ay nokia lang pala yan, luma na yan, and everything, kasi nakalakihan ko na sya..
    So yeah, kahit anong OS pa ilagay sa nokia i will still buy and patronage them… #fanboy

  10. eonzerimar says:

    definitely will buy one! been dreaming of that day ever since i got my first of the adroid enable phone!

    maybe i’m one of the thousand if not million user of nokia and would still buy their product if it just install android!

    durability – check
    brand name – check
    affordability – check
    os – Epic Fail!

    android flavored NOKIA – a big Double Check!

  11. kokoy says:

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  12. dan_Md says:

    Symbian has long been Nokia’s champion OS for low-powered, T3-input enabled phones of the past generation.
    Nokia on Windows Phone is good and elegant but Nokia on Android is even better.
    For years, I have criticized Android & iOS for not having the full set of Symbian OS features.
    Android has now matured to a very flexible OS – the present day’s Symbian.
    Makes you wonder why Nokia didn’t adopt Android the day it announced impending retirement of the Symbian OS.
    The Nokia Maps is still leaps and bounds over Google Maps in terms of navigation and ease of use.

  13. boto says:

    their pride can kill them. go with the flow fins!

  14. milo says:

    i like to have a nokia android phone or nokia nexus in the future. but their ceo, stephen elope is not a true blue nokian, he’s from microsoft so windows is his first love. and because of that nokia will not regain its former glory. sad :-(

  15. dj0502 says:

    Disclosure: fanboy

    For me, what happened was, Nokia was complacent after the launch of the first iphone. They kept pushing Symbian even when they know that it couldn’t move as fast as the other OS. Elop stepped in. He assessed Meego, but they knew they couldnt build an ecosystem fast enough. The choice was left between google and microsoft. Nokia is already having a hard time financially. Microsoft is willing to pay Nokia, while google is not. Microsoft is also willing to pay for use of Nokia’s services (i.e. mapping). We could argue that Elop may not have made the best decision, but we won’t know for certain that they’ll do better than what they’re currently doing.

    But as it stands, I can see that Nokia won’t produce an Android phone within the next 2 years. After that, it would depend on how windows phone performed in those 2 years and how the market has moved.

    Personally, I am happy that Nokia is dedicated to the platform, as I really like windows phone. I have an HTC 7 pro, and was attracted to the HTC 8x, but I really have to give credit to Nokia for pushing the platform, and they deserve my future Lumia 920 purchase. :)

    To the author, I think Viber is available for windows phone. Just a minor correction.

  16. Josa Ganda says:

    I commend you for commenting about Nokia putting all their eggs in one basket, in fairness mukang nag aral ka sa business school, pero wag ka mag marunong, di ka gwapo I’m sure

  17. kevin says:

    you are definitely a windows phone haters.. i have my lumia 800 and its fucking run so fast even i install a lot of application and some modifications on my phone but still it run like fresh.. unique interface not like iOS and android..

    anyways.. the idea of android on nokia is a great idea too.. cheaper phone with a high performance :D

  18. maimehoshi says:

    Why cant they be like HTC and Samsung? pwede naman silang mag multi-platform, but knowing they cant handle Symbian and Windows Phone at the same time, paana pa kaya sa Android? Pero mukhang maiiba ang scenario dito dahil supported pareho ng outside develelopers(XDA) ang parehong platform, dito makikita kung saan mas kikita ang Nokia. personally, I never expected Nokia to do an Android phone ever since, but, why not?

  19. John says:

    A Nokia running Android with the camera of the 808. Yes.

  20. defunct says:

    I got nokia candy bar phone matagl na and still running perfect. Definetly will get nokia again dahil subok ko na..

  21. Christian says:

    why not, it will be a win-win situation.. :)

  22. Lebowski says:

    I think Nokia right now needs to differentiate themselves. Eat some humble pie and innovate.

    They can try for the low cost android segment; but for flagships I don’t think so.

    There’s just too much going on in the Android world. Handsets after handsets released with insane specs. LG, HTC, Sony, Samsung etc. I’m not sure Nokia can do well in that arena.

    If I was Nokia I would seriously hope Microsoft does something spectacular with their mobile OS. Otherwise Nokia will be again dead in the water. I’m not sure if there are second chances for them this time. They will have too much competition in the low cost phones segment for developing countries. It may no longer be a plan B that they could fall back to lick their wounds.

    As of now there is no dominant windows OS phone manufacturer that I know of, unlike androids Samsung. I’de strive to be that manufacturer if I was Nokia.

    It’s really not a question of Nokia being king of the hill again. I think the possibilities of that is remote. The coveted third place in the mobile world is a whole lot better than being buried in the sea of struggling mobile manufacturers.

    A place RIM.. Err Blackberry is definitely vying for.

    Anyway I know Nokia has plans up their sleeve. I think I read somewhere they got the award from the EU to study the latest discovered hardest material in the world. Even stronger than diamonds.

    At least the good news is Nokia is still relevant as a company for them to get such a heavy weight grant.

    By the way I have an iPhone and seriously considering their Lumia 920 when my upgrade is due. I think the Lumia 920 looks amazing. Solid handset with a new and refreshing OS.

    But if it was running android though? No match. I’de go for the latest Sony or even the S4. Wouldn’t even think about Nokia at all. The S3 isn’t too shabby either.

  23. jay says:

    Lumia 800 user. Great phone and great OS with great UI. It isn’t true that it doesn’t have good apps, because it does, and it’s many. They just have fewer apps relative to the other two OS. Give it a year and they can stand shoulder to shoulder with them in terms of apps. And the Nokia apps and games are very good. In terms of signal quality and hardware, it’s at par if not the best.

