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Capcom uploads I Am Street Fighter documentary

It’s not even Thursday but this one’s a great Throwback. Capcom has recently uploaded on YouTube their I Am Street Fighter documentary for a free look on the game’s 25 Years of Inspiration.


The I Am Street Fighter documentary was previously included in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set that costs $150. Capcom uploaded this 72-minute long video on YouTube for free so that everyone can enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with one of the most popular and successful game franchise in history.

In honor of the game, why don’t you tell us your fondest Street Fighter memory in the comments field below. Mine would be trying to nail Guile’s Jack Knife Kick but ended up button-smashing instead.

{via} {source} {image by Randis Albion}

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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12 Responses

  1. angkarasu says:

    My memory of SF would be at the arcade near our house. Dun ako namulat sa mga pandurugas. Some guys get games by inserting some nylon instead of P1 coins :)

  2. ryan says:

    finishing the game – in gameboy!!! (di pa colored)

  3. paow says:

    Glico’s Makati has tons of versions of Street Fighter!

  4. HaduKen says:

    Invisible throw ni Guile!

  5. defunct says:

    The video brings back tons of fond childhood memories. Dhalsim yoga fire got that 1st thing to learn.

  6. New Challenger says:

    yung fact na dati, ako lang nakakaalam ng pagkakaiba ni M.Bison, Vega, at Balrog sa klase namen. hashahah

  7. David Z says:

    The original M. Bison/Vega’s flaming torpedo and scissor kick before they got toned down.

  8. Street Fighter will forever be a part of my childhood. Tandang-tanda ko pa nung naglalaro pa ako X-Men: Children of the Atom sa food court ng SM Makati. Manghang-mangha silang lahat na nanonood nung napalabas ko si Akuma. They kept asking how I did it, but of course, I didn’t tell.

    sa bahay naman, Sega Mega Drive 16-bit version ang bonding namin ng brother ko. Favorite move? Hundred-hand slap, Flash kick, Helicopter kick, Tiger upper cut, and the kuryente move ni Blanka.

  9. Digest says:

    Brings back the good ol memories. Hindi ko makakalimutan nung paglabas ng Super Street Fighter II. First appearance nina Fei Long, T. Hawk and Dee Jay.

    Sa sobrang daming naglalaro sa suking laruan noon, madalas pag may kakilala ka eh hahamunin ka nlng ng 1 game match habang nag hihintay sila. Syempre hindi ka naman tatangge. 1st and last kng nagawa kay Ken yung judo throw sa Air tpos parehas low health nkmi noon tpos round 3. Amazing!

  10. Hadouken ni Ryu. Period. ^_^

  11. kotetsu says:

    Ever since I started playing Street Fighter 4, I quit on using shoto characters such as Ryu, Ken and Akuma because of too much number of players using them online and players who tend to use those characters simply end up doing those Hadouken and Shoryuken spams.

    Now, I can’t wait for the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV next year.

  12. kotetsu says:

    I suggest you guys to watch this funny video about Balrog that was shown last EVO 2011 Tournament.

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