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ASUS launches new 4A Quality & Service warranty package

ASUS Philippines launched a new and improved ASUS 4A Quality & Service warranty package.

The package is inclusive of assured quality, always-on support, all-around coverage, and an added-value experience for ASUS, ROG, and ASUS Business product users.

Since 2023, all ASUS laptops underwent heavy torture tests, all according to modern MIL-STD 810H US military-grade standards.

The full test suite comprises 12 methods and 26 procedures, simulating operation in harsh environmental conditions. This includes extremes of altitude, temperature, and humidity—along with physical vibration and shock tests designed to recreate day-to-day handling.

ASUS laptops also undergo these tests to ensure that they are durable, reliable, and have enhanced longevity and sustainability.

The 4A Guarantee stands as ASUS’ commitment to quality customer service and is supported by four core ideals. When combined, users investing in an ASUS product will be promised a positive experience for years to come.

  • Assured Quality – Get unrivaled quality and durability with US military-grade certified laptops backed up by expertly-trained ASUS Service Technicians for after-sales support.
  • Always-on Support – Users can get support whenever they need it, with the built-in MyASUS app via ASUS and ROG social media channels, email, Live Agent Chat support, or ASUS’ dedicated call center.
  • All-around Coverage – ASUS devices are protected around the world, with 100+ directly managed Authorized Service Centers in 63 cities nationwide and a global network of service centers that provide International Notebook Warranty services.
  • Added-value Experience – Enjoy complete peace of mind with a dedicated ASUS account support portal and Perfect Warranty, which safeguards ASUS laptops against accidental damage.

ASUS Standard Warranty

All ASUS, TUF Gaming, ROG laptops, and ROG Ally come with a standard 2-Year International Warranty. But excluding the ROG Ally, these devices also include the Perfect Warranty, which provides one-time coverage for customer-induced damages that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

Premium phones, including the ROG Phone series, come with a standard 1-Year Local Warranty.

ASUS ExpertBook laptops are further covered with a standard 3-year International Warranty. Meanwhile, ASUS ExpertPC, Consumer Desktops, and All-in-One PCs are covered with a standard 3-year Local Warranty. All ASUS Business laptops and desktops, consumer desktops, and All-in-One PCs also come with on-site support out of the box.

This ensures that devices’ functionality and performance are maintained, extending their lifespan to ensure that users can keep their devices for longer periods of time, therefore helping to reduce e-waste and improve the sustainability of ASUS devices.

For ASUS, TUF Gaming, ROG laptops, ROG Ally, and ExpertBooks – a one-time comprehensive 9-step Preventive Maintenance service is also provided by the local service center during the duration of the Standard Warranty.

This ensures the devices’ functionality and performance are maintained, extending their lifespan to help users keep their devices for longer. Extending lifespan protocols are part of ASUS’ initiatives to reduce e-waste while reinforcing ASUS device sustainability.

ASUS Premium Care

Users can opt for ASUS Premium Care (APC) packages, catered to meet specific needs. Availing APC services are inclusive of extending product warranty, expanding its coverage, and even reviving your device. The APC upgrade packages start at PHP 2,995 and may be purchased up to six months after the date of purchase.

Here are some of the perks of availing APC packages below:

  • 1-Year International / Local Warranty Extension
  • ASUS Perfect Warranty Plus
  • HDD/SSD Retention
  • Carry-in to Onsite Upgrade
  • Battery Service Package

The full list of service packages, per-device eligibility, and pricing may be found on the official ASUS 4A Quality and Service microsite 34.

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