Would you buy an Android Nokia?

It’s a fun idea to entertain, but will it ever materialize? Nokia, though continuing to sell, is no longer the company that it was before. One of my early articles asked if Nokia deserved a second chance for users, and it turns out many people still believe that it can stand again with its partnership with Windows Phone – not Symbian, not MeeGo… but did it ever close its doors on Android?

Nokia chose Microsoft’s platform because of its uniqueness. With Windows Phone & Lumia, they were indeed able to stand out among the crowd with the completely different interface and design.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

I wouldn’t say bad, but I’ll use the term ‘slow’. Nokia had so many chances to redeem itself – in the form of the N9, the Lumia 800, the Lumia 900 and now the Lumia 920 (include the PureView 808 if you may). Look where Nokia has gone. Finally, they’re beginning to rise with stability, but it took so much investment for it to happen. Is Nokia to blame? Partly, Microsoft is slow as well.

The problem with shifting from Android or iOS to Windows Phone is the ecosystem and its apps. Microsoft has a YouTube app that redirects you to the browser (Google barely has apps for WP, which makes it hard for shifting, while iOS is well provided with Google apps). Search the Store, and you’ll barely find the apps that you need; all that under the fact that Windows Phone has been here for a while. I might even go as far as saying BlackBerry 10 might even beat Windows Phone to it – by getting the killer apps such as Instagram earlier.

Early January, Elop opened the possibility of a Nokia Android phone with the words “anything is possible”. Later that same month however, he restates that Nokia is still committed to Windows Phone and will try to combat Androids.

Tablets are another story of course. Nokia is said to be working on a Windows RT tablet due for MWC. Now, further news could support that, but another statement by Elop inspired a thought.

We would consider any option. It is important to note that the opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for. So, when you think about the Lumia 920, running on Windows phone, having a Windows tablet or PC or Xbox is something that will give us the opportunity to have a pretty integrated experience. Our first focus on what we look at is clearly in the Microsoft side, but we have made no decision or announced nothing.”

While Windows is obviously the place to look at for their tablets, Nokia hasn’t shut the door on Android as well. The company can make amazing hardware; I have no doubts about it, but even companies such as HTC, while dedicating their Windows Phone devices to Microsoft, which produces both Android and Windows Phone devices. Even Samsung has this with their Galaxy & their Ativ.

Nokia is putting all their eggs in one basket. I do personally think Nokia-Androids would sell. I see no reason why a Lumia 920 running Android won’t sell, considering the company’s hardware features innovative technology that no other company possesses.  Why can’t Nokia draw another line? Do you buy the idea of uniqueness as a selling point? Or is it really possible that they can top the charts once again with only Windows Phone?

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58 Responses

  1. Avatar for gmtan gmtan says:

    Yes, I am still a fan of Nokia and want them to succeed in the future. Maybe a combination of Android and PureView Technology will be great!

  2. Avatar for MrsHoeving MrsHoeving says:

    Nokia phones are really great, and I would try android if it’s in nokia phones…And I like the tone hahaha reminds me of Jurasic Park >_<

  3. Avatar for mahcolette mahcolette says:

    wooo…. kailangan pa bang itanung yan? bangun bangun Nokia, wake up! definitely i will buy if ever. im a fan of nokia :-) quality…

  4. Avatar for kendra kendra says:

    nokia+android = hell yeah.. bring back the old days of nokia fever.

  5. Avatar for android user android user says:

    nokia is not selling enough because that is what micro$oft wants.

    micro$oft is not after sales, they are after nokia going bankrupt so they can buy nokia.

    it’s a guessing game what happens next from then on.

  6. Avatar for Randy Gonzales Randy Gonzales says:

    I think nowadays it’s a matter of where the consumers loyalty is. Most mobile phones are equal to in regards to specs and not dramatically different in looks. Its a shame that devs are able to support all or most mobile OS systems so companies can create their own and we as consumers have multiple choices instead being stuck with only two major players as the same case with PCs.? Also, Tech Meet ups coming to Ermita Manila at Chocboard Bakery in March.

  7. Avatar for aze aze says:

    ill ditch my htc for nokia if its android.

  8. Avatar for Nette Nette says:

    Android and iOS phones becoming “bloatware”, like their PC counterpart. Stick those with essentials only.

  9. Avatar for ivan ivan says:

    The only way Nokia can get back on top is by offering devices with the android OS. and to answer the question, yes, I would definitely buy an android Nokia mobile device in a heartbeat.

  10. Avatar for daniel daniel says:

    yes, lalo na sa PH na nokia country dati. kahit panget basta nokia dati… nokia pa din kahit may iba.

    ngayon wala nang nokia fever. ang tao may xperia na (like me), galaxy, htc, lg optimus etc… bihira na ang nokia na high-end… puro nokia ng classmates ko ung mga tig-800 pesos lang hahaha.

    android + nokia = sure hit! samsung + android + bada + tizen + windows phone = SAMSUNG EARTH!

    analogy lang :)

  11. Avatar for cedric cedric says:

    yes i will return to nokia if they will produce an android phone!! nokia pls make one!!!

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