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Canon announces development of RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL Lens for EOS R7

Canon Inc. has announced the development of the RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens for its popular EOS R7 camera, set to be released later this fall. This innovative lens allows users to capture life’s most precious moments in stunning spatial video, which can then be relived on the Apple Vision Pro. As the first camera manufacturer to introduce a dedicated interchangeable lens for capturing spatial video designed for the Apple Vision Pro, Canon continues to lead the way in advanced imaging technology.

Canon RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens

Photo: Canon

The RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens is the newest addition to Canon’s EOS VR System lineup. This dual lens enables videographers to record beautiful spatial videos, even in challenging lighting conditions. After capturing the video, users can transform it into spatial video using the EOS VR Utility app, making it viewable on the Apple Vision Pro.

Canon RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens

Photo: Canon

With a field angle similar to a person’s natural field of view, the RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens allows videographers to naturally capture memorable moments. Its high-speed autofocus mechanism ensures that users of all skill levels can produce amazing spatial videos with ease.

Canon’s EOS VR System, launched in 2021, was designed for immersive and VR video production across various fields such as entertainment, tourism, and education. The system’s dual lenses utilize both the left and right lenses to create content with remarkable depth and dimension. The innovative design captures light on a single CMOS sensor, streamlining the video production process by eliminating the need for camera position adjustments or synchronization before shooting, and avoiding the complexity of piecing together footage post-filming.

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