  24. blaze says:

    i still could remember during nokias heydey, we went to hongkong then a chinese looking pinoy came up to us and said “pre, pahiram naman baterya nokia mo low batt na kasi ako”… talk about connecting people.. YES, nokia on android.. i will definitely buy one if it happens just as long price is competitive..

  25. Lau Beruin says:

    I would seriously buy a Nokia device with Android in it. I was a die hard Nokia fan and an Android-powered Nokia device will bring me back to the Nokia camp.

  26. AA says:

    I have both the Lumia 800 and 820 and Im very happy with both. Yes, android is more flexible and has more features but I personally prefer live tiles over widgets. The look and smoothness of WP is unmatched. Even with Jelly Bean’s project Butter, naglalag parin paminsan minsan yung Nexus 7 ko. Windows phone and Android tablet..winning combination for me :)

  27. amfy says:

    This might be the last move for nokia, I mean when they start partnering with Android and failed, what else would be their next move?

  28. Marc says:

    Yes, more choices, the better for consumer. Nokia-Andriod, gooooooo!!

  29. jonski22 says:

    sentimental me: i’m getting the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows 7 from SMART. I just want to hear that “Nokia tune “tananatantan””. Lol

  30. Wabisuke says:

    would i buy nokia with android? in a heartbeat. this is the move they should have done WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before samsung. alas, they wanted to keep symbian around a little while longer and there’s that freaking deal with microsoft.

  31. bob-o says:

    This freking dork is really windows phone hater/android fantard. Check out his twitter.

    Masyadong pinagmamalaki ng mga android die hard fantards ang specs ng mga phone nila, ang tanong najujustify ba ng specs ang performance? Hindi!

    To the author (kung author nga ba ang pwedeng itwag sayo): Gumawa kana lang ng sarili mong blog! At doon mo ipost ang mga wala mong kakwenta kwentang posts.

    PS: Nexus 4 owner here.

  32. john louie says:

    yes, i will definitely buy an android powered nokia, nokia was my fist phone and in terms of durability nokia really prove it and what i really like it in nokia is they have so many service center around in the philippines.

  33. Ric says:

    I see this as something similar to the clamor for a Mayweather and Pacquiao fight. Fans want it so bad, demand is high except Mayweather or in this case Nokia refuses to make it happen which is really unfortunate.

  34. ferdinand marte says:

    This has-been’s sure-fire change of survival is by offering local-smartphone level pricing. Right now, with the price of their feature phones, one can get a decent smartphone from the local brands. That means CM, MP, Cloudfone, Starmobile, etc. pricing. Cater to the legions of hard-working Filipinos who see P8-P10K phones as way too much cash, even for a smartphone. Price is the battleground in this huge segment nationwide. When you win the crowd, you capture the market.

    • ferdinand marte says:

      correction: chance.
      fact: i’m a proud owner of a Nokia 5300 for 4.1 years. Luv it. It’s almost EOL now, but still working.

  35. jcnjcjcnjc says:

    Definitely yes!

  36. pinescruiser says:

    PACHARGE NG PHONE!!!…. nokia days.. yung time where in halos lahat ng bahay eh may nokia charger…:)

  37. patatas says:

    i would say yes if the price is right.

  38. Brady says:

    Another moronic Freking article. Is he blowing Yuga? That’s the only reason why this pimple faced scrub keeps getting work.

  39. cedric says:

    yes i will return to nokia if they will produce an android phone!! nokia pls make one!!!

  40. daniel says:

    yes, lalo na sa PH na nokia country dati. kahit panget basta nokia dati… nokia pa din kahit may iba.

    ngayon wala nang nokia fever. ang tao may xperia na (like me), galaxy, htc, lg optimus etc… bihira na ang nokia na high-end… puro nokia ng classmates ko ung mga tig-800 pesos lang hahaha.

    android + nokia = sure hit! samsung + android + bada + tizen + windows phone = SAMSUNG EARTH!

    analogy lang :)

  41. ivan says:

    The only way Nokia can get back on top is by offering devices with the android OS. and to answer the question, yes, I would definitely buy an android Nokia mobile device in a heartbeat.

  42. Nette says:

    Android and iOS phones becoming “bloatware”, like their PC counterpart. Stick those with essentials only.

  43. aze says:

    ill ditch my htc for nokia if its android.

  44. Randy Gonzales says:

    I think nowadays it’s a matter of where the consumers loyalty is. Most mobile phones are equal to in regards to specs and not dramatically different in looks. Its a shame that devs are able to support all or most mobile OS systems so companies can create their own and we as consumers have multiple choices instead being stuck with only two major players as the same case with PCs.? Also, Tech Meet ups coming to Ermita Manila at Chocboard Bakery in March.

  45. android user says:

    nokia is not selling enough because that is what micro$oft wants.

    micro$oft is not after sales, they are after nokia going bankrupt so they can buy nokia.

    it’s a guessing game what happens next from then on.

  46. kendra says:

    nokia+android = hell yeah.. bring back the old days of nokia fever.

  47. mahcolette says:

    wooo…. kailangan pa bang itanung yan? bangun bangun Nokia, wake up! definitely i will buy if ever. im a fan of nokia :-) quality…

  48. MrsHoeving says:

    Nokia phones are really great, and I would try android if it’s in nokia phones…And I like the tone hahaha reminds me of Jurasic Park >_<

  49. gmtan says:

    Yes, I am still a fan of Nokia and want them to succeed in the future. Maybe a combination of Android and PureView Technology will be great!

